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January 29, 2009

today was to be the triumphant day that we were to be hooked up with the internets in our new place. alas! it turns out that cablevision, like so many other companies these days, is run by fools. they tried coming by yesterday, though we made it clear that Thursday was the day. and so now we must wait another week. possibly longer, really, because after i “re-scheduled” i realized that i have to work next thursday.

anyway, the details of this are all very boring and i don’t wish to bore you. no! suffice it to say that right now i am sitting on the floor at our old place, using ian’s laptop to blog a message from No man’s land, which is where we now find ourselves: rudderless and searching! but all is well. new place is toasty. Very Toasty. and maybe some day we will have internet access again and straighten up all of our possessions and get back to work before le bebe arrives. maybe? we can only hope. and continue to unpack.

which means i must go! back into the informationless nation, without television, internet or radio! i suppose i could buy a paper. please call me if the earth is set to explode. i will have no other way of knowing.

see you soon??


January 23, 2009

on monday i was lounging about (not packing), catching up on heroes and idly watching the giant snowflakes out my window when i heard a THWUMP! sound outside. one of the sushi chefs from downstairs was throwing snowballs at the wall. then! he decided to make a snowsomething!

i felt a bit guilty because i think he stopped when he realized i was taping him.
but then i reminded myself of the innumerable times they’ve ruined my precious sleep with pounding, shouting, smoking and all-night cleaning sessions with air polluting generator-run power washers and i decided it wasn’t so bad that i interrupted his play. take that sushi man! still, it was pretty sweet a sight.

and now! now we move. fare thee well internet. i shall likely not have access to you again (after tonight) until thursday when the cables are installed in our new place. but it is ok! there is much to do. and i am happy and content enough having just heard that reassuring little wubwubwub sound at my midwife appointment. hooray!

have a good weekend!

EDIT: technical difficulties! i think the video should work….now

January 19, 2009

right now there is nothing better than:
*a space heater and a view of snow
*fake bacon (i prefer the crispy morningstar variety over tempeh), madrigal swiss, roasted red pepper and honey mustard on a toasted english muffin
*anticipation for tomorrow

happy dr. martin luther king jr. day, everyone!
i’m putting off my day of service until things calm down a little.
what are you doing today?

January 18, 2009

this morning i had that beautiful (and as yet, unreleased) joanna newsom song, sweet esme (eseme, esame?) in my head and in the shower tried to remember the words. in case you weren’t aware, the shower is the best place for song-retrieval. but i couldn’t remember them all and so i watched a recording on youtube and then thought
hm, this happened quite a long time ago. when will there be a new album?
so i went to investigate. i found nothing. except that apparently today is her birthday! so happy birthday to joanna newsom.

and now i think ian and i are going to play hooky from our packing duties and go to the met.

January 18, 2009

i am the world’s worst blogger!
sorry for the few-and -far-betweens. i knew january was going to be chaotic, but this is getting to be ridiculous!

we spent all day yesterday packing and made a quick(ish) trip out to the new place to tidy up some unfortunate messes (moldy freezer, i’m looking at you) and order a security gate for the fire escape window, all with the intention of moving most of our things today (everything but the bed and dressers; no internet in the new place yet and we can’t sleep without it, right?) but this morning we awoke to snow. snow! it’s not much, but enough to deter us, given that we’ve rented a 12′ truck (driving a car in snow is one thing, but a moving truck?) and have only one last minute friend helping out. poor planning on our part.

so! next saturday! that gives us a week to get the internet thing figured out, install the gate once it’s ready and put some deadbolts in the doors. i’m not sure if it’s just us or if nyc apartments normally tend to come without proper locks or windows. anyone else have this problem? ah well. nothing we can’t fix.

ok! just a little update. also, sixteen weeks today! the above photo is from yesterday. i think i look much bigger than other ladies at this stage. i swear there’s only one stowaway in there! i hope…

January 15, 2009

the pilots and crew of this flight deserve every award imaginable. awestruck.

January 8, 2009

obligatory belly shot, for juliane.
14 weeks and 4 days.
it’s so crazy to think that this baking process is one third completed!

hey i forgot to mention in the last post that ian’s show will still be up in dc during the inauguration, for anyone who might be in town for that historic day.

January 7, 2009

hello! my dearest ian has a show of new paintings opening this saturday evening at g fine art in lovely dc, land of my birth. the show is entitled “this is our music” and lo! it is his best work to date. if you are in the area this saturday the 10th, please stop by between 6:30 and 8:30 pm.

g fine art
1515 14th street, nw

(and thank you for your sympathies regarding my lost and gone forever bicycle. it is quite in the past now. onward!)

January 6, 2009

i have known for a while that the day would come. it was always more a question of when than how, though. and the how, i have got to say, has me completely baffled.

when i imagined it happening, worried about it on the train ride home from work, it would always be gone. just gone. not on the post i locked it to. not on the fence around the tree on driggs. all of the other bikes would remain, but mine would be gone because mine, obviously, was the best. and my reaction, i always knew, would be a complete and utter meltdown. i would fall into a lump on the sidewalk and cry like a baby.

but it didn’t happen like that at all.

on saturday we moved a bunch of boxes of books, some bookshelves and our ikea “couch” over to the new apartment in bushwick. i won’t recount all of the disappointing details of that trip, but suffice it to say that we were slightly less enthused about our move that we had been and since then, i’ve been researching window gates and deadbolts, worrying about the recent wave of break-ins i’ve read about taking place one block over from our new home. i’ve woken up at 4:30 a few times and worried about these things until the alarm went off at 8.

see, i’ve never had anything of value taken from me before. a car stereo once, but as much as i enjoyed that, it didn’t have any real meaning to me. it wasn’t a part of who i am, you know? so the thought of anything being stolen, even so much as a book, was very painful and frightening. but! i am happy to report that i’m less worried than before.

last night my beloved bicycle, pictured above, was stolen from our greenpoint apartment building, most likely while we were up here enjoying our pizza and worrying about bushwick and security gates and deadbolts. i kept it in the downstairs hallway, right in front of our neighbor’s bike (also stolen) and completely safe and secure (or so i thought) behind two locked doors. there was no sign of forced entry. no broken locks. just two missing bikes and two closed and locked doors greeted us this morning.

i called the police and two sweet officers came and told me that they were very sorry (and even winced in sympathy when i told them what *kind* of bike it was, a 1977 schwinn stingray slik chik, green with a white and silver banana seat and green sparkly handles) but there was nothing to be done. i had no insurance on the bike and they don’t investigate stolen bicycles. it happens all the time, you see.

i thanked them for their time and walked to the train, calling my mom to rant about it on the way. she was sympathetic and calming and i felt better after hanging up. i waited on the platform, then got on the train, and then proceeded to cry like a little baby on the crowded train from bedford avenue to my transfer at union square.

one of the things i like best about new york city is the ability to cry in public without being bothered by “concerned” others. it’s like an understanding that we have: sometimes you just need to cry and somehow the easiest place to do that is on a crowded train on your way to work. it’s like hitting a reset button for your emotions, sort of. anyway, by the time i ended my journey at prince street, i was almost chipper. and very late.

i’m less concerned about having things taken from me now, because things are just things, no matter how much you love them. and i came home tonight to ian bubbling over with excitement for his show on saturday in dc (more details soon!) and some delicious-smelling pasta sauce bubbling away on the stove. there was a sweet email waiting for me from one of my best friends ever and last night i got a call all the way from bolivia from another best friend. i already have everything i really need and i’m the luckiest damned girl in the world.

but still, if i see the fucker who stole my bike, his ass is grass.

January 1, 2009

three months

happy new year!
i’m sorry things have been so quiet around here lately, but i have a few very good excuses.
so here is the new year’s news.
we are going to have a little baby in early july.
yes! so crazy.
i’ve been sitting on this little secret (very poorly i might add, as dear blog, you are sadly the last to know) since election day. ELECTION DAY! seems like forever. but here we are. it’s 2009 and little valerian (no we will not name him/her that) will be hangin’ out with us in just over six months. woo! and, yikes!

so in addition to the usual work schedule, we now have midwife appointments, sonograms, blood tests, and we are also busy getting things squared away for ian’s show in dc (opening on the 10th!) and our move a little later this month. needless to say, life is pretty hectic right now and probably won’t settle down until early february. so, things are also changing around dear birthday headquarters. you may have already noticed that the kathryn dress is no longer available for custom order. the dying process involves a small amount of airborne and possible carcinogenic pigment that seems like a bad idea to be messing with right now. i’m also going to take a small break from all other sewing until we’re moved in and the studio space is set up, which will probably be around mid-february.

ok it seems ridiculous to be typing away about business stuff right now, so i’m going to stop that.
happy new year!
i hope you’re looking forward to exciting changes in your life as well.
much love to you and a new year’s kiss!