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October 19, 2007

being a bit ill these days. i’m down-trodden with my yearly (there *will not* be any more!) sinus infection and part of me says i deserve it. i know it’s gross to be so harsh with oneself, but i’ve been sort of a stick in the mud lately, at least when it comes to getting things done. though i’ve been extremely fortunate in being able to quit my Job and go to work for two of my friends, the real reason for my having done this has been cast out of sight to make room for an ever-increasing blob of self-doubt and nothingness. i’ve not created a single thing for quite some time and though i’ve made countless excuses (busy, no ideas, over-saturated handmade market) now that i am actually really tired and achey and ill, i understand better just how lame those former excuses are.

at any rate, i’m working on my attitude problem. it does take me quite a long time to adjust to newness and that stuff’s been in abundance for months. regardless of whatever, i’m feeling happy because soup is so yummy, brian eno is sweet, and rain wipes the slate (and the pavement and the bricks and the benches and the melancholy) clean.