holy night! this has been a crazy busy week. i kind of can’t believe it’s thursday already. but! that is great news because it means that the Secret Santa Project Holiday SALE is just two days away! and i cannot WAIT for this sale. last year i attended as a shopper and picked up an amazing deadly squire platter at a great discount, as well as a disarmingly adorable (like, my heart skipped a beat when i saw it) finger puppet from astulabee *and* the best smelling bath salts from my pal tameka of therapy. as if that isn’t enough to have me counting down the days, this year dear birthday and valerian will be representing with our very own table of fine, giftable handmade treasures! we’ve never done an *inside* craft fair before, so this is a total luxury. ha!

i’m still working on some last minute items, but here’s a short list of the fun things to be acquired at our table (most for $20 and under!)
* brand new, never before seen patchwork liberty undies for $20
* hand printed valerian card packs (which we are calling “packs valerian”) at a sweet discount–5 for $15
* single valerian cards for $3 (regularly $5)
* ballet flat slippies for $20

and other, one of a kind stuff!

please see the event’s blog for a full list of this year’s participants
and click here for a map and directions to
secret project robot, 210 kent avenue, brooklyn

see you saturday!


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  1. juliane Says:

    hello dear friend. thought I would say hi. waiting to hear how the sale went. i’m just sitting here in the hotness thinking of you!

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