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March 30, 2009

i just added fifteen new pairs of undies to the etsy shop: five new prints in three sizes each.
and i have a tiny tiny thank you for interested blog readers and email listers. free shipping for us residents when you purchase three or more pairs. international customers will receive a $5 discount.
to take advantage of the free/discounted shipping offer, just place your order through etsy but do not complete the checkout process. i will send you an invoice via paypal.
offer valid today, monday march 30th, for one week, through april 6th.

or while supplies last.


one must be forever hopeful, yesno?


March 28, 2009

i’ve been carrying around the little camera ian gave me two christmases ago for the past week, fully expecting to take up my old habit of snapping away at anything and everything, yet here it is in the safe, zippered pocket of my trusty moop bag, losing battery life and patience as i neglect it some more. this is why i have no evidence for you of some of the amazing things i’ve seen around new york within the past week.

i can’t share my own personal view of the dana schutz show at zach feuer, but i can tell you that if we were wealthy, i would be at this very moment having a Serious Discussion with ian about why we should purchase this painting. that’s assuming it isn’t already sold, which is foolish because clearly it is AMAZING and therefore already spoken for.

nor can i show you the man on the L who sat across from me on wednesday, blaring his boom box for all to (ahem) enjoy but *only* until the mariachis walked into the car, at which time he graciously (and gracefully) muted his tunes so that they could bust out their guitar and accordion jams and pass the hat (no buyers, i’m afraid), turning up the music once again only when the competition had made their way into the next car.

i have no photographic evidence of the half-naked hallway babies, which reside on the first floor of our building and whom flock around screaming “HOLA!!!” in unison when caught by unsuspecting second and third floor dwellers, coming home from various outings.

and i can’t, or won’t give you a little preview of the lovely new liberty of london fabrics that came for me this week and which will be transformed by monday into another batch of new undies.

this is part of the reason that i will never be one of those amazing bloggers i read so religiously; it is all about the photography. and sometimes the photography doesn’t even need to be Good. it just needs to show. more showing, less telling. but here i am in a telling mood and here you are and there we have it.

here’s hoping that spring will help restore my long-silent shutterbug to its former energetic self.
in the mean time, look at this!

maira kalman has the best blog ever

this husband and wife etsy seller team makes the cutest baby t shirts and moccasins: tiny whales

March 25, 2009

image by helayne seidman for the washington post

blake gopnik wrote a piece in today’s washington post about dc artists who move to new york and ian is one of them.

i particularly like that jayme of civilian calls greenpoint “mount pleasant north”. it definitely felt that way at times. i wonder how many other smaller city transplants refer to their new brooklyn neighborhoods that way. is there a little cleveland, for instance?

March 24, 2009

these two prints were just added to the etsy shop: undies available in small, medium and large!
they’re so springy, i just had to photograph them with two new plant pals given to me by my friends g and b for my bday. i love spring. i can’t wait until it’s actually warm out!

perhaps i forgot to mention that i dropped off a small batch of things at sodafine last week? anyway, there are a few tops and a dress over there. clothing will be coming to my little home on the internet soon. maybe a few pieces next week, if i can get a model? i don’t think you want to see me squished into this stuff right now…

March 23, 2009

oh guys.
i am so glad to have quit working for oilily when i did.
on one of my last days there, i noticed this little doll that had come in, that looks almost *exactly* like the work of rosa pomar, but as i was completely caught up in the quitting process, i forgot about it until today, when i received an email alert from another maker friend.

you can read all about it here.

this is what happens when small companies are sold to greedy suits with pipe dreams about global market domination, and when their new presidents and designers are more concerned with making things quickly and for a broader audience than with any real care or creativity. oilily used to be so much more amazing than it’s become in recent years. as a fan of their colorful prints and nutty children’s clothes, it makes me sad.

a commenter on the above-linked blog points out that rosa may have been inspired by oilily’s long-standing mascot bobbin bunny, but wheras (if that is true) rosa changed the creature around substantially enough to make it her own, oilily has “updated” bobbin to look *exactly* like one of rosa’s characters. and the fact that she’s used oilily fabrics in the past is completely irrelevant–she makes no claim that those prints are her own. who that sews *doesn’t* use someone else’s fabric designs? just because i’m using liberty of london prints for some of my garments doesn’t mean that they could come along and swipe one of my blouse designs for mass production.

March 23, 2009

i decided last summer that i would stop relying so heavily on liberty prints because they’re expensive, they’re not organic and the jerseys need to be ordered from england, adding both to the cost and the environmental impact. i was determined to use only unbleached organic cotton, which i would dye and print myself. somehow this was thought to be both more economical and better for the earth. huh. i dream up some crazy schemes sometimes. organic cotton is Not Cheap and is harder to come by even now than one might think. i’ve seen signs at mood for instance, indicating that they acknowledge the existence of organic cottons, but no selection to speak of, which means i end up ordering it online, which in turn means shipping fees (have you ever had a bolt of fabric shipped to you? one that’s 110″ long?) and carbon footprints. and don’t get me started on the dyeing and printing process, which while fun, are Labor Intensive to the max.

all this to say that i’m resuming the use of liberty of london prints for dear birthday stuffs. for one, i still have a bit of a stash and for two, all of the above. it would also seem that i’m far from alone in my obsession with their gorgeous prints and amazing fabrics. so perhaps if ladies are in need of dainties to wear under their steven alan, a.p.c. or cacharel garments this spring, they’ll hit up dear birthday. ha!

ian and i are still planning on designing more prints as valerian and we expect to have a few new cards and such in the shop by summer. the textile designs will continue as well, but printing is something we’ll have to research because right now we just don’t have the proper facilities for it to be worthwhile from a business perspective. oy. having to think of the “business perspective” is so unfun.

so there we have it. in other shop update/progress news, i’m currently researching ways to ship globally from home without relying on priority mail international. i realize it’s very expensive for international customers and i’m sorry about that. but i’m not about to make a habit of trekking over to the post office on a regular basis. so hold tight, australia. i am thinking of you.

March 18, 2009

good morning!
here i am just wasting time by the window. ho hum, nothing to do.
i kid!
i joke.
i just finished this shirt, the design for which i drew at the laundromat yesterday. it’s good! we like it.
part of the reason for my enthusiasm may be that it fits *me* right now. of course, it’s supposed to be a loose, sort of flowy comfy top for summer. um. but hey, whatever works, right?
but really, i can’t keep it for me because i look pasty and washed out in these predominantly pastel and white combos. need to make one in solid navy, i guess. navy being the only “color” that is remotely flattering on me.

oh. sorry. where was i?

i’m a little distracted these days. also, i just DESTROYED the brand new ginghers that ian bought me for my birthday. i’ve had less than a week with them (my birthday was last sunday! i’m 31! sheesh) and now they’re busted and i will be sending them out to the gingher hospital. my only comfort is that when they fell from the ironing board, they missed my foot by an inch. sigh.

anyway, i hope people like tunic-length, kimono-sleeved tops for spring and summer because i think i’m going to make a lot of them. they don’t take toooo much time and it’s fun to make little quilty things for wearing. yesno?

ok so i’m going to get back to work because it’s a Beautiful Day and i’m going out later to have lunch with kathryn and to visit our favorite plant shop in williamsburg. and i already feel guilty about that.

March 17, 2009

valerian cards, now in packs!

March 17, 2009

so it’s been a while, huh?
i finally posted a few new things to the sadly neglected etsy shop. all liberty of london undies, some patchwork, some not. mostly mediums!
later on i’m going to photograph some valerian cards and put more of those up, as well as pax valerian (um, valerian packs) that will be 5 cards for $20, which is pretty much a buy 4 get one free deal.

finished another top yesterday! this challenge to work through my fabric stash is tough work, i tells ya. but i expect there will be another shop update some time next week. hooray!

and in other news, the sun is shining and tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60s! ah spring. hurry, please.

March 16, 2009

don’t get too excited–i didn’t make this dress.
but i did put it up for auction on ebay!
along with 6 other items.
i’d post a link to my ebay page, but it’s not updated yet. the internet seems to be broken. or, ebay at least. however, you can visit the listings through auctiva if you please.

spent the day sewing! but nothing to share on that front just yet. soon i hope! i will definitely have a small batch of liberty print undies soon. some patchwork, some not. i found some larger pieces of fabric in the stash. yes! also, i ordered a bit more even though i said a while back that dear birthday was going all organic from now on. guess what, i take it back. it’s too expensive and labor-intensive for little me at the moment. i’ll leave saving the world through organic cotton to the big guys for now.