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July 22, 2009

he’s here! alden louis was born on the ides of july. he is the best thing ever.

i’ve been debating whether or not to type out his birth story here. going in, i was very excited to be able to eventually share mine, since reading others’ stories was really helpful to me in the weeks leading up to alden’s arrival. but i don’t want to scare anyone, as our story, though it isn’t necessarily frightening, has some parts that still freak me out and give me nightmares. suffice it to say, that what just about every mother will tell you is completely true: no matter how much you read and research, there is absolutely no way to truly prepare for the experience of giving birth. you never know what is going to happen and you can plan for a normal birth as much as you would like, but in the end, all that really really matters is that you and your baby are healthy. so! there we have it, for now.

ian went back to work today and the babe and i are just hanging out, eating and sleeping and looking at one another. he’s pretty irresistible. and he eats A LOT. so i’m operating on maybe three hours of sleep total for the past 24 hours. i’m pretty sure the past week has been like this, but the days run together like they’ve never done before. so pardon the quietness around here. we’ll post some more photos soon…


July 5, 2009

a belated happy independence day!
here we are on the morning of july 5th and i have absolutely no news to share. alas!
i have had a feeling that the sprout will be the late-to-the-party sort and that is totally ok. except that we’re getting antsy! and i’m not sure i’m comfortable with the thought of a ten pound newborn…

oh he won’t be that big. right? right??

anyway, here’s my little place holder update for wondering friends and family, complete with a little tiger (stripes!) that i made this week. the pattern is from here.

all is well! but unless something very exciting happens, or i become incredibly bored waiting, there probably won’t be any new updates until little man has made an appearance. take care, buddies!