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November 1, 2009

hi hi hi.
so! babies! they take up SO MUCH TIME!
i’m enjoying (almost) every second of it, naturally. but! whew!

ok, so i’ve been working on a pattern for baby leggings. s l o w l y.
like, maybe i will have some baby things in the shop by springtime?
that s l o w l y.

in the mean time, i’ve added some of the liberty print undies back in the shop!
none of them are completed yet (still need to elasticize them) so kindly give me a few days to finish them up before they’re sent off. and the compound dresses are taking me roughly two weeks to complete at the moment, so please order with some time to spare.

alden is finally figuring out how to entertain himself for like, oh, five minutes at a time. it’s a start! the main obstacle in our playing/working situation is that the play area is in the living room, which is kind of far from the studio and the studio is not baby safe. well, neither is the living room, but at least there aren’t pins and needles and paints and scissors everywhere. we’ll work it out! we had a play date with an eight month old the other day (an older woman! ooh la la) and it was remarkable how independent she seemed! totally chillin’ with her toys and clappin’ and sittin’ and bein’ cute as a button. i’m not in any hurry for my tiny little baby man to grow up or anything, but at least i know that *eventually* i might be able to get a few things done when we’re alone together. so far, all of the sewing needs to be done on weekends when papa’s home.

oh, right! this isn’t the baby blog. see? they take over your brain. completely. it’s kind of awesome and kind of frightening.


August 25, 2009

ok, friends. i’ve never enjoyed keeping more than one blog. i try to be a Here I Am sort of person, not separating one part of me from another and i tend to think that separating blogs by subject or theme or aesthetic, what-have-you is like posturing or having a split personality. i can think of two notable exceptions, so please don’t be offended if you’re a multi-blogger! and anyway, here i am. the time has come. for this blog will eventually, as my flickr account has done, become The Alden Show and as much as i obviously enjoy bragging about our golden boy, i also need to remember that i am a separate person. yes! me! i am still me. and i plan on sewing again! hopefully sooner rather than later. and this blog should be about that. and you know, random soap-boxing.

this isn’t to say that i’ll never mention the bunny. how could i not? also, i’d really really like to eventually get some baby and kids’ clothes out there. it’s just to say that The Alden Show is moving to its own channel. he does deserve it, after all. good news if you like baby blogs, good news if you don’t. it’s a win-win for all–hooray!

anyway, i don’t want to jinx anything, but the past three nights have seen sleeping stretches of four hours or more, so i may just have some functioning-human-style energy back soonish! this (and the pending arrival of fall’s cooler temperatures) is bringing me slowly out of my in-the-moment state of mind and thinking ahead again. only this time, instead of worrying about what’s down the road, i’m really excited and happy. nothing is perfect and in fact, much is incredibly tough at the moment, but i’ve never been more optimistic or hopeful. so maybe there will be sewing news soon! or maybe not! but there will be sewing news here again.

August 15, 2009

woahhhh, hi blog!
i’ve missed you!
sorry for the long stretch of silence. i guess you could say i’ve had my hands full.

so, babies, huh?? pretty awesome. in our month together, alden has managed to weave himself into our hearts in such a way that it’s hard to imagine that he hasn’t always been there. i know, i know! but it’s so true. he looks like everyone i’m related to and everyone ian’s related to an even though he’s still brand new, he’s so familiar, even while we know we’re just getting to know him. his name does mean “old friend” after all. he has more personality than i thought possible for a newborn and though he has yet to really smile or laugh yet himself, he cracks us up constantly.

of course, it isn’t all cooing and giggles and i’ve definitely shed my share of sleep-deprived tears over his late night whimpers. and today? today i silently wept on the L as i desperately tried nursing him while ian held up a blanket to cover us and alden wailed and screamed and took on a look not unlike a cooked lobster. we were on our way home from a trip to the met with my parents and bunny had been in his carrier, strapped to me pretty much all day, taking only a few light snack breaks when i would worriedly remind him that he needs to eat. it was hot out and by the time we got on the train, though i’d taken off all but his diaper and cover, he was clammy and cranky and i, in my sleep-deprived state, was convinced he had heat stroke and was going to pass out if he wasn’t hydrated IMMEDIATELY. sigh.

needless to say (for anyone who has had babies), he was fine and as soon as we got home he stopped crying and opened his big blue peepers and gave me a look as if to say, “that was fun! what’s next?” and i was the only one left crying. such a novice! but after a nice, 2 hour nap, we’re back into our little quasi routine, about to eat some dinner and watch the last disk of mad men, season one. bunny’s asleep on my chest and all is well.

except, what is up with this health care reform backlash?? i swear, you drop out of society for a month and the country collectively puts on some sort of absurdist play. unbelievable. and woah, whole foods, huh? well, for anyone else in need of a little sweetness to counteract THAT insanity, alden’s been hamming it up over on flickr.

July 22, 2009

he’s here! alden louis was born on the ides of july. he is the best thing ever.

i’ve been debating whether or not to type out his birth story here. going in, i was very excited to be able to eventually share mine, since reading others’ stories was really helpful to me in the weeks leading up to alden’s arrival. but i don’t want to scare anyone, as our story, though it isn’t necessarily frightening, has some parts that still freak me out and give me nightmares. suffice it to say, that what just about every mother will tell you is completely true: no matter how much you read and research, there is absolutely no way to truly prepare for the experience of giving birth. you never know what is going to happen and you can plan for a normal birth as much as you would like, but in the end, all that really really matters is that you and your baby are healthy. so! there we have it, for now.

ian went back to work today and the babe and i are just hanging out, eating and sleeping and looking at one another. he’s pretty irresistible. and he eats A LOT. so i’m operating on maybe three hours of sleep total for the past 24 hours. i’m pretty sure the past week has been like this, but the days run together like they’ve never done before. so pardon the quietness around here. we’ll post some more photos soon…