my name is valerie (that’s me circa…uh…1985?) and i live in brooklyn with my boyfriend ian (a fellow maker and an amazing painter) and our (yes ian, *our*) dog geoffrey. i like to make things, mostly things to wear, and i’m trying very hard to make things for a living because well, you know, working for the man is absolutely the worst. and why not do what you love? life is too darn short to waste it away unhappy, right?

i also like to cook (and eat!) and take photos and naps. i would say i like to ride my bike too, but i’m still working up the courage to do so around here regularly. city biking might not be my thing…cities might not be my thing…but i’m trying both!

oh. and i like to ramble on and on about nonsense.

by all means feel free to ask me questions or comment or just say hi or whatever.


One Response to “about”

  1. ye olde mom Says:

    Valerie, have you visited:

    awkwardfamilyphotos.com ?

    (not that you would ever take an awkward family photo)

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