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micah wynn

August 20, 2007

one of my favorite people in the world, mrs. juliane kozel had her baby yesterday morning. little miss micah wynn was born in bolivia and welcomed by her parents, little bigger sister tatiana and aunt crystal.

bolivia is so far! too far to send flowers, i think.


the tortoise

August 16, 2007

wool and silk huntress dress, a work in progress.

all manner of fancy trappings and hand-stitchery coming soonly.

goodnight and hello!

August 13, 2007

and so i’ve been two and nearly a half months in brooklyn and in that time, much has happened! so much in fact, that i can hardly make sense of the day-to-day and have found myself longing for the organizing therapy that is blogging. alas, livejournal is just not, after all, so much my style and therefore i’ve been mostly mute, having long ago trained myself to prefer typing to writing. sad, but true.

i’m not as savvy with the inner workings of the blog-o-sphere (oh. my. yes. i typed that) as i probably should be, so though i likely needn’t say it, please pardon my shaky re-entry and possibly very heinous screen-appearance. it will polish to a shine in time.

and now, it’s late! but here we are with a real and new home at last. a true, quality-style entry next time!

sweet dreams and welcome,