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at the dmv

November 2, 2007

the following is a totally boring transcript of a conversation i had this morning at the dmv. it’s not worth reading, really. but it’s a small example of some recent interactions i’ve had, which have made me feel as though my feet are somehow not set on solid ground. it would seem as though the more organized and structured a thing be made, the more likely it is to come full circle into chaos and nonsense.

me: hello! one of my license plates was stolen, so i need to get a new set.

i hand over a bunch of paperwork and the remaining plate to the sour dour clerk

clerk: the plate was lost, not stolen

me: well, yes, the police say it’s “lost” but i really didn’t lose it, as i know where i left it and it was not there when i returned


me: but whatever. i just need new plates. thanks.

clerk: so do you want a receipt for this old plate?

me: (confused) ah…i don’t think so? is there a specific reason that i would need a receipt for it?

clerk: (if looks could kill) that’s what i’m asking you

me: you asked if i wanted one, but i’m asking if there is a reason that i would *need* one, like, legally


me: yes. ok then. i would like a receipt.

clerk: (looks at my insurance card) you need a valid insurance card

me: um. you’re looking at the date of issue. it’s valid until 2008.

clerk: it was issued over 40 days ago.

me: yes, well they don’t send me a new card every month.

clerk: i know, but i can’t give you a receipt without a valid insurance card.



me: fine. can i just have my plates please?

clerk: that will be $18

me: (after paying and receiving my plates) thank you so much, have a good day

clerk: have a wonderful weekend

so i called my insurance company to see what this receipt business was all about. they explained that in new york (“and only in new york,” she laughed) it is advised that you get a receipt when you turn in old plates so that if the dmv screws up, doesn’t take the plates out of the system and starts fining you for having an uninsured vehicle registered, you can show your receipt and prove that you turned them in. so basically, she wouldn’t tell me why i would need one because she would need to explain that it was insurance against her own incompetence. (the part about the validity of my card was not explained)
yeahhh! i love new york.

i should also note that the greenpoint police station does nothing to bolster what little confidence i have in our “finest” and actually has me questioning my belief system. i confessed to ian that i may actually be libertarian-curious!


a not-so-gentle reminder

November 1, 2007

buy local. buy indie. buy handmade.

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