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November 24, 2009

lena’s post today reminded me that i am always, constantly dreaming of an airier, cleaner, greener and more colorful life. not that i don’t enjoy the one i have (though perhaps i could spend a bit more mental energy on the present) but it’s oh so nice to dream of new places and spaces. tamera is particularly good at collecting images of places that make my heart twinge longingly. she’s also busy crafting one such place of her own. ah. someday.

in the meantime, happy thanksgiving everyone!
i’m closing up shop for the holidays. i have a tiny sewing project going on and though it’s so small and ordinarily would take me no time at all, sewing is a challenge lately! and i need to keep my focus on bunny beansprout at the moment, what with him being all wee and sweet and growing so quickly.

if you’re in nyc and would like undies (they make a great gift!) they will be available at lena’s holiday sale on december 12th in her studio in fort greene. info: here.


November 11, 2009

oh hey! it’s sale time!
buy three undies, get free shipping.
now through next wednesday, november 18th.
complete the checkout process and then wait for an adjusted invoice. if you forget and pay, i’ll refund the shipping charge to your paypal account.

November 1, 2009

hi hi hi.
so! babies! they take up SO MUCH TIME!
i’m enjoying (almost) every second of it, naturally. but! whew!

ok, so i’ve been working on a pattern for baby leggings. s l o w l y.
like, maybe i will have some baby things in the shop by springtime?
that s l o w l y.

in the mean time, i’ve added some of the liberty print undies back in the shop!
none of them are completed yet (still need to elasticize them) so kindly give me a few days to finish them up before they’re sent off. and the compound dresses are taking me roughly two weeks to complete at the moment, so please order with some time to spare.

alden is finally figuring out how to entertain himself for like, oh, five minutes at a time. it’s a start! the main obstacle in our playing/working situation is that the play area is in the living room, which is kind of far from the studio and the studio is not baby safe. well, neither is the living room, but at least there aren’t pins and needles and paints and scissors everywhere. we’ll work it out! we had a play date with an eight month old the other day (an older woman! ooh la la) and it was remarkable how independent she seemed! totally chillin’ with her toys and clappin’ and sittin’ and bein’ cute as a button. i’m not in any hurry for my tiny little baby man to grow up or anything, but at least i know that *eventually* i might be able to get a few things done when we’re alone together. so far, all of the sewing needs to be done on weekends when papa’s home.

oh, right! this isn’t the baby blog. see? they take over your brain. completely. it’s kind of awesome and kind of frightening.