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April 27, 2009

it’s so gorgeous outside and i need to putter around the apartment, organizing, straightening, making, but i want very much to go outside. or to have a reason to. but if i do, i know i’ll just come home with more plants and really, we’ve got enough responsibility at the moment.

so i’m inefficiently doing a little bit of everything. here are two squares in progress of the sprout’s quilt that i started this morning. i’ve never made a log cabin quilt and i’m certainly not making this in any strategic manner. it will be as messy as any quilt i’ve ever made, but maybe slightly more interesting? we’ll see. i was inspired by a natural colored cotton and liberty print quilt i saw at sweet william (cutest store ever) a few weeks ago and was sorely tempted to just copy it outright, but no, no, no. while i have tucked in some of the same prints (i’m only using what i have on hand anyway) and the color scheme is similar, the sprout deserves his own, unique, mama-made quilt.

so speaking of the sprout, he’s pretty much all i can think about right now, so apologies if posts are a little baby and nesting-centric. it’s bound to happen, right? i’m ordering him an organic sheepskin from england. just need to pick out the fleece we like best. i’m crazy, i know. but something is telling me that this is something he needs. more than say, diapers. or a crib. which we don’t have yet because now i’m wondering whether or not we should even get one right away. we’ve been getting all sorts of wonderful advice from friends who have done this already. most of it makes me feel better. almost everyone says not to bother with a crib right away, since apparently mini ones don’t like them anyway. this is good news because i am somewhat obsessed with getting an organic crib mattress because i am (possibly) a sucker and am frightened of foam and chemical fire retardants, and non-toxic crib mattresses are Pricey. that is an understatement. i think our mattress cost less than most of these things. of course, our mattress is a foam and chemical-laden box of carcinogens. but it’s old, so it’s been airing out for a while, right? right. baby will be fine.


was that fun to read? i’m sure. ok! i think the cabin fever is eating my brain. going outside now.

oh! but somehow i managed to find the part needed for my serger on the sears website and have ordered it. now we must wait and see if i can fix it myself. then i will be inspired to sew for dear birthday again. the etsy shop needs an update. it will come.


April 24, 2009

have you all seen maira kalman’s blog by now? have you made sure to bookmark it or subscribe? are you as head over heels in love with her as i am? my adoration was sealed as soon as i was shown her max books by a friend in high school. i have almost all of her children’s books and they are near and dear to me. i hope some day a book is published of her entries for and the pursuit of happiness. i would say it would be amazing to meet her, but that would be a bad idea. i get stupid about meeting Famous people i actually care about. embarrassing correspondence has in the past been sent to oliver sacks and joanna newsom.

this is me today, in new maternity jeans i picked up on wednesday thanks to a major sale tip from genevieve. ok, i have to admit that in early pregnancy, i knew nothing. NOTHING. elastic waistbands and panels and all that i derided before? love them. this pair is super fancy (paige brand) but i got them and a nice, navy 3/4 sleeve t shirt for $39 because this place in nolita was going out of business. i feel a little bad about that. but. now i have jeans that fit and i don’t feel quite so frumpy, which is nice.

today is also very nice because i bought a little aloe plant from my favorite store, sprout home. also, today i feel great. yesterday i had cramps all day that felt just like menstrual cramps. they freaked me out and wouldn’t go away even after just sitting around doing nothing, so my midwife (who called me back immediately even though it was her day off and she was probably out having a nice cup of coffee somewhere) told me to head over to the hospital to be checked out, just in case. just in case of what?? i was a little freaked out, but nevertheless i think i handled my nerves like a champ.

anyway, after some tests and monitoring and probing and laying about in a bleach-scented hospital gown for a couple of hours, ian watching tv in the glider by my side, we were told everything is a-ok. the cramps are just cramps, take some tylenol, take it easy. whew!

i tell you, this human baking business is a little anxiety-producing at times. but it’s also really mysterious and exciting and fun. the sprout is a hilarious little guy already. he did not approve AT ALL of the monitors placed on the outside of his womb home and did a fantastic job of placing some seriously solid kicks directly onto those pesky discs. the kid has amazing aim. the nurse called him difficult. i’m proud of him already.

April 22, 2009

we drove the little rental car through pennsylvania and back home to brooklyn yesterday afternoon, stopping only to smugly eat bananas and carrot juice (and ok, to split a thing of curly fries) amidst the junk food at woodrow wilson’s namesake on the new jersey turnpike. oh and we took a quick jog to ikea in red hook to see about that crib, but they were out of stock. returned the car after dumping our baby loot (mom threw us a really nice baby shower and my gramie and aunt kathy even flew in for it) off at home and then ian treated us to one last “vacation” meal at brooklyn label for dinner. and then a siouxsie and the banshees record and the new camera obscura.

it feels good to be home. by which i mean, it was really really good to go home, both to my family and ian’s, but it was also nice to come back to brooklyn. something about being pregnant, being slightly uncomfortable all of the time, has made it easier for me to be comfortable with quick changes of setting. this is something that usually rattles me a bit. it’s nice to know that neurosis can be shut off. hope it stays away.

we’re at 29 and a half weeks now! unbelievable.

today i’m going to run a few local errands, clean this place up and investigate sergers online. turns out that as much as my brain would really like to blow my entire tax refund on a bernina, my body gets kind of sick at the thought. i knew they were pricey, but holy cow. my cheap little sewing machine* was less that $200 on ebay–i think that’s where i will head in search of ze next serger. anyway, liberty jersey lovers, hold tight! i’m working on it.

*of course, i’d tried a friend’s model out first and determined that while inexpensive, it certainly isn’t as Cheap as some of the new machines out there. it works very nicely.

April 16, 2009

just a tiny little note to say that we are headed down south to visit parents this weekend, so any etsy orders placed after midnight tonight will be processed when we return next tuesday evening.

have a great weekend, buddies!

April 15, 2009

made a new pattern yesterday: the breezy tank! it’s very simple, but oh-so comfortable and easy-fitting.
i sewed up three today and there are five in the etsy shop right this very moment–two for custom size order. who needs a serger?? not me! these lovelies have french seams and handmade bias binding. find them here.

special thank yous to ms kathryn secretlake for modeling one for me. she’s going to kill me for using the photo in which she’s laughing, but it’s so cute! the world needs more laughing girls. and plants.

April 13, 2009

so. this happened this morning:

oh that? that’s a broken serger part. yes. my serger! dead!
the part can maybe be replaced, but in all honesty, i’ve been working this thing since 1997 and maybe it’s time for a new one. i’m getting a tax refund! maybe it was meant to be?

of course, until then, i can’t serge. no serging means no undies (i had to deactivate three pairs on etsy that i was *about* to sew) and no new patchwork tops or dresses for a little bit. boo.

ok, lunch is over and so too must be the pouting over broken machinery. more amelia tops, anyone? maybe i can add french seams to the skirts too…

April 13, 2009

a new color option for the wallpaper print undies. i don’t know what liberty called it, but i’ve dubbed it “poached peach.” today i’m going to alter the pattern for last summer’s mini skirt and possibly make a few from the twills i have on hand. or maybe some shirts? anyway, sewing.

my brain is completely overwhelmed with babythoughts. there is SO MUCH stuff to research and learn and consider. i tend to be a very Opinionated Person, but it turns out that when faced with the actuality of a situation, you really have to do the smart thing and carefully consider all options. immunization, circumcision, naming the baby; every decision a parent (or parent-to-be) seems wrapped up in controversy and heated debates. considering all options and angles is in itself a full time job! anyway, if i seem a bit *more* boring than usual, please excuse. my mind is elsewhere. or everywhere.

April 10, 2009

good morning!
so there won’t be any new things in the shop until next week. i thought for sure i’d make some stuff to be posted yesterday and today, but i think i sort of burned myself out and ohhhh yeah, taxes? still need to attend to that.

so really there’s nothing to report *except* this trunk show that is taking place at sodafine:
nami of zeto is coming by the shop this evening and will have a nice selection of her beautiful new spring line available for preview from 6-9. she’ll also be in the shop all day tomorrow, 12-7. nami is a total sweetheart and zeto kind of blows my mind–last i checked, she was still sewing everything herself! not so mind-blowing maybe, until you realize the sheer quantity of garments she produces. kind of awesome.

in other news, i believe there is a rat in our kitchen ceiling. the chewing sounds are going to make me lose my mind. and if he gets in, i don’t know what i will do. can i live in a concrete and glass cube now, please? thanks.

April 8, 2009

oh! hi again!
i had this idea in the shower (where all great ideas are born) that maybe it would be a good idea to bring back the compound dress. hello friends to the south! australia, i’m looking at you! so it’s back for custom order (still one size fits most) but this time, i’m offering free shipping to anywhere in the world on this lovely little dress. hooray!
also, just so you know, it makes a great maternity dress.
and i happen to be wearing it right now!
ok, last post of the day!
have a good one!

April 8, 2009

the horses print (liberty’s “Naz”) is now available in cream with pink and yellow ponies and unicorns!*
small medium large

and now i must get ready for that dreaded garment district visit. i wish wish wish there was a place that sells organic fabrics. lots of them! not just one or two token bolts. the soft, lightweight chambray i’ve been using has been discontinued (or is just always sold out?) online and i just ordered the last bits of it–two half yard pieces to use for labels. so i need something for more kimono patch tops. there’s enough left for one or two more and if i am not completely drained by manhattan i will make some mediums this afternoon and evening for posting tomorrow. but no promises!

*tillandsia not included