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June 6, 2010

hello friends,

some of you may have noticed that the liberty print undies are back in the etsy shop. just a few pairs left and then, that is almost certainly all there will ever be. i’m offering free shipping within the united states on them until they are all gone. and then?

well, then i’m going to be changing things up quite a bit. dear birthday was so much fun and though i miss sewing and making dearly, i’ve decided that when i relaunch, i would prefer starting all over again, from scratch.

i’ve planted a new blog and website seed under another name and when everything is all nested in and settled, i’ll announce that here and perhaps send out a message to our lovely email list. big changes are underway, but i think…i hope…that you will perhaps enjoy what’s to come as much and maybe more than my previous work.

much love,