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May 31, 2009

this post was going to be about how i’m trying Very Hard not to be overwhelmed by how much we need to do in the next 5 weeks, complete with semi-charming photos of our sadly neglected apartment, which has not received any attention since we finished painting the bedroom over a week ago. but that seemed a little too overwhelming, so let’s focus on what *has* been done, or what is at least in progress.

these are a top and a dress, two among a handful of items i worked on this past week, between some yoga and lots of naps. i plan on finishing these two tonight and posting them to etsy tomorrow, some time between doing some laundry and general tidying.

i’m also working on a batch of rompers for treehouse! it definitely feels as though the sewing time is coming to an end very soon. there’s so much to do! oh, there i go.


this weekend was all about our intensive two day childbirth preparation classes at the hospital and i really had no idea what to expect. though some combination of wacky tv sitcom style antics and ultra boredom was my fear, we were pleasantly surprised to be not only entertained and informed, but also comforted to just hang out with 6 other couples, all worried about the same things, all being reassured by a competent and confident doula/teacher who was completely on the same page regarding what ian and i want from our experience. now obviously when i say that, there should be an implied understanding that things don’t always go as planned. we know that. we’re open to that. but like most people, we have our preferences and i have been more than a little worried that giving birth in a hospital was going to prove to be a huge challenge to my plans and expectations. we were taught the best methods for firmly yet gently making sure that the hospital staff don’t pressure us into any unnecessary interventions. if you’ve seen the business of being born, you know what i’m talking about. all that said, it’s my intention to do this without drugs and with as much freedom as movement as possible. at this point, i’m more afraid of a tube in my spine than the pain of childbirth. we’ll see if i change my mind! oh, what fun!


May 27, 2009

34 weeks and 3 days.
little sprout is getting bored, i think. he’s taken to keeping me awake at night, kicking and dancing and generally causing a great ruckus. he’d better not be making plans for any sort of early escape. we want him fully cooked and in july!

May 26, 2009

this is how i spent my memorial day weekend. or at least, this is how i spent yesterday. well, this and making banana walnut muffins, which are my new best friend/worst enemy.

did you read the article in the new yorker from…i dunno…maybe a week or so ago, about the marshmallow test? these muffins have me thinking a lot about that test and deferred gratification and thus, my life in general. these muffins send me into a pit of delicious despair. these muffins are almost gone. i know i should save the last two for ian, but will i be able to resist? only time (by which i mean a few hours) will tell. wish me luck! perhaps if i act as though the fate of my future success rests upon my ability to resist the muffins, i could choose to have, oh, i don’t know…almonds? rice? orange juice? instead. we really need to go grocery shopping. though i think there are ingredients for chocolate chip cookies!

but i digress.

two new patch kimono sleeve tops are in the etsy shop, both in size medium.

more sewing will be done today! i’d like to go outside, but it’s threatening to rain anyway and um, apparently i’ve reached that stage in pregnancy in which one’s legs and ankles and feet become horrifying and puffy. the only shoes i can wear now are these funny metallic and floral cut out sandals that i bought last summer when i was working at oilily because it was raining and i didn’t want to get the shoes i had worn to work soaked. i secretly like them a lot, even though i’m aware that they’re a little bit awful. and now i’m really glad to have them because not even my bass flip flops fit. only 6 weeks left! omg.

May 22, 2009

this photo has nothing to do with this post.
it’s just last night’s piles of things dinner, which you can read about (if you really want to) by clicking over to flickr.
this post! this post is about julia!!!
julia is one of my awesome internet buddies (who i met fer realz last summer at renegade and who, might i add, was the first to rock the romper) who just happens to make some amazingly beautiful bags under the name rennes-le-chateau and WHO, *might* i add, is the featured seller on etsy today!

a while back i purchased one of her woven leather ipod cases for ian and he happily uses it every day. it is a beautiful thing. and some day? some day i am going to own one of her gorgeous bags. i am in no way a bag person, having been known in the past to carry the same ratty tote around until friends told me i could not any more, but julia’s bags (along with wendy’s, whose porter is currently enduring much of my obsessive carrying love like a champ) help me understand that bag lust that captures so many. i mean, look at this bag! and naturally, in the time it took for me to link to it, it has sold. see?

ok, enough gushing. i was just so excited to see julia on the etsy homepage and uh, to scroll down and see that she linked here?? what? the sweetest. i just had to share the love.

and NOW i should be working. can you believe it’s almost 2 and i am just finished dressing? this time yesterday i was Queen of Productivity! there will be new things in the shop tomorrow, i promise. at least two things: 2 medium sized patchwork kimono sleeve tops are in the works. ok? ok. happy friday!

May 21, 2009

um! i just made a page for dear birthday on facebook. you know, in case you wanted to show your um, fandom or whatever.
or share photos of you in your dear birthday stuff! remember when i used to get so many photos of people in their dear birthday clothes and i put them on the website and it was totally awesome? whatever happened to that?

May 21, 2009

yes, that’s totally the back of a romper.
and what’s more, it’s for sale in the shop, along with two new tops and two new pairs of patchwork undies.
more things tomorrow or saturday.

May 19, 2009

ok, this is a horrible photo and i’m sorry to hurt your eyes and all, but look! i started painting the bedroom today!

i say started because i forgot to ask ian to move the dressers out this morning before work and though i gave it my all, i could not move them more than the few feet required to access the two walls i got coated this afternoon. i’m not weak! i just tend to be very clumsy when moving and lifting things, usually using my stomach as a resting place, etc. and you know, can’t really do that right now. so! walls three and four will need to wait until later this evening or tomorrow, as will the final coat and the edges.

so yeah, the color is yellow, huh? see, we were talking about going for this nice, mustard yellow but it turns out that while ian was thinking Dijon, i was thinking French’s (he will always be the more sophisticated of the pair) because when faced with the swatches at the hardware store, i just could not bring myself to order any of the darker yellows. no! not when there was Arizona Sun gleaming so happily back at me. so here we will sleep in a school bus yellow room. mythic paint ain’t cheap, folks. and mixed paint can’t be returned. but you know, the bedroom is the darkest room the the apartment (and the smallest, except for the bathroom) so with the door closed and the lights out, it will likely glow Dijon. right?

in other news, i had a checkup with the midwife today and as usual, all is very normal and good and uneventful. we’re at 33 weeks now and measuring exactly at 33 weeks, so all you looky loos who say i’m SO SMALL can stop worrying (me) because we are right on target. got that? feelin’ a little feisty today. must have been that early afternoon nap. anyway! folks, don’t tell a pregnant lady that she’s large or small, ok? just a little word to the wise. makes us nutty.

and now i think it’s time to get a little sewing in. i am aiming to have a few more patchwork undies and some new tops in the shop by friday. we’ll see. the days are flying by and there are too many things to do. guess that’s the same old story, huh?

May 15, 2009

there are now eight new pairs of patchwork undies up on etsy! hooray!

sorry for being a bit of a grouch yesterday. grey day + being completely overwhelmed with too many thoughts = major overload. today i’m taking it easy. lunch and then a nap. and then some yoga dvd. mayyyybe.

May 14, 2009

quick note!
i forgot to mention that we’re now offering free domestic shipping on all etsy orders over $50.
simply complete your order, but wait for an invoice before paying. if you forget and pay immediately, we will refund your shipping fee to your paypal account.

May 14, 2009

yesterday got away from me, but here! here is a grey day. nothing to do but sit around and post things to the internet. as promised, the patchwork undies! these are on their way to oshkosh, wisconsin, to a cute shop called dainty daisies, run by a sweet maker named michelle. i’ve received lots of requests for wholesale undies and i’ve denied every one until now. even though some people (ahem! i saw you, commenter on modish) think dear birthday is wicked pricey, truth be told, i make next to nothing on the undies, which just so happen to be the most popular item. and the rest of the things (i should not be divulging this!) are currently being priced at a more economy-friendly rate than a valerie-friendly rate. but! i love what i do. and so in some ways it’s not like work. my brain must remind my back of this fact after several hours in the sewing chair, but usually they work it out. anyway! rambling? i decided to take up michelle’s offer if she was willing to accept patchwork undies (made from scraps!) in lieu of the one-pattern styles. and she was! and they turned out super cute! hooray.

i will be making some for the etsy shop today, to post maybe tomorrow or saturday. the weather is such that i’m finding it hard to motivate. and i don’t think listening to nirvana is helping either.