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June 25, 2009

my friend melissa posted a photo to flickr of the most amazing quilted pillow, and a link to an excellent tutorial on how to make a cathedral window quilt. i am officially obsessed.

above is my first attempt. well, first attempt that will result in a full quilt–it’s much easier than i anticipated! granted, my work so far is not anywhere near perfect. and there’s no way that i’m hand sewing this thing. i mean, that’s ludachristmas talk. but it’s just for our own little bed and so hey, it doesn’t need to be gallery-wall-worthy. i say this partially for my own benefit, because if i start obsessing about the imperfections, it will never be completed and that would be sad. we need a quilt! or, we will when/if it’s ever cold again.

also, i am teaching myself to knit! or…i plan to! one of the joke names for the (as yet unnamed) sprout that we came up with early on was Stripes. don’t ask. i realize it’s not funny, but for some reason, i found this hilarious. anyway, we’re not naming him Stripes. instead, we decided to buy him a toy tiger and name that Stripes. only we hadn’t been able to find just the right one, until i saw this little guy (ok, girl) on etsy and bought the pattern. cute, huh? i’m not going to make the dress. i think the tiger is cute enough on his own. and well, honestly, i am not entirely sure i’ll be able to make the tiger.

today was a 4 train sort of day (L to the G, walk to the C, walk to the…R?, back to the L) and one of my many stops was purl in soho, where i was blown away by the helpfulness of the staff, who LOOKED UP my pattern on etsy (because i was there on a whim and had not planned accordingly) and helped me gather everything i will need. everything except skill, which i am hoping to acquire from this dusty copy of knitting for dummies that i forgot i own. so we’ll see.

it’s nice to be making some things that will be sticking around. things that aren’t intended to be sold. i really don’t do this enough, which bums me out a bit. it’s nice to not feel rushed or pressured. it’s nice to feel free to experiment a little. and hopefully this tiny bit of relaxed making time will inform the would-somebody-buy-this (?) style making of making, making it better. eh? perhaps. but no! corrupted thinking. we’ll hold off on worrying about that for the time being. for lo, it is time for tea.


June 22, 2009

yesterday was make music new york! day and in spite of the crappycrumbtastichorrible weather and the fact that once again, the L train was not running out in our neck of the woods, i was determined to make it over to sodafine to check out erin’s lineup. i’m glad we made it because the weather kept temporarily clearing and we were able to catch two and a half of the bands, which the sprout either really loved or really hated, because he was dancing up a storm to some major feedback. we also got to chat with nicole of astulabee and see some pals we haven’t seen in months, though they live just a few stops away. every time i think about moving away from new york (and this is often) i worry that i’ll feel so lonely and isolated, since most of my friends live here now. then i remember that i rarely see them anyway because this is new york and everyone is busy!

well, while we were in williamsburg, i dropped off the two patch kimono sleeve ts and the last quilty t with the lovely miss erin, so if you were wondering about them, you will just have to waddle (oh, i’m sorry, i’m the only waddler here) on over to sodafine to take a gander.

in baby news: two weeks left! though a certain buddy’s mama is placing bets on the 7th, so two weeks, give or take a few days. hopefully! we’re readier than ever, so i’m going to try very hard to stop telling him to keep cooking. don’t want to make him think it’s not ok to greet us when he’s ready. we’re ready, little man! though we probably won’t use it for a little while, we now have a fancy yellow stroller, courtesy of grandma and grandpa soles (woah, that’s weird to say/type) and yesterday we ordered a bouncy seat from mini jake, using the gift certificate the greenpoint girls so kindly gave us. we’re ready! that’s all you need, right? oh yes, and lots of love floating around. we’re more than ready to do some major fawning. and he’ll be born with a name tag, right? that’s what we’re hoping for, at least.

June 18, 2009

i am very happy to announce that dear birthday is taking part in lena corwin’s studio sale on saturday the 27th! please click over to lena’s blog for details and a full list of the other participants. i am hoping to be in tip top shape and not in labor that day (just a little longer, sproutling!) because it’s going to be amazing and i very much want to buy myself a little treat. oh but how to choose??

June 17, 2009

some pressies we’ve received this week:

crazy bear blankie and crocheted bunny from our friend marcie, mama of karie.

the heather ross unicorn fabric in blue! and the thistley one too! thank you thank you, sweet rebecca!

doing laundry and puttering around today. sewing a bit, packing my bag sort of…generally milling about and trying not to be nervous. suddenly i’m nervous! it’s all people magazine’s fault. i skimmed one yesterday and there was a sad sad story i won’t even talk about in detail that put sad thoughts in my head. but this is no time for sad thoughts or worries! no way. dooce’s new arrival post has brightened my outlook. look at that baby. omg.

June 15, 2009

yesterday was so rotten! we had so many things to do around the apartment and i woke up feeling like an 85 year old woman, all achey and miserable and slightly nauseous. nothing changed all day, except that i cried a bit over feeling bad and useless and worrying that i would feel bad for the next three weeks and then watched some tv on the internet and went to bed. bah!

but todayyyy! today was Different! for one, the sun, she shone. and for two, i magically felt better! and for three, i made my way over to purl patchwork and purchased precisely one yard of that lovely heather ross frog prince fabric, because dammit, i deserve a little treat. i’m going to make myself a little breezy summer top to wear once little nameless one is here. and he will get it all messed up and that will be just fine. also, the sweet lady working today took my name and phone and promised to call me when (shhh!) they receive the unicorn print in blue, which is what i really Really want. hooray!

also, the cutest lady in a mociun dress and saltwater sandals introduced herself as a dear birthday customer and i hope i wasn’t too awkward because it kind of made my day.

and now to bed, hoping very much that this one day on, one day off thing is not a true pattern. goodnight!

June 14, 2009

hello hello!
just a couple of shop-related things:

1. last week i dropped off one breezy tank and three (yes! three!) rompers as well as a bunch of valerian cards to the lovely and wonderful treehouse on graham avenue in williamsburg. there is a small, a medium and a large romper for your perusing delight. there is also a very entertaining and sweet siri to chat with, so please do take a gander if you’re in the area!
i really should have photographed these things…you’ll just have to trust that they’re cute.

2. you may (or may not) have noticed that most of the items in the etsy shop have been deactivated for the time being. there is still a little less than one week left before the official temporary closure, and there are still patchwork tops and many cards available.

that is all the shop news for now.
in baby news, we are 37 weeks exactly today, which means FULL TERM. on friday our midwife estimated that he’s about six and a half pounds right now, and will likely be an eight pounder at 40 weeks. this is fine by me, as i keep hearing stories of ten pound babies who come out with long fingernails and hair and woah. that sort of thing makes me think twice before eating more brownies. but it doesn’t necessarily stop the brownie eating.

June 11, 2009

you guys. have you seen the new heather ross far far away collection? i first saw it on soulemama’s blog last night and after investigating the rest on purl’s site, i just about died. now, this morning i read hillary’s blog and suddenly i’m OBSESSING. like, i need some of this stuff. or, i don’t know what.

ian and i have talked quite a bit about what sort of prints and patterns we want to work on next and these come very close to our vision. not so close that i feel like we can’t proceed, of course. also, at the moment i can’t imagine when we’ll ever be able to get it together to collaborate on a drawing again. we haven’t even started our thank you cards or announcements, which we fully intend(ed?) to make ourselves. but i digress.

summary: fabric. i like it.

June 8, 2009

an elephant shrew nightlight from happy owl glassworks was my biggest purchase from the renegade craft fair. i must say, i’m quite pleased with it. a few other nice little things were purchased, but i’m currently lying in bed on my side, with my comically swollen hobbit foots propped up and i’m typing with one hand. so that’s my report. if anyone has a secret for relieving pregnancy-related edema, please do share! it’s very unnerving and my “fat shoes” are even becoming a bit snug. sigh. just four more weeks!

June 5, 2009

today my midwife had a midwifery (i love that word, it’s pronounced midWIFFeree, like wiffle ball) student shadowing her and she was so sweet and enthusiastic and NEW to the whole thing that i almost wished she were my usual. of course, part of this probably had to do with the fact that upon measuring my belly, she proclaimed it to be a “beautiful belly!” and then got all excited when the sprout kicked her (as he is wont to do) and declared him to be a very active and strong baby with a great sounding heart, as though she didn’t see/feel/hear this all the time. i think my midwife maybe could tell i was having more fun that usual, because she told the student not to give me a big head about my lovely belly. hmph!

she’s not bad, though. actually, i’m glad i’ve got the most experienced of the midwives (or so i’ve been told) in the practice. it’s just nice to be treated like an impressive specimen every once in a while, even if they are just being nice.

June 4, 2009

we now interrupt our regularly scheduled baby preparation anxiety post for the following dear birthday shop update:

i’ve decided that since wee boy is set to arrive in approximately ONE MONTH (i’m still breathing, i’m remembering to breathe) at which point, i will be closing down the etsy shop for at least a month, while we get to know one another, the made-to-order items and any undies that are listed, but not actually sewn yet (it’s true! some of the listed undies are sitting around, waiting for their elastic to be sewn in) will be removed from the shop in one week’s time. that was a very wordy way of saying that as of friday, june 12th, the following items will be unavailable until further notice:

forest cottage breezy tank
the compound dress
fairy flowers breezy tank
and most of the single-print undies

i haven’t yet decided when to close the rest of the shop, but it will likely be the following friday, june 19th.

so if you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it! and because i love you, i’m extending the free domestic shipping offer to all domestic orders, regardless of the total purchase price, through the shop’s maternity leave date. oh! and international orders will receive a $5 shipping fee discount. just type “the stork delivers!” into the message to seller section, complete the check-out process, but wait to pay until you receive a revised invoice from me. if you accidentally pay right away, i will refund the shipping fee or shipping discount. easy enough?

ok then, onto other news!

the renegade craft fair is happening this weekend in williamsburg, brooklyn and i am SO EXCITED to go as a shopper for the first time ever. i have been a vendor at this one for…how long have they been doing it in brooklyn? well, every single one. and it’s always so much fun (well, last year the weather was horrible, but we had fun anyway) but i never get to look around enough at all of the amazing sellers. now’s my chance! yes! so maybe i’ll see you there! fun times ahoy!