ok, friends. i’ve never enjoyed keeping more than one blog. i try to be a Here I Am sort of person, not separating one part of me from another and i tend to think that separating blogs by subject or theme or aesthetic, what-have-you is like posturing or having a split personality. i can think of two notable exceptions, so please don’t be offended if you’re a multi-blogger! and anyway, here i am. the time has come. for this blog will eventually, as my flickr account has done, become The Alden Show and as much as i obviously enjoy bragging about our golden boy, i also need to remember that i am a separate person. yes! me! i am still me. and i plan on sewing again! hopefully sooner rather than later. and this blog should be about that. and you know, random soap-boxing.

this isn’t to say that i’ll never mention the bunny. how could i not? also, i’d really really like to eventually get some baby and kids’ clothes out there. it’s just to say that The Alden Show is moving to its own channel. he does deserve it, after all. good news if you like baby blogs, good news if you don’t. it’s a win-win for all–hooray!

anyway, i don’t want to jinx anything, but the past three nights have seen sleeping stretches of four hours or more, so i may just have some functioning-human-style energy back soonish! this (and the pending arrival of fall’s cooler temperatures) is bringing me slowly out of my in-the-moment state of mind and thinking ahead again. only this time, instead of worrying about what’s down the road, i’m really excited and happy. nothing is perfect and in fact, much is incredibly tough at the moment, but i’ve never been more optimistic or hopeful. so maybe there will be sewing news soon! or maybe not! but there will be sewing news here again.


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  1. erica Says:

    i hear you on the separate blog thing. lots of work, but what can you do? i have too many blogs to deal with, including one just for my parents. i feel like leon’s pr person!

    that’s great that alden has been sleeping 4 hour stretches. we’re lucky if leon manages even one of those per day.

    so excited to hear you’re thinking of baby and children clothing. i just spent another day feeling depressed by the boy clothing selection. i love alden’s striped top/onesie, by the way. but you probably knew that!

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