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May 21, 2009

um! i just made a page for dear birthday on facebook. you know, in case you wanted to show your um, fandom or whatever.
or share photos of you in your dear birthday stuff! remember when i used to get so many photos of people in their dear birthday clothes and i put them on the website and it was totally awesome? whatever happened to that?


April 15, 2008

i just spent a nice hour putting together a little muxtape mix for my gentle readers but when i went to upload i realized that i have no idea what i am doing! apparently my songz are mp4s? and they need to be mp3s? huh?

oh well…i need to be sewing anyway.

but i had a color theme for spring and everything!

tedium! delirium! …yum?

March 6, 2008

oh! but how boring it must be to read only of my technological shortcomings and misfortunes!
well here, it has been righted. the blog! she exists! thank you so much to jenny and tom for righting my wrongs and charting my course. ahh. all is well.

if you’ve managed to find me here, please note the new address and update your links. for no longer shall these words reside at at least not for now. apologies for not making note of this on the old blog before burning it to the ground. i was just eager to start fresh, you see. i’m sure this is not on par with the new blogging professionalism i’ve been aspiring to, but it is, at least, true to form; a little impulsiveness never….hurt…nevermind.

well i’m sure my blogging trials and tribulations have been an utter bore to read about! here, may i offer you some beets for your troubles?

i spent the day working on a shirt for a friend’s husband (who is also a friend) and will have images of that as well as a sneak peek from the next update batch tomorrow after a run to the dreaded garment district for buttons. i’m over it, by the way, the garment district. if i’m going to take two trains to get anywhere, i’d like to at least be able to find what i’m looking for! ian says that i’m missing out on the charm of new york, always having a list. but you know, sometimes you just want fusible interfacing! is that too much to ask? i think not.

i digress. goodnight!