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August 31, 2008

karie visited again for the day!
we finally had soccer tacos in red hook and walked around a bit.
sadly, saipua (makers of the best smelling soaps) seemed to be closed.
i think i want to live in red hook.


August 29, 2008

this cactus is said to have produced a flower just a few days ago. it is also said that said cactus will do thus again. right now though, it’s a spiny devil in a pot, just as mean and foreboding looking as something green can be. i love this little cactus (brought to us by ian’s dad, from his mom, along with 1/2 a peck of peaches, as many tomatoes and various other plant friends!) and i already feel we share a sort of understanding. if of course, one can share such a thing with a plant.

anyway, thank you all for your kind words yesterday through comments and emails and calls. yes, mom, i’m fine! really. had myself a good old fashioned cry and i felt almost completely better. then i had lunch with kathryn, hung out in sodafine with erin, had dinner with ian and his dad, received an in-depth introduction to the hubble legacy archive (more than just an amazing new way to while away the hours online) and now nothing seems insurmountable.

v summed it up nicely (i hope it’s ok that i am reproducing your words!)

sometimes i have these moments of horror – like, what if i
am a supposed to be a violinist and i would be a virtuoso,
and instead i am fumbling through life?
i guess this is where trust comes in that if i am
“supposed” to do something, that would mean that fate is at
work, and fate would probably hand me a violin, somehow. but
on the other hand i love the saying: if life hands you
lemons, make lemonade. we can make a grand palace out of
our tiny ny apartments, but we have to want it, and we have
to take the time to make it that way.

one thing i have to remind myself constantly is that i am not in a race. not against anyone else and not against time, no matter how deeply ingrained that notion may be (i’ve felt old and hurried since i was about 6 or 7.) it is most important to live each day with a sense of purpose.

but it’s totally ok if one day’s purpose is to sit around watching weeds for a few hours, right?

August 28, 2008

do you believe that each person has something that they are supposed to be doing with their life?
and if maybe they’re doing the wrong thing, circumstances will be such that they’ll be forced to quit that wrong thing and then find the thing that they *are* supposed to be doing?

or is it maybe that if you’re on the right path, there will come a point when you’re tested, really tested, to see if you’re ready to go forward?

or do you believe that shit just happens?

i kind of don’t know what to believe right now.

sorry for the histrionics. stuff’s being difficult.

August 26, 2008

added the ocean liner test vest to the etsy shop!
i was going to bring it to a local shop, but decided to offer it to the interlands first.

oh! today is so amazingly amazing weather-wise. for lunch i got an egg and cheese on an onion bagel from peter pan and walked it on over to the park and sat in the shade and ate like a happy squirrel. a happy squirrel who was so psyched to discover ketchup packets in her lunch bag! i didn’t even ask for them. how did they know?? i love peter pan.

August 26, 2008

two new-for-fall underwear prints in the shop now in small and medium. 100% organic cotton, grown and made in the usa.
i’m still waiting on my wholesale pointelle order, which is supposed to be shipped this week. more sizes and colors will be available once that arrives.
i dunno about you, but i’m hungry. what’s for lunch?

August 25, 2008

more process/progress

i can’t wait to actually sew something! i’m going to wash the printed pointelle this afternoon to make sure the paint is fast and if it is, there will be brand new undies in the shop tomorrow afternoon.
if it is not, i’m going to begin winter hibernation and will see you next spring.

August 24, 2008

my dad just sent me some photos of geoffrey in his new puff (his bed) looking just about as content as can be. apparently it’s like he never left and has had no trouble at all readjusting to life in the suburbs. when my parents and brendan came to get him last friday, we walked with them to the car and as soon as the door was opened geoffrey eagerly hopped in and sat upright in the back seat and didn’t look back. it was as if we had kidnapped him and he’d been waiting over a year for my family to realize and come pick him up! we were relieved that his departure from city life was so hilarious because otherwise i think ian and i would have been bawling. we were a little choked up as we walked away and the apartment has been a little too quiet since. but it’s for the best!

August 22, 2008

without going into all of the boring details (complaining is so tedious!) i will just say that

A. while i expected this experience to have some kind of mildly annoying learning curve, it has been quite humbling, to say the least


B. the point has been drilled quite deep into my brain that if you want something to be done correctly, you must do it yourself or, failing that, provide VERY explicit instructions for how that thing be done.

all new-process-related irritations aside, i have to say that i’ve been having a lot of fun with all of this dyeing and printing lately and i hope that if i ever get to sew anything together for fall, it will be fairly awesome if only because forcing myself to do all of these new things at once has re-opened my sleepy summer eyes to new possibilities and experiments. of course things will come together in some way. there are two patterns made so far and though that’s roughly four fewer than i hoped to have done by now, i’m not going to stress about deadlines, even though my working vacation has come to an end. no way.

however! it’s time for sleep.

August 22, 2008

an all over the place post for friday!

+ jenny gordy is amazing. and apparently, so is her best friend/collaborator. see that red color? it’s super similar to one of the dyes i’ve chosen. so while maybe i shouldn’t be advertising for wiksten i just can’t help enthusing, it’s so good!

+ i’m dropping off 8 pairs of liberty print undies to kill devil hill today!
– (they were going to be new valerian print undies, but there is a slight problem with the screen and more testing is needed.)

+ another maker is born: tricia had her baby!

+/- after a little over a year in new york, geoffrey is going home to virginia today. he just couldn’t hack it, folks. no, no, that’s not true. geoffrey transitioned to city life like a real champ, but my family misses him and we’ve come to realize that it’s unfair to force a dog of his size into a little apartment–unfair to him and to our nerves (!!!). we’re going to miss our whiny dog son, but we’ll see him at thanksgiving and christmas, etc.

August 20, 2008

a wee ray i visited on monday at the aquarium in coney island.

i want to share photos of what i’ve been working on ALL DAY but it’s late(ish) and the lighting is non-existant. excuses, excuses. anyway, i dyed so much fabric today that my hands are all stiff and silly. like, they’re not working very well right now. back when i had access to a washing machine (thank you mom and dad) i had no idea how lucky i was. no. idea. hand dying is a labor-intensive project, my friends. imagine agitating (by hand!) two messy 5 gallon buckets (at the same time!) of semi-toxic (known to the state of california to make valerie very anxious) fiber reactive dye in the bathtub for oh…about an hour and a half. now imagine doing two batches in a row and then hauling all of that wet fabric down the street and around the corner to the laundromat where you look both ways before shoving the color-dripping fabric (it does not stain–i washed it with natural/un-dyed yardage to prove it) into the machines before anyone yells at you and there you have the first half of my day. don’t get me wrong, it was awesome. i’m really pleased with the colors i chose and the way they turned out. and i’ve come up with some good, collection-related names for them too. but i’m wiped out!

anyway, i also picked up the screen and had a minor fit when i brought it home and noticed that the little registration marks were not blocked out and the taping job was shoddy at best. but! instead of stewing, i bought some screen filler and then stamped some knit fabric all gingham-wise while i waited for that to dry. the plan was to screen a test yard tonight, but ian gave me a glass of wine with dinner (potato and asparagus pesto pizza) and alas, i’m about to crash. but that’s enough work for one day, right?

one day soon we will have actual items for dear birthday’s fall collection to show you. soon enough.
also, what do you think of tshirts? i woke up this morning with an idea for a drawing and i said it out loud really fast before i forgot it and ian said it sounded good. i was thinking valerian cards (definitely) and maybe a tshirt. but i’m kind of on the fence about printed tshirts in general. people seem to like them though, right? and this would be rather nice. even i might wear it…

…oh so fashionable lady that i am…wearing the same shorts every day…