merry christmas eve! ian and i have finally finished this year’s card and now all we have to do is write and mail them. apologies to friends and family who have been expecting one and not receiving! they’re on their way. or at least, they will be once we get back from our trip south.

our gift from my mom was a break from the usual bus routine in the way of a couple of train tickets to baltimore. we leave later this afternoon and i can’t wait! hopefully this evening will involve seeing ian’s sister, who has been housebound for too long thanks to that famous portland snowfall. get on that plane, josie! then tomorrow we’ll drive down to VA to see my family and eat some christmas-y foods, before driving back up to past-baltimore for a whitmore-style celebration. yes! then we’ll be headed back to brooklyn on saturday. a much too-short trip, but i’m looking forward to it all the same. we’ll see geoffrey again! good old geoffers.

so i guess i’m a slacker and have yet to wrap any presents or pack. instead i’m sitting around eating veggie sausage patties and blogging. hm. better get to that list.

i hope you are all warm and snug and happy as can be.
we’ll see you next year!


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  1. meelsie Says:

    happy holidays team valerian + geoffers! the card is truly awesome pawsome!

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