thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit on saturday! i had fun and made enough to buy some christmas presents *and* to go out to dinner with ian and kathryn later. we went to five leaves and it was so delicious and cozy. i’m glad we went at least once more before we move. btw if you click that link, seriously ignore all bad comments left on eater. those people must be insane! we’ve eaten there three or four times and i’ve hung out at the bar once with a friend and each time was wonderful. the staff is pretty much the sweetest to be found in north brooklyn–completely genuine and without a trace of affect– and the food is amazingly delicious. (can you tell i’m a fan?)

oh, but what’s that? i didn’t tell you? we’re moving! not terribly far, but out of the neighborhood to bushwick. i’m sad to leave greenpoint, but with our recent series of apartment troubles and the ongoing annoyance of living above a sushi restaurant (stinky!) we decided that the time had come to seek out greener (or greyer) pastures. as it happens, greenpoint is fast becoming the most awesome and desirable place to live in new york (in spite of the dire health consequnces of living in such close proximity to the biggest oil spill/seepage these united states have known) and we can’t afford it anymore. so! bushwick here we come! we’ll have slightly more space for much less rent, on a residential block, not at all far from the L and close to a park. i am a little nervous because of some stories i’ve heard from well-meaning friends and co-workers about the relative danger of the neighborhood, but i think we’ll be ok.  i’ve been reading a great local blog, BushwickBK and it’s gotten me pretty excited about our new home-to-be. so! onward!

with that and the upcoming holiday/end of year excitement in mind, i should say that updates to the etsy shop will not likely resume until mid january. unless some crazy burst of energy comes my way, i’m going to be packing up our apartment, wrapping gifts and then packing a bag and heading south for a few days of relaxing and eating with the whitmores and the soleses. so that’s that 2008!

oh! but one more bit of excitement! on sunday i was working at sodafine and who should walk in but jenny gordy of wiksten! we were both completely weirded out at first, not at all expecting to see one another in person, let alone in brooklyn! but jenny is so charming and sweet and we totally just chatted away until the shop closed. it’s always so exciting to meet blogger friends in person and compare the online impression to the real life one–i have to say that i’ve never been disappointed (you can usually tell a good egg by their writing) and this case was no exception.  sometimes i wish i could just scoop up all the nice people i’ve ever met and put them in one place. i guess new york is like that to some extent. but! it’s also sort of comforting to know that wherever you are, there are kind hearts and hilarious pals tucked away somewhere.


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  1. moop Says:

    you met jenny gordy! i had seriously convinced myself that she was not actually real…you know, a creation of the internets like lonelygirlwhateverynumberitwas…but, you’ve confirmed it…she is in fact a real person…with an incredibly unreal seeming life. how exciting!
    glad to see you last week – will send a more formal/interesting reply soon…i must make it through this week of sewing and xmas orders before i can do much else…either way it was great to see you! you and ian look very happy…there’s not much better than happiness.

  2. valerie Says:

    wendyyyyy! omg. i totally meant to write about getting to see you last week! man. can you tell my brain is partially fried? anyway, yes! i wish i’d thought to bring a camera to capture you and the parker (holy cow, i cannot get over how big she is!) as evidence. ah well. oh! it was nice to meet jeremy too, finally. and thanks for introducing me to craig!

    good luck with those last minute orders!

  3. Kristien Says:

    Valerie, I love the idea of worlds colliding when you met Jenny in person! Very cool. I found my way to your clothing and blog through her blog, so it suddenly seems like everyone is connected. On a separate note, I received the Eternal Sea vest the other day, and absolutely love it. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband’s grandmother, who is a very fashionable woman and loves unique vests, but I tried it on and was so tempted to keep it for myself. The hand screening is just beautiful and I love the corded knot on the back. I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t fit her–I know that is terrible… Thank you for your sweet card too! Have a very happy holiday season.

  4. Kristien Says:

    P.S. Awesome news about Bushwick!

  5. cal Says:

    congratulations on your move! bigger space will be nice, and cheaper rent too ;n) i love greenpoint too but between the oil spill and the sewage plant, it’s pretty toxic. sorry i didn’t make it to the sale on saturday but i wish you a very happy holiday and all the best for 2009!

  6. nod Says:

    i used to live on morgan ave just a few steps from the L stop and i thought it was fun out there. a little far out, but nice, and I bet there is a lot more out there to do than 5 years ago when I was there. i think you’ll like it lots!

  7. jenny gordy Says:

    hi valerie! i loved this post! you know, i was SO glad i met you. i keep thinking about how lucky i am. it’s so fun to know such amazing people scattered all over the country. and it’s encouraging to meet someone like you and know that there are sweet/talented/funny girls out there who i have so much in common with. i felt pretty much giddy after i met you because i had so much fun! and i don’t think i REALLY told you how talented i think you are. sometimes when i see handmade stuff i don’t buy it because i think “oh, i could make that”, but i never think that with your stuff. i’ts so unique and detailed that i KNOW i couldn’t ever make it.

    anyways, enough gushing. just wanted you to know how great i think you are. good luck in bushwick! you will probably love it. by the way, i went to five leaves the morning i met you! it was SO good. and you’re right about the service. best service i’ve had in ny. our waiter was so nice! pretty rare for brooklyn.

  8. valerie Says:

    hi kristien! i really hope your husband’s grammie likes her vest! thank you so much for ordering it for her…that’s so sweet!

    hey cal! thanks! happy happiness for you too! did i mention that someone mistook me for you at the gift on grand?? erin was introducing me to a friend (i wasn’t at my table at the time) and her friend was like, oh no…i know cal! hi cal! how are you? hehe…i was like, uhhh…thanks! but i’m not cal! but i was actually honored to be mistaken for you! 😀

    nicole! morgan! yes of course…ian and i visited you and jessica there sooo long ago but we couldn’t remember which stop it was. so apparently “they” (possibly just brokers) are calling that area “morgantown” now and there’s even a fancy pizza place. you’ll have to come visit us in your old neighborhood.

    and jenny! ha! you are tooo kind, dear. but thank you so much and you should know that i think the same about all of the beautiful things you make. ONE of these days i will knuckle down and get my paws on my very own wiksten piece. yes indeed!
    oh! and when i got home that evening i totally repeated our whole conversation to ian i was so excited! he was like, woah…you guys talked for a long time, huh? heh…i guess he didn’t need the complete play by play. but! thanks for hanging out!

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