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horn toots

September 28, 2007

today’s washington post includes a favorable review of ian’s show “honi soit qui mal y pense” by jessica dawson.

elsewhere, my tote-painting session at the hirshhorn is advertised.

it’s quiet around these parts, yes. but still you see that we are indeed busy bees!

in more domestic news, a trip last night was made to home depot. paint was purchased; a kitchen renovation begins saturday. right after a curtain fabric purchasing trip. that’s right; we’ve been here four months and still have no curtains. i told you we’ve been busy!



September 23, 2007

new and newish jobs for me and the boy have disrupted our routines a bit and made for fewer trips to the grocery store and lots more restaurant food lately. this being the end of week one for me of this new routine (which includes weekends off!!!) i think i can safely say that soon we’ll have it down and not only will we be carrying on with our aspiring cooks’ ways (i’ve given ian a subscription to cooks illustrated as an early birthday present…we’ll be foodies before we know it,) but we’ll also (ahem, *i’ll* also) be organized enough with time to be able to get some actual work done. yes, i know. a tired subject.

so anyway! the real excitement is given that we’re in like, the best city in the world, there are endless out-food options at our bony fingertips when each evening we reconvene at home to mull over what to do about dinner. last night we did something new that seemed far too obvious before: we ordered carryout from our downstairs neighbors, sapporo haru. duuuuhhhhh. i mean, we’d eaten there once (our first night here) and i’ve ordered avocado rolls a few times when ian’s away, but we’d never actually ordered dinner from them before. now i think we’ll have to try really hard not to do it *all the time* because it was not only so amazingly good *and* just downstairs but frankie gave us a complimentary bottle of sake!

i guess that’s all…just wanted to gush about sushi online…

so what’s new? what’s up with this hot weather? isn’t it supposed to be fall?

oh! and also, we went to the paul smith boutique in soho yesterday and i am *IN LOVE* with the whole thing + everything in it and paul smith is a total genius.

ok. that’s it!

honi soit qui mal y pense

September 14, 2007

a tiny glimpse of a painting from ian’s new show honi soit qui mal y pense, which opens with a reception tomorrow (saturday 15 september) at g fine art, 1515 14th st nw, wdc, 6:30-8:30 pm. please come if you can! we’ll be back in dc late tonight through sunday and would very much like to see dc people!


September 7, 2007

yes! i’m totally quitting! hooray! it’s been too long. far, far too long.

that’s right! i’m quitting my mindless retail job! and never going back! next wednesday will be my last day EVER of selling semi-crummy goods made in far away lands by far away people being paid far-from-fair wages. i could not be happier. not only am i freeing up my conscience (and, ahem, weekends!) but i will also be freeing up some much-needed time to get dear old dear birthday back off the floor.

so, though i will still be working as a shopgirl two days a week, it will be in the happy and lovely sodafine in williamsburg and i will be selling beautiful goods, guilt free. yes! in addition, i’ll be working three days a week at my friend’s shop (think: overalls and hammers and drills) until late november, making signs and whatnot with my hands! no more standing around idle for hours on end! i’ll be making things! hooray!

i knew fall would be good.

oh! and one more thing i’m quitting: perez hilton. you know, it just kinda makes one feel bad to read that stuff. let’s be honest with ourselves here: the guy’s a total soulless jerk.

note that i shall not be quitting the occasional (and brief!) moral superiority rant. 😉

or, apparently, emoticons…