“in the unlikely story that is america, there has never been anything false about hope”

i’m not going to be as polite as some of my favorite bloggers have been lately. i’m not going to simply state that i hope you will vote, without expressing my true hopes and intentions. because i do care who you vote for next tuesday. i hope that you will vote for barack obama.

there has been some really awful news regarding the behavior of mcpalin supporters at their rallies and i’ve been thinking a lot lately about fear and hate. it’s messy business. i refuse to be fearful about the outcome of this election or about anything that may happen after tuesday. if we’re bound by fear, we’re open to hate. i know i sound like a loony new age nutjob, but i really believe that is true. tomorrow begins another new day to live with a hopeful, open heart. another day to love the enemy. another day for the care bear stare, right bree?

i’m not throwing stones at you, mcpalin supporters. i just think you’re misguided and frightened. you don’t have to be. it’s ok. barack obama is a great man with great ideas and plans and he is going to bring us back together. take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen. just listen.


6 Responses to ““in the unlikely story that is america, there has never been anything false about hope””

  1. moop Says:

    i second that! thanks for posting this!

  2. moop Says:

    have you seen this joe biden video?

    this pair will make real solid change.
    (and i want to join the joe biden fan club after watching this)(obama had me at hello)

  3. valeda Says:

    thanks for this, valerie.

    i cried throughout last night’s half-hour tv spot – because i was so moved by what goodness and unity would arise out of an obama presidency.

    only love! yes!
    the care bear stare! yes!

  4. katie henry Says:

    you said exactly what i was having trouble putting into words. after the last horrific eight years, i have lost a great deal of faith in this country. please, please let barack make it to the white house so he can make some much needed change…

  5. Lauren Urban Says:

    My BF and I spent the 1/2 hour bawling our eyes out. Everything he said last night was absolutely everything America means to us, and everything my ancestors came here for. We HAVE to believe we deserve better… because we do!

  6. Bree Says:

    Wohooo! Care Bear Stare!! Works everytime….!

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