woahhhh, hi blog!
i’ve missed you!
sorry for the long stretch of silence. i guess you could say i’ve had my hands full.

so, babies, huh?? pretty awesome. in our month together, alden has managed to weave himself into our hearts in such a way that it’s hard to imagine that he hasn’t always been there. i know, i know! but it’s so true. he looks like everyone i’m related to and everyone ian’s related to an even though he’s still brand new, he’s so familiar, even while we know we’re just getting to know him. his name does mean “old friend” after all. he has more personality than i thought possible for a newborn and though he has yet to really smile or laugh yet himself, he cracks us up constantly.

of course, it isn’t all cooing and giggles and i’ve definitely shed my share of sleep-deprived tears over his late night whimpers. and today? today i silently wept on the L as i desperately tried nursing him while ian held up a blanket to cover us and alden wailed and screamed and took on a look not unlike a cooked lobster. we were on our way home from a trip to the met with my parents and bunny had been in his carrier, strapped to me pretty much all day, taking only a few light snack breaks when i would worriedly remind him that he needs to eat. it was hot out and by the time we got on the train, though i’d taken off all but his diaper and cover, he was clammy and cranky and i, in my sleep-deprived state, was convinced he had heat stroke and was going to pass out if he wasn’t hydrated IMMEDIATELY. sigh.

needless to say (for anyone who has had babies), he was fine and as soon as we got home he stopped crying and opened his big blue peepers and gave me a look as if to say, “that was fun! what’s next?” and i was the only one left crying. such a novice! but after a nice, 2 hour nap, we’re back into our little quasi routine, about to eat some dinner and watch the last disk of mad men, season one. bunny’s asleep on my chest and all is well.

except, what is up with this health care reform backlash?? i swear, you drop out of society for a month and the country collectively puts on some sort of absurdist play. unbelievable. and woah, whole foods, huh? well, for anyone else in need of a little sweetness to counteract THAT insanity, alden’s been hamming it up over on flickr.


5 Responses to “”

  1. kathy Says:

    So glad to read your blog
    been following the baby pics – Alden is a beauty and growing by leaps and bounds
    The first 6 weeks are so hard – it continues to change constantly – it is a wonder.
    He is his own little guy –
    love you all

  2. sian Says:

    this almost made me teary-eyed 🙂

    p.s. isn’t the last episode of season one crazy? what a cliffhanger…

  3. erica Says:

    there’s nothing worse than a hormone-induced fear frenzy related to a newborn’s unwillingness or inability to nurse. i had quite a few sobbing freak-outs in the first 3 months, but it got better for us. i still come close to those moments when leon is crying hysterically in the car-seat, unable to sleep.

    i can’t decide whether babies are better off in the carrier or the stroller during these humid summer days. leon always seems to get sweaty more quickly in the stroller, but shouldn’t my body heat make it even hotter for him in a carrier? poor alden probably just wanted to cool off in a familiar place (aka home). i’m glad you’re getting out and doing things in the city. lockdown for over 2 months really took its toll on me mentally.

    i don’t even want to think about the health care ridiculousness. it makes my heart sink.

  4. moop Says:

    oh..valerie, you paint such a vivid picture! i remember those days all too well. one day, they won’t matter…just part of the experience…nothing great is good all the time…there has to be trial to appreciate how wonderful those little folks are…and he sounds perfect! (and looks perfect, too! can’t get enough of those adorable photos!)
    rock on mama. you’re doing great!

  5. jennygordy Says:

    great post. alden sounds like a super awesome little guy. you’re a trooper and a great mom, i’m sure!

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