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November 30, 2008

hello and a belated happy thanksgiving!
i hope everyone had as lovely a time as we did. ian and i took the megabus down to maryland for a turkey feast with his parents and their friend eddie. after dinner we took the traditional walk through the woods–this time to a park that seemed to be mostly for the fun of horses. a muddy horse trail wound us around to a big open field with some jumps, which ian and the dogs had fun having their turns at. back at the house we ate huge slices of pies and cake, drank cider and worked on a peanuts christmas puzzle. exactly as a holiday should be.

now we are back in brooklyn and both working very hard on our respective and collaborative projects. ian has a show of paintings in dc in january that he is churning out new amazing work for. we’re both working on our new holiday card, but we’re already way behind schedule since we’re going to need to have screens made for it. yikes! well, the new year is a holiday. and hey, so is valentine’s day, right? sort of. oh! and i have a little craft fair coming up right here in brooklyn in two weeks!

if you’re around and need to do a little last minute shopping, please visit me (and lots of other amazing local artists) at the gift on grand’s secret santa project holiday sale! i’ll have a whole bunch of perfect little gifts for the ladies in your life (or the guys who fancy letter-writing!) most of which will be right around the gentle $20 mark. patchwork undies and little slipper flats and card packs.

ok! more tomorrow!


November 25, 2008

good afternoon!

i have lots of exciting and fun things to blog about that are just going to have to stay in the vault at the moment, as i’m rushing around to tie up some loose ends and get a few more things done before we go away for thansksgiving dinner with ian’s family (hooray!), but there is one thing on my mind that needs to be blogged before i can go happily on my way to gorge myself on treats.

there’s no need to remind my dear readers that times are tough, as i’m sure we’re all feeling the pinch in our own unique ways, but something i hadn’t considered before was the impact of the current economic situation on those who were already living on the very edge. i just read two different accounts on local blogs about the crisis situation at various brooklyn foodbanks and they were heartbreaking. one account described a worker weeping over having to turn a mother and her hungry children away because there was literally nothing on the shelves.

dear birthday has made a small donation to the greenpoint reformed church to help them continue their amazing efforts in my neighborhood and i hope that you will each do the same in your own communities. if you aren’t familiar with the food banks or outreach organizations in your area, feeding america allows you to search by zip code. every tiny bit helps and the more people you get involved with you, the more tiny bits, right?

i am thankful for all of you and your big hearts!
there is a blue and grey cloud with a pink lining outside my window!
we’ll be back on friday evening with photos from our trip and more news.
happy thanksgiving!

November 23, 2008


oh i almost forgot about these little dolls. i made them for a project in school three years ago and just found this photo while scrolling through my (mostly private) flickr archives. alas. i never did finish their dome home. the thing about this project was that i don’t tend to respond well to other people’s deadlines and i just got completely fed up with the process of having to continually explain *why* i was making a geodesic dome dollhouse, to the point where it almost seemed as though explaining it conceptually was more important than actually making the thing. i set it aside to work on something else and never got back to it. bah. maybe someday.

but! that is neither here nor there. i just wanted a photo to go along with this otherwise photoless entry which really is just to announce that i’ve added a little shop to! so if you are for some reason not in the mood to create an etsy account (it’s free! and easy) that’s completely ok. you can order from me anyway! and if you don’t like paypal either (safe! secure!) that is ok too. you can email me your order and then i can call you up to get your billing information and the whole thing can be done almost completely computer free! imagine that.

and that is the news of the day.
and now it is time for bed!

November 21, 2008

two things!

1. i just put those fancy patchwork slippers (and the denim rainbow ones!) on sale in the etsy shop. hooray!

2. i think i’m a bad tipper! i mean, in restaurants i’m generally a very good tipper. but. ahem. i always give delivery people a standard $2 (unless it’s like, storming out). well. today i ordered lunch (a very *extravagent* lunch) from dumont burger and when it arrived, i was so dumbstruck by the price (hello $4 bottle of water!) that i almost let the delivery dude leave with a $1.50 tip! i collected myself by the time he got to the door to go and was like, uh! i forgot the change part! and just thrust another dollar into his hand. he was really good natured and i don’t think he would have held it against me even if i *hadn’t* but…how embarassing. anyway, i was trolling around online to find out what the standard is for tipping delivery people these days, since i learned this $2 thing uh…in the early 90s when i first started answering the door for the family pizza. turns out, i’m a lousy tipper! funny how i never thought to up that amount until NOW. ah well.

what do you guys tip? am i going to some sort of service industry hell for my inattentiveness to inflation?

November 18, 2008

new top in the shop!
100% organic cotton.
warm and toasty.
made to order.

November 17, 2008

the amazingly sweet and super talented tiffany of minnie and james sent me this super cozy cowl that i’d been coveting in her shop! all is toasty goodness in my world right now. big HUGE thanks to tiffany! hooray!

November 17, 2008

two new valerian cards in the etsy shop today! oh! and in case you didn’t notice, i also sneaked another pair of those ballet flat slippers in there a few days ago. hee!

the cards are not new prints, but new colors of old beloved prints from this summer: the lion in straberries in BLUE and the birthday pig in brown on curry. hooray!

i am so so sad about the loss of print gocco, dearies. so sad. i have enough supplies to make 3 or 4 more screens and then POOF. that’s it. i know i can order them from japan, but the prices have gotten Out of Control and really it will make more sense from now on to have real screens made for future valerian cards. AND actually, that will work out fine because after ian’s show in DC in january (hooray!) we will be working on some much more elaborate designs with…MULTIPLE COLORS! i’m super excited about this. so excited that i feel like never sewing again and just working on print collaborations. that and stamp-making. i carved a rubber stamp this weekend to use on the back of the cards and it was so much fun. seriously. i’m totally off sewing at the moment. tiny paper things are where it’s at.

the mind, she will change soon enough, i’m sure. plus, i still have these 3/4 sleeve pointelle tops to finish and put in the shop. tomorrow morning! yes. tomorrow morning before work it will all be done.

what else is new? it’s cold outside! yesterday i could have sworn that i heard npr tell me that it’s supposed to snow tonight, but the weather forecast this morning indicates that either i was still dreaming when i heard this or that they were lying in a vain attempt to make people feel wintery. there are no holiday decorations on manhattan avenue this year and it’s bumming me out in a major way. silly, right? i’m a sucker for that stuff though.

EDIT: oh! hi! this was supposed to have been posted this morning (monday) so pardon any late-in-the-day confusion. i *have* a brain, it just doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment.

November 13, 2008

in utterly and completely AMAZING news (please pardon my sarcasm and bear with me as i vent just a tiny bit) i came home from work this evening to a still cold (read: no heat) apartment and found a letter from our landlord stating that due to “increasing taxes and expenses” (read: fixing the hot water and heat, which is their job and *responsibility* as landlords) our rent will be increasing in january. these people are SO AWESOME. really high quality. the kind you want to send christmas cards to.

it isn’t the tiny amount that they’re requesting. it really is very small. it’s the principle. for months we were without hot water. just luke warm to cold water that was completely unreliable. and now we have had no heat for going on three days. and because we have asked (very kindly, patiently, mind you) that these problems be remedied, i believe we are being punished. nevermind the holes in the plexiglass windows. never mind the mice from the restaurant downstairs or the peeling (probably lead) paint in the bathroom. forget about the fact that the place was a filthy dump when we moved in and that i had to scrub the floors three times before we could walk around barefoot. nevermind that we don’t have mailboxes and retrieve our mail from the beauty salon or, on wednesdays, the restaurant. we’ve dealt with such minor (well the windows are pretty major) obstacles all with barely a peep.

and for our awesomeness as tenants, our crappy landlords are raising our rent. happy thanksgiving! merry christmas and happy new year too!

ok. sorry! end rant.
how was your day?

lefty mcsocialist

November 13, 2008

i was lucky enough to be handed one of these on my way to the L yesterday morning. this article about it is particularly funny because the caption accompanying the photo claims that “the spoof edition fooled many readers.”
ha! no it didn’t. unless those readers also happen to believe in time travel for newspapers, as it was dated 4 july 2009. but! it did make us very chatty and bubbly at work–imagining that it could ever possibly be real. hm. well, it was a fun diversion. also, really well done.

in dear birthday news, i’m working on a few relatively simple-yet-pretty warm pointelle tops with puffed bell sleeves (but not puffy shoulders.) oh! and our paper order arrived yesterday, so new colors of the lion in strawberries, the birthday pig and the cape house will be printed soon! i hope to get a chance to photograph them this weekend for an update on monday. our apartment gets very little light in late fall and winter and makes photographing all but impossible. plus it’s all rainy and overcast. hm.

also, we are currently without heat, which combined with my new full time non-dear birthday work schedule makes sewing difficult. but i’m not complaining! at least they’ve fixed the hot water problem…

November 8, 2008

woah! hey!
long time no blogging, huh?
well, this week was super exciting and hectic for everyone, i’m sure. and now it’s saturday!
lovely, rainy saturday.

ian and i are choosing the next batch of colors for some valerian card reprints (and new design ideas!) and drinking ginger tea. ah. so! photos and more excitement later, i guess.
hope your weekend is warm and toasty!