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June 30, 2008

i was sitting here facing my cork board and wondering whether or not it was whiny and small to blog about the pluses and minuses (point being to pay special attention to the minuses) of city life (because in all honesty, some days it’s intensely dissatisfying) when this caught my eye. right above the right corner of my laptop screen, under a ticket stub from joanna newsom’s last live performance of ys, adjacent to a thank you note from charlie of a minor thread and obscuring an address and directions to a long-forgotten job interview, this little swatch just waits patiently. the swatch and i should wait patiently and productively together. the scrap pile certainly isn’t getting any smaller.


June 28, 2008

+this little green plaid amelia top will be in the shop tomorrow, along with at least two other items. we’ll see how ambitious i’m feeling after work today, but i would like to get another extra long tshirt or two sewn up, since they seemed to be somewhat popular this week (thanks friends!)

+dropped off 8 pairs of undies to kill devil hill yesterday. it’s nice to add another local shop to the list. it’s especially nice that they’re interested in the men’s shirts. more news on that front pending.

+placed our first wholesale organic fabric order yesterday! just one roll for now, but it’s exciting! and scary! still have not figured out exactly how this printing thing is going to work.

and on that note, do you think this place must have closed down or something? i found it online yesterday and was so so excited that #1 they’re in greenpoint and B. they print on yards of fabric. i wrote them a ridiculously enthusiastic email and it bounced back immediately. when i checked the spelling for a typo, poof! there was one (strangely, on their end, since i cut and pasted the address) so i fixed it and half an hour later, it bounced back. omgwtf??? i’m not sure why the universe is so against valerian designs being printed on fabric, but if this kind of thing persists i’m concerned i may develop a complex!

oh crimini. time to go to work. enjoy your saturday!

June 25, 2008

one year ago i was working on a patchwork teepee for nike by way of lite brite neon. we were new to new york, nervous and frazzled and excited. now we are one year veterans, nervous and frazzled and excited.

today was an emotional trip, my friends. nothing dramatic, just some basic inner turmoil: what am i doing with my life? how old am i again? will i ever have healthcare? when am i going to see some pine trees or the beach?? the usual nonsense that prevents work. you know the drill. but! i shut it out with an iced coffee and a long walk around the neighborhood with one of my best friends, kathryn. oh those burning questions are still hanging in the air, to be sure. but their urgency has been at least temporarily abated. for lo! the sun it did shine and the friends they did comfort. life is good and always is. sometimes we just need a strong reminder.

so, “enough of this,” you say! “what was accomplished?” well, i will tell you.

1. we dropped off a small batch of dear birthday and valerian goodies to the amazingly sweet treehouse, where siri charmed us near-blind with her mind-blowing collection of vintage craft books for in-store inspiration (oh and i DID manage to find online a copy of native funk and flash that was not a million dollars!)

2. our perennial favorite sodafine also received a new installment of dear birthday items and erin offered up some advice on topic #3…

which is (3.) the difficulty in tracking down a screen printing shop that will print yardage. ugh. this has been a major frustration of late. but i think i may have finally come up with an economical/local solution (which involves doing the printing myself) but we shall see.

so that’s the news! and now to finish my ill-advised late night coffee and last minute sewing before twitching my way into dreamland.


June 21, 2008

hello weekenders. how’s your weekend going? spent most of mine indoors (it’s technically over since i have to work tomorrow) photographing, editing, measuring, posting, but i did manage to sneak out for brunch with ian AND we walked down to grand street to check out a friend’s bass playing skillz. today was crazy town madness bands playing everywhere day in williamsburg and the weather was amazing. all seemed orchestrated to mock the fact that i have too much work to do to spend much time out there, but what i caught was heartwarming and totally awesome. there were two super loud bands on bedford at one point, maybe half a block away from one another and totally canceling each other out. it was beautiful.

anyway! that’s neither here nor there i suppose. the big news is that i finally updated the etsy shop with some of the renegade leftovers + tons of new undies + 2 new valerian card designs. yes, i just finished and still need to send out an email to the list and no, my work is not done because i have to do as much cleaning/organizing as possible tonight and tomorrow night because something exciting is happening on monday that i don’t want to talk about yet, but will later on. um. yes! so check out the stuff!

and please try to ignore the fine down on those legs in the shorts photo. i’ve decided to emulate this blue furry wild woman in an attempt to attract a unicorn. though now i’m somewhat confused by the endeavor, having been made semi-aware of a certain feminist subset hellbent on banishing unicorns from the archetypal image catalogue that *i* always thought most girls were born with. well whatever. life is far too short (and uh, complicated) to worry about which kind of feminist i am. though “furry blue feminists” has a certain ring to it, no?

and *that* my friends, was a tangent.


June 19, 2008

hey thursday, how’s it going? i finally uploaded the few photos i took last weekend to flickr and i’m just now getting to cleaning up and reorganizing our little live/work arrangement. sheesh! it’s been a great week though, filled with work (the not-so-good part) but also lots of tiny pockets of fun and relaxing. but now it’s back to working constantly and i think i might be ready for it. just have to get this place in order first.

there is a good amount of renegade leftovers that need to be posted to etsy and that will begin in earnest on saturday the 21st, which is my next day off. and hopefully i’ll be able to maintain a weekly update after that. i’m really excited to get to work on some fall samples and ian and i have some tentative textile patterns in the works. fun times ahead!

but for now, it’s time to get ready to ride over to sodafine! i’ll be bringing some more valerian cards over there for now. oh! and there’s a batch of those + some undies + some liberty print t shirts headed over to renegade handmade in chicago. fyi.


June 15, 2008


oh my gosh…i’m wiped out! renegade was so awesome. in spite of the horrible weather (saturday turned downright frightening with a torrential rainstorm complete with some major lightning) i had the best craft fair experience to date so thank you SO much to everyone who stopped by the dear birthday tent and special thanks to poppytalk for the kind mention today. whew!

i’ll have a better account (with photos!) later on, but it’s time for some shut eye. i’ve got to work one of the day jobs tomorrow and tuesday and my best and oldest friend is in town so please pardon the slow arrival of renegade leftovers to the etsy shop. they’re coming! promise.

thanks again!

June 13, 2008

today today today is last last minute minutiae from tagging/labeling, making an inventory sheet and running various errands for rope and kraft paper to uh…printing the third valerian card. why must i be a last minute kind of lady?? ah well, it will all be done in time for tomorrow AND i’m so excited about the fair! i’ve had so much amazing help from ian and my friend erin of sodafine, who both worked on the burlap sign, which can be glimpsed above so i was already riding high on a friendly wave of awesomeness when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a super sweet mention on the refinery 29 blog (not racked, as i previously, mistakenly posted!) nice.

so yes, i’m totally too rattled to be blogging at the moment and it’s time to make a few last dashes through the neighborhood before my amazingly awesome karie friend arrives, but! i hope to see your lovely faces at the fair tomorrow and/or sunday! from the vendor list and all i’ve read on blogs and whatnot, i know i’m going to have to be constantly entertained in my own booth to prevent my wandering about gawking at all of the awesomeness all day! so, see you!

June 9, 2008

doot doot doot dooooooooo!

hullo! ohmygoshrenegadeisNEXTWEEKEND!!! but i’m not flipping out. no way, man. not me. cool as cucumber salad. yesterday ian and i had a lovely greenpoint outing in which we delivered posters and flyers to a few fine establishments and i was in complete awe over the not just kind or polite, but enthusiastic (!!!) responses of shop owners and workers. nobody refused flyers and everyone sounded psyched about the fair. woo! it’s going to be fun timez for sure. i just hope it isn’t *quite* as hot as it was/is/has been.

yes, it’s scary hot here in nyc. i kind of love it, but it does make me worry for geoffrey. on our evening walk last night we went over to the art supply store and he was so desperate for water he was just licking everything in sight. happily for geoffers the staff at a&c is always super nice and they brought him out a bowl of water. he won’t drink from a bottle (i think it freaks him out) so long summer walks are a little stressful. last summer i would sometimes carry around blueberries, which seemed to work pretty well…

ok well i had lots to type about but the heat has denatured some of my brainal proteins and i’ve forgotten and must get ready for work (one more day and the rest of the week is mine all mine! or rather, dear birthday’s) but! here are a few new nice things worth noting:

+fleet foxes (b’lieve the hype + i am in love. truly.)

+kill devil hill (really well-curated single-aesthetic shop in greenpoint)

+did i mention the renegade craft fair? no? silly me. well, it’s next weekend!

June 2, 2008

second valerian card! will be available at renegade…in 11 days!!!

June 1, 2008

hey! sodafine is featured on threadbanger’s threadheads!

thanks so much to erin for kindly mentioning dear birthday! we’re blushing over here.