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February 28, 2009

this is something that really shouldn’t bother me, but the improper use of apostrophes in plurals seems to be on the rise in the blog world and it’s driving me bonkers.

the apostrophe, while lovely, is really needed far less often than many seem to think.
check it out.

more funner posts of the non-grammary type laterz!


February 25, 2009

ok, i am by no means a fashion blogger.

come to think of it, i’m not a fashion *anything* anymore. i don’t read the magazines, i don’t follow the trends, i have no idea who the hot designers are right now and honestly, the word itself tends to make me cringe. the pretense and the self-importance and the Seriousness all make me more than a little queasy. but the fact remains that i also really like clothes. you wouldn’t know that to look at me though–most days i’m wearing the same old jeans and plaid shirt (both of which i am currently bursting seams on) and worn and dirty moccasins. i decided after we moved to new york that i just wasn’t going to try anymore, at least not when it came to how i present myself. if i’m guilty of anything, it’s an irritating self-sabotage; i can be a little too Anti when it comes to subjects i’m ambivalent about and fashion and grooming are definitely hovering around the top of that list. that’s not to say i’m some kind of dirty hippie–my dry skin can be evidence of my tendency to overbathe, but as far as shaving, changing hairstyles, trying to look cute? haven’t done any of those in almost two years and you know what? i think i’m outgrowing this grunge phase.

because i saw a few of my blogger friends post photos from the cacharel spring 09 show and i found myself WANTING again. wanting to play dress up, wanting to look pretty, wanting to go shopping. damn. naturally this would happen *right now*.





please, santa?
oh right, baby! little nameless baby boy needs pretty (er, and useful) things more than mama. also, he’ll probably just poop all over a pretty dress anyway, right?
i can sew! so maybe i will also cast aside my refusal to copy styles, even if only for myself and make myself one of these. or at least some close approximation.

oh! and one more thing:


couldn’t you just perish at the sight?
from hayden-harnett.
i believe the kids say, “le. sigh.”

ok, back to practical things. i believe there is an allen wrench and a few ikea boxes calling my name.
if all goes well i may have some in-progress apartment shots on saturday!

ps–happy birthday mom!

February 23, 2009

21 weeks as of yesterday.
here we are in our messy apartment.
so many works in progress.

going to try something new, work-wise today and then later, well, there have been rumors of pizza.

February 22, 2009

hi hi, sorry for the quietude!
thanks for the comments and suggestions regarding the naming of the son-to-be. for the record, his name does not necessarily have to begin with an L, i just happen to favor L names. also, i tend to favor welsh and scottish names, but ian says we are not in the old country. ALAS!

so we are STILL unpacking, if you can believe it. and i just purchased some safe paint from milk paint to begin our epic paint job. we’re going to start with the trim first. we’ve decided to paint all of the trim in the apartment a tint of their seafoam. then the living room will be tavern green, the bedroom a tint of mustard and the studio oyster white. still unsure about the kitchen and bathroom–whether we will paint them at all and if so, what colors. but! progress will be made. also, we are going to ikea on tuesday evening to purchase some necessary evils for the kitchen: a wheely cart with a chopping block top, some of those hanging bar things with hooks and a towel bar for the bathroom. we’ll be up and running in no time, right?

ah, but regardless our flophouse situation has been fun. one of my oldest and bestest buddies ever, total sister friend karie is in town. i feel like a bit of a lame hostess since i’ve been working every day since her arrival and my next free day is tuesday and she’s LEAVING, but! these things, they happen. i was really glad that she came with us last night to glasslands to see erin’s of sodafine and siri’s of treehouse fashion show for williamsburg fashion weekend. it was a total madhouse and a major zoo and a half, but their show rocked so hard! they had all musician ladies for models and they came out one by one and picked up their place in the band, jamming like nuts. and! one of the girls hung from a trapeze and drummed upside down! they certainly know how to put on a show. and the clothes were pretty rad too! i was a little bummed that i couldn’t join them this time around. maybe in the fall. alas!

hm. that’s two alases in one post! a sure sign that things need to settle down so i can get back to work. ian and i have both been itching to get back on top of the making–him with the painting and the drawing and me with the sewing and the drawing. soon! i shall keep saying soon. one nice thing about not having much to do during my few hours at home is that i’ve been getting lots of snugly reading time in. something i’ve missed quite a bit in the past howeverlong. of course, that reading has been almost exclusively of the harry potter variety. huh. did i mention i’ll be 31 next month?


February 17, 2009

well hello there little dude!

this one has been called by just about everyone we know. how do people predict these things? well, you were right mom and everyone i work(ed) with! we’re having a boy! now we just need some boy names to choose from.

February 16, 2009

ian brought me these the night before valentine’s day. he was embarrassed to be one of “those guys” walking around carrying flowers and assured me that they are most certainly *not* to commemorate that fake holiday. oh no. heh.
our anniversary (which we prefer to call “relationship day” and which this year marks NINE YEARS!) is some time around now, and so no, these flowers were for that. and also (i’ve decided) to apologize for giving me this nasty headcold/possible flu, which resulted in our missing my friend’s one-night art show AND the screening of handmade nation (which i had already purchased tickets for). oh but i don’t mind. for my little toast maker is far more important to me than those things.

pardon the mush, i may still have a fever.

our lovely new kitchen. the whole apartment is still very much a work in progress and as we were under the weather all weekend, the weekend we were planning on getting things all ready to be prettified, there are still innumerable piles of things waiting to be sorted. but this cute bunny calendar is up! that is something, yes?

this is the view from where i spent most of my day, as well as most of my weekend: on the couch watching northern exposure dvds. this is the episode where maurice imports an english fox for a hunt with an aristocrat. ruth anne overhears him bragging that he got it past customs by claiming that it would be a new addition to the cicely zoo and she kidnaps it in an attempt to save its life. ed ends up running in place of the fox. this show got really weird toward the end. um. i’m not giving away the fact that i’ve seen them all at least a dozen times, am i? what’s that? i just did? oh that’s just the fever talking…

February 12, 2009

woo! i did it! i woke up yesterday morning and decided right away yes, life is too short to stick out bad jobs (esp. bad jobs that don’t pay) and excess/needless stress and so! i quit! i walked to the train (the subway, which everyone in new york calls the train and which i now refer to as the train as well) in the morning feeling all light and airy and happy as a clam. and it definitely helped that the weather was unseasonably warm.
so now i’ve just got to put in one more day there and i’m freeeee!

actually, i feel a little bad for complaining about it so much because really, the job itself was not bad. i’ve worked at oilily on and off for….oh my gosh, six years now and for the most part i LOVED it. most of my co-workers have been awesome and i had a lot of fun selling those wacky clothes to wacky ladies (and occasional gentlemen) and their kids. BUT, as i suspect is the case with most retail jobs, there was just too much nonsense and posturing. too much being stepped on and watching my pals being stepped on. it didn’t start out that way, but perhaps that’s because i started out in a smaller store and not in OMGNYCFLAGSHIP land. eh! whatev’s. i bid thee farewell and best wishes, corporate-run retail world! you are not my cup of tea, nor (clearly) i yours.

the knots are gone from my shoulders and i’m feeling more like valerie the happy. tonight we are going out to see our friend’s art show and saturday we are going to see handmade nation! i’m so excited! it will be good to see our (in the collective, not the personal sense) handmade story on the big screen, as told by the biggies in the community. and perfect timing for me, as that studio really needs to be set up so i can get back to work and this will be the just the kick in the pants i need to get motivated again.

in baby news, we’re finding out the sex on tuesday!
also, i am huge.
though a random semi-creepy dude who decided to interrupt my post doctor’s visit, pre going to work hot cocoa break in order to offer *his* opinion as to whether i will have a girl or a boy said that i almost look like i just ate too much. well thanks dude! that’s what every pregnant lady wants to hear from a stranger whose opinion she did not seek!

February 10, 2009

maybe it’s preggers hormones or just the subtle shocks that accompany adjusting to a new place, but i’ve had a rough couple of days. it seems like every little thing is getting under my skin and minor irritations are making me so cranky and sad. apartment things (oven doesn’t work, front door is continually left propped open, management company doesn’t return phone calls) and new neighborhood quirks (the post office branch out here is a joke, there is no such thing as organic produce, i miss our old laundromat) and job-related frustrations are all conspiring to render me into a whining ninny.

all day at day job number one (soho retail) i couldn’t stop daydreaming about just walking out and never coming back. the story is long, convoluted and ultimately very boring. suffice it to say that i feel quite stepped on and it’s bad for my psyche to remain in the situation. but the alternatives seem to be grim/few and far between. i’d spent all day building myself up for the Great Quitting with thoughts of a new and improved dear birthday, complete with more affordable sweetness for all. but i got home and crashed and began feeding myself toxic thoughts of hopelessness.

and then i went to etsy and saw that some of my undies were on the homepage and i snapped out of it. well, partially. but thank you, etsy. i needed that something awful.

still don’t know what i’m going to do about that job that’s eating my soul. ian and i talked about it a bit and he says it’s totally up to me, which was kind, but it seems like a bad time to be taking a major risk. on one hand, i won’t be working for at least a few months once little bean sprout is born, so part of me says to tough it out. but. being there makes me so miserable and angry and sad. too many bad emotions and right now is supposed to be a happy time, right?

anyway, thanks blog! no matter how many times i voice these things to friends and family, putting it all down like this still seems to help me sort it out, even if just a little.

February 8, 2009

and we’re back!
the internet exists at home.

i picked up the dresses yesterday and now there is one size medium and one size large of the kathryn dress on sale for $98 (was $248 ) in the etsy shop. the quilted vest is also on sale for $50. hooray!

now, on my way to work. things are still hectic over here, but hopefully by the time i get home ian will have made some progress in the studio and i can start catching up on some things for friends tomorrow before my doctor’s appointment. i am estimating that things will be completely set up in their first, non-permanent (we have plans to paint and install many shelves) order by the end of the week. which means! i will be able to get back to sewing *new* things soon.

i have to say that having limited access to the onlinez hasn’t been all bad. i’ve been re-reading the harry potters in anticipation of the movie that i won’t be able to see this summer. ahem. but! not having access to my making supplies has been very frustrating indeed.

*edit: incidentally, wordpress seems to think that “was $248” written in parentheses is (was $248) haha! that sneaky sunglasses man! horrible.

February 6, 2009

it is friday and i am at the lovely sodafine and so, yes! a brief chance to catch up on emails and blog-reading! hooray!

unless cablevision is really the worst, most disorganized company on earth, we will have our very own slice of the internet installed in our new apartment tomorrow and we can get back to business.

the first order of that business will be to list three kathryn dresses that i am going to pick up from a shop that didn’t sell them. and guess what! i’m going to put them on SALE. it’s true! they’re the last of their kind and they’ll be available for 50% off. i can’t remember exactly, but i think that there is one in each size, small, medium and large. a heads up! if all goes well, they should be in my sadly neglected etsy shop late tomorrow night or sunday morning.

but enough of that. here is a story from our new home:

last week, i believe it was thursday, i was unpacking and organizing the kitchen when i took a little break to gaze out the window that opens onto the fire escape. i imagined a little herb garden, or at least some lavender, growing out there in pots and felt very comforted by the image i conjured up of an open window, some light curtains fluttering in the breeze and the scent of lavender wafting in. but! suddenly a little cat entered my vision and walked straight into our apartment and i realized that we should maybe get a screen for the window to deter uninvited (but cute!) guests. then of course i snapped out of it and realized that it was unlikely that a cat would be hanging out on the fire escape. and i got back to work.

later that evening i met ian in greenpoint for dinner before picking up the ziptruck that we’d reserved to move the last of our things from manhattan avenue. we packed up and drove over to bushwick, marvelling at how close it really is when you take the direct route (and not the one suggested by google maps, which is not as smart as one might assume.) we parked in front of our new building and began unloading the last of our stuff (too much stuff!), propping open the two front doors to speed the work.

after a few runs up and down the stairs, i was coming back into the building with another box, quite out of breath, when what to my wondering (and sleepy) eyes should appear, but a little black and white kitty walking into the downstairs hallway from outside! oh he was sweet, but could not stay, so we ushered him gently back out the front door and continued our back and forth march. a few minutes later, i was going back up the stairs to our apartment when i said to ian, “i’ll bet the kitty’s in the kitchen.”

i huffed and puffed my way up, deciding on the way that this was my last round. i walked into the kitchen and lo! a little black and white kitty was winding his way around the table and chair legs, purring away and looking quite at home. the kitty from my daydream! but. i am allergic. and ian said we can’t have a baby *and* a kitty, so he scooped him up and carried him back down the stairs. apparently the little cat purred the whole way to the door, where ian set him down and bid him farewell. poor little guy! he was so sweet though and not at all skittish, so we think he may just be one of the neighborhood gang who hangs out in the backyard mewing the day away and (hopefully) keeping the neighborhood rats in their place.

and that is Magical Tales from Bushwick, installment number one!