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July 31, 2008

sale on etsy, if you please. old sale items further reduced. please take home some summer things and help motivate me to sew fall faster!


July 31, 2008

we’re nearing the end of our second week on a wheat-free diet and beginning to believe that wheat was/is not the problem. ian has some allergy issues and so we’ve been trying out various elimination diets to see if maybe it’s food related. so far, not milk, probably not wheat. i read some possible-quack stuff last night about all allergies stemming from improper digestive function/food allergies, but i dunno. i think it’s mostly bunk. this is not to say that i don’t believe in food allergies because i have some friends with real and serious ones. but in this case, i think maybe our little furry friend (who’s been shedding like he’s got fur to spare lately) might be to blame.

regardless of whether or not the wheat-free experiment was a success, i have to say that such self-imposed limitations are an exciting challenge when it comes to cooking dinner. i wouldn’t necessarily make sorrel pesto again (not horrible, but could have benefited from some parmesan, which we were out of) but the frittata (ian’s creation) was amazing, and i don’t usually like eggs! and thinking so hard about what to make for dinner seems invariably to result in eating super healthfully.

other than excluding dairy and wheat, i’m not sure what else we could try. maybe a month without corn? ha! that would be a challenge for sure. or you know, we could have the dog shorn?

July 29, 2008

two thingsss

i added one more amelia top to the etsy shop just now. it will be the last amelia top of summer…alas!


a press page was added to the main site. this is the kind of thing that embarrasses me to no end. but! it must be done. did i ever tell you about the photo shoot for the washington post express? probably not. the girls were so sweet and kind, i feel horrible admitting it, but the experience was mind-meltingly terrible. they did me up in a crazy manner–i can only imagine that the inspiration was chola make-up? like, they gave me eyebrows (i was clearly not meant to have eyebrows) and outlined my lips super dark. i was caked in make-up and then made to act super goofy and play with my hands a lot. when the shoot was over, i drove straight to ian’s house. when he opened the door and burst into an uncharacteristic peal of laughter , ushering me in quickly (lest i be propositioned) it was all i could do to keep from crying! i’m not usually such a baby, but the whole thing was nothing like i’d anticipated and really very overwhelming. of course, i went along with it, so it’s my own fault, but when i saw the resulting images and noted the photoshopped teeth, i definitely didn’t want to leave to house for at least a week. not that anyone who didn’t know me would mistake me for the girl in the photo…but still!

so i was super nervous when the time out new york photographer came over a few weeks ago. i couldn’t help but explain to her the reason for my anxiety over having my picture taken, but she was really very understanding (and chatty and sweet and rather calming, really) and promised not to make me act at all. i did my own hair, put on my own mascara and was in my own space. perfect. i might look a little stiff in the resulting photo, but at least i look like me, right?

anyway, i understand the need to be more of a presence behind dear birthday; i definitely love to read maker bios and see their photos and hear them talk about what they do. and after that first one, all of the subsequent experiences i’ve had with press-types have been really positive (i especially love the tiny refinery 29 blurb) but man if that first photo shoot didn’t scar me for life! i think especially now with the prevalence of blogging and self-promotion, it’s harder than ever to hand over the reigns even for a moment.

July 25, 2008

so this is test one of a fall dress that will be called kathryn (it has the same bones as the kat dress), just finished up this morning. i’m really excited about it, even though it’s still not entirely worked out. for one, this organic cotton is a total dream come true. that 50 yard bolt was ordered with fingers crossed, as i’d only seen a tiny swatch and you know how sometimes these things don’t live up to expectations. well, this certainly did; it’s heavier than the liberty lawn (obviously, lawn is very lightweight) but not tooooo heavy at all and the best part is that it’s brushed ever so lightly so that it is almost (but not quite) like a flannel. in short, i love it. and i hope you will too because almost everything for fall will be constructed from it! i think it will be particularly nice for men’s shirts.

it’s almost august and most designers (even little people like me) are already sharing their fall collections, which were designed last year! i have to admit that this makes me feel very inadequate sometimes. but! i am one lady alone*! hopefully you, my friends will understand and be patient with me. pretty things to come! promise.

*this is not, of course, to neglect the important graphic contributions made by my lovely mr. ian whitmore, but try as i might, the boy refuses to learn to make patterns and sew!

unrelatedly, i am still on a major fleet foxes kick. does this happen to you as well? am i just musically stunted? i went a solid year in which i listened to ys at least once a day and after that it was camera obscura *all the time*. there are others to be sure, but why is it that certain bands or songs just STICK for a while? this album makes my heart swell like nobody’s business.

July 24, 2008

oh, the gap. get it together, will you?
“made in the usa” doesn’t necessarily mean ethically made.
just another good reason to buy handmade, vintage or thrift!

July 24, 2008

oh haiiiii!
that’s just little ol’ me acting natural for the time out folks. completely natural. not nervous at all. can you tell?
this is very exciting, so i will refrain from being too hard on myself. no. it’s awesome! check it out.

(photo from time out ny)

ps– what is up with wordpress squishing all of my photos and making me look smirky??

July 20, 2008

sundays are almost always chore days around here and today’s to-do list started with giving ol’ geoffers a good scrubbing. yesterday he and ian walked across a freshly painted metal basement hatch (what are those things called?) and his paws were all encrusted and sad-looking. i let his paws soak a bit in the tub while he enjoyed (ha!) a luxurious spa treatment of orange-mango scented shampoo (what dog doesn’t love orange-mango?) and when he got out of the tub, he left little rust red paw prints on the white bath mat. though the paint had been dry on his paws and the prints were probably just dry paint that had sloughed off from his bathwater, i worried that my beloved $4 white ikea bathmat (that we’ve managed to keep clean for over a year) had dried its last set of paws. but! thanks to my dear friends dr. bronner and baking soda, it came home from the laundromat good as new and i was once again spared that trip to ikea i’ve been putting off.


a few weeks ago i ordered (and then received) a 50 yard roll of 110″ wide organic cotton that was grown, spun, processed all in the states. woo! it is enormous and is still residing in its plastic wrapping on my bedroom floor, awaiting its fate. tonight i played around with some fabric painting on a bit of the natural organic chambray that i’ve had around for a while and a surprise jar of jaquard dye found in my dyes bin. i painted one dry piece and one wet piece and hung them from the shower curtain rod to dry.


i forgot to remove the bath mat from its resting spot, draped over the tub edge; the bath mat is now spotted in two places with fabric dye.

it’s funny how you have those moments in which you’re so sure that something is broken and so you steel yourself against the disappointment, only to find the thing isn’t broken at all. and as if you just hate to waste that effort put forth in trying to be big about the disappointment that never came, you go and break the thing anyway, almost out of spite.

it’s just a bathmat, but doesn’t it seem like that sort of thing happens all the time?
maybe i just secretly really want to check out that ikea in red hook.

July 19, 2008

it’s beginning to feel a lot like late summer; too hot, too humid, too cranky, too wishing-for-fall-already!
what better time, i ask you (dear friends) than to put some items on sale?

off to work! hope you’re all enjoying your saturday.

July 17, 2008

this sort of mindless anti-bike ranting really irks me to no end. maybe i’m a little sensitive today, but the like-minded tirades i’ve been reading are so offensive and hateful that i actually found myself shaking in disgust.

as a former car owner, i have to say that while i would very occasionally be annoyed by a biker or two doing ridiculous things on the road, those riders were the exception, *not* the rule. drivers are far more likely to be doing something careless and dangerous than bikers and are much more likely to kill someone due to their carelessness. when i drove regularly, i understood that i was *sharing* the road with bikers and took the necessary precautions to avoid collisions, making sure i was always aware of who was around me on all sides at all times and anticipating possible moves by bikers (as well as other drivers and pedestrians). this is what you do when you’re driving an automobile. it’s part of your responsibility as a driver. i don’t understand the sense of entitlement that these anti-bikers have. where does it come from? and maybe more importantly, why are they driving around the city so regularly anyway?

while i am usually a model citizen biker, i’ve learned from a few of the incidents i’ve had in recent weeks in which i was almost smooshed *because* i was following the rules that sometimes treating stop signs and red lights as yields is actually much safer . tom links to a good article that addresses this sort of issue that drivers usually raise in defense of hitting bikers.

this is really one of those issues that shouldn’t even be an issue. my own way of thinking is so far from that of writers like the greenpointers lady that i can’t even think of what to say in defense of bike-riding that doesn’t seem completely obvious. i kind of just wanted to raise my hand to say i don’t agree.

July 17, 2008

just a quick note to say that the shop has been updated with 4 new tops and 5 new pairs of undies! two new tops are in xs, by special request. turns out xs is just what i needed. will have to make one for myself…soon as i finish that kat dress. it’s important to wear your own clothes, but who has the extra time?? anyway.
the undies are mediums and larges.
getting ready to head over to sodafine now…why don’t you come visit me*? i hear there’s a sale. you know, ahem, just sayin’.

*and bring me an iced coffee??