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October 17, 2009

ian is holding a crabby baby who needs to be put to bed.
i have two seconds to tell you:
the etsy shop is back!
right now it’s just the compound dress and valerian cards. free shipping on the first, sale on the latter.
and when i have a tiny bit more time, there will be new things. no collection or nothin’. just some stuff.
but it’s a start!
here we go!


August 25, 2009

ok, friends. i’ve never enjoyed keeping more than one blog. i try to be a Here I Am sort of person, not separating one part of me from another and i tend to think that separating blogs by subject or theme or aesthetic, what-have-you is like posturing or having a split personality. i can think of two notable exceptions, so please don’t be offended if you’re a multi-blogger! and anyway, here i am. the time has come. for this blog will eventually, as my flickr account has done, become The Alden Show and as much as i obviously enjoy bragging about our golden boy, i also need to remember that i am a separate person. yes! me! i am still me. and i plan on sewing again! hopefully sooner rather than later. and this blog should be about that. and you know, random soap-boxing.

this isn’t to say that i’ll never mention the bunny. how could i not? also, i’d really really like to eventually get some baby and kids’ clothes out there. it’s just to say that The Alden Show is moving to its own channel. he does deserve it, after all. good news if you like baby blogs, good news if you don’t. it’s a win-win for all–hooray!

anyway, i don’t want to jinx anything, but the past three nights have seen sleeping stretches of four hours or more, so i may just have some functioning-human-style energy back soonish! this (and the pending arrival of fall’s cooler temperatures) is bringing me slowly out of my in-the-moment state of mind and thinking ahead again. only this time, instead of worrying about what’s down the road, i’m really excited and happy. nothing is perfect and in fact, much is incredibly tough at the moment, but i’ve never been more optimistic or hopeful. so maybe there will be sewing news soon! or maybe not! but there will be sewing news here again.

June 14, 2009

hello hello!
just a couple of shop-related things:

1. last week i dropped off one breezy tank and three (yes! three!) rompers as well as a bunch of valerian cards to the lovely and wonderful treehouse on graham avenue in williamsburg. there is a small, a medium and a large romper for your perusing delight. there is also a very entertaining and sweet siri to chat with, so please do take a gander if you’re in the area!
i really should have photographed these things…you’ll just have to trust that they’re cute.

2. you may (or may not) have noticed that most of the items in the etsy shop have been deactivated for the time being. there is still a little less than one week left before the official temporary closure, and there are still patchwork tops and many cards available.

that is all the shop news for now.
in baby news, we are 37 weeks exactly today, which means FULL TERM. on friday our midwife estimated that he’s about six and a half pounds right now, and will likely be an eight pounder at 40 weeks. this is fine by me, as i keep hearing stories of ten pound babies who come out with long fingernails and hair and woah. that sort of thing makes me think twice before eating more brownies. but it doesn’t necessarily stop the brownie eating.

June 4, 2009

we now interrupt our regularly scheduled baby preparation anxiety post for the following dear birthday shop update:

i’ve decided that since wee boy is set to arrive in approximately ONE MONTH (i’m still breathing, i’m remembering to breathe) at which point, i will be closing down the etsy shop for at least a month, while we get to know one another, the made-to-order items and any undies that are listed, but not actually sewn yet (it’s true! some of the listed undies are sitting around, waiting for their elastic to be sewn in) will be removed from the shop in one week’s time. that was a very wordy way of saying that as of friday, june 12th, the following items will be unavailable until further notice:

forest cottage breezy tank
the compound dress
fairy flowers breezy tank
and most of the single-print undies

i haven’t yet decided when to close the rest of the shop, but it will likely be the following friday, june 19th.

so if you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it! and because i love you, i’m extending the free domestic shipping offer to all domestic orders, regardless of the total purchase price, through the shop’s maternity leave date. oh! and international orders will receive a $5 shipping fee discount. just type “the stork delivers!” into the message to seller section, complete the check-out process, but wait to pay until you receive a revised invoice from me. if you accidentally pay right away, i will refund the shipping fee or shipping discount. easy enough?

ok then, onto other news!

the renegade craft fair is happening this weekend in williamsburg, brooklyn and i am SO EXCITED to go as a shopper for the first time ever. i have been a vendor at this one for…how long have they been doing it in brooklyn? well, every single one. and it’s always so much fun (well, last year the weather was horrible, but we had fun anyway) but i never get to look around enough at all of the amazing sellers. now’s my chance! yes! so maybe i’ll see you there! fun times ahoy!

June 1, 2009

both are finished and available on etsy this morning.

and now to cleaning! boooo

May 31, 2009

this post was going to be about how i’m trying Very Hard not to be overwhelmed by how much we need to do in the next 5 weeks, complete with semi-charming photos of our sadly neglected apartment, which has not received any attention since we finished painting the bedroom over a week ago. but that seemed a little too overwhelming, so let’s focus on what *has* been done, or what is at least in progress.

these are a top and a dress, two among a handful of items i worked on this past week, between some yoga and lots of naps. i plan on finishing these two tonight and posting them to etsy tomorrow, some time between doing some laundry and general tidying.

i’m also working on a batch of rompers for treehouse! it definitely feels as though the sewing time is coming to an end very soon. there’s so much to do! oh, there i go.


this weekend was all about our intensive two day childbirth preparation classes at the hospital and i really had no idea what to expect. though some combination of wacky tv sitcom style antics and ultra boredom was my fear, we were pleasantly surprised to be not only entertained and informed, but also comforted to just hang out with 6 other couples, all worried about the same things, all being reassured by a competent and confident doula/teacher who was completely on the same page regarding what ian and i want from our experience. now obviously when i say that, there should be an implied understanding that things don’t always go as planned. we know that. we’re open to that. but like most people, we have our preferences and i have been more than a little worried that giving birth in a hospital was going to prove to be a huge challenge to my plans and expectations. we were taught the best methods for firmly yet gently making sure that the hospital staff don’t pressure us into any unnecessary interventions. if you’ve seen the business of being born, you know what i’m talking about. all that said, it’s my intention to do this without drugs and with as much freedom as movement as possible. at this point, i’m more afraid of a tube in my spine than the pain of childbirth. we’ll see if i change my mind! oh, what fun!

May 26, 2009

this is how i spent my memorial day weekend. or at least, this is how i spent yesterday. well, this and making banana walnut muffins, which are my new best friend/worst enemy.

did you read the article in the new yorker from…i dunno…maybe a week or so ago, about the marshmallow test? these muffins have me thinking a lot about that test and deferred gratification and thus, my life in general. these muffins send me into a pit of delicious despair. these muffins are almost gone. i know i should save the last two for ian, but will i be able to resist? only time (by which i mean a few hours) will tell. wish me luck! perhaps if i act as though the fate of my future success rests upon my ability to resist the muffins, i could choose to have, oh, i don’t know…almonds? rice? orange juice? instead. we really need to go grocery shopping. though i think there are ingredients for chocolate chip cookies!

but i digress.

two new patch kimono sleeve tops are in the etsy shop, both in size medium.

more sewing will be done today! i’d like to go outside, but it’s threatening to rain anyway and um, apparently i’ve reached that stage in pregnancy in which one’s legs and ankles and feet become horrifying and puffy. the only shoes i can wear now are these funny metallic and floral cut out sandals that i bought last summer when i was working at oilily because it was raining and i didn’t want to get the shoes i had worn to work soaked. i secretly like them a lot, even though i’m aware that they’re a little bit awful. and now i’m really glad to have them because not even my bass flip flops fit. only 6 weeks left! omg.

May 21, 2009

yes, that’s totally the back of a romper.
and what’s more, it’s for sale in the shop, along with two new tops and two new pairs of patchwork undies.
more things tomorrow or saturday.

May 15, 2009

there are now eight new pairs of patchwork undies up on etsy! hooray!

sorry for being a bit of a grouch yesterday. grey day + being completely overwhelmed with too many thoughts = major overload. today i’m taking it easy. lunch and then a nap. and then some yoga dvd. mayyyybe.

May 5, 2009

i’m totally copying erin. here i am to out myself! a total copy cat. but hers was such a good idea and here i am with all of this scrap fabric and a bag of lavender and well, i’ve made some sachets. from now until i decide not to, a little scrappy lavender square will arrive with your dear birthday clothing order from etsy. i’ve already sent out two with undies orders and i must say it made me very happy to tuck a little sweet-smelling square into those packages. i’ve been somewhat lazy in my packaging, doing it the same way for years, with the same lovely gold deer stickers ian designed. it’s a nice look, but perhaps needs some freshening up? will work on that.

i’ve also put up a set of 3 sachets for sale on etsy for $15. sachets and cards will not win you an extra sachet though, sorry! just clothing orders for now. but there is no additional shipping for the sachets if you happen to toss them into an order, so that’s something! and naturally, if you order sachets with clothing, you’ll get an extra sachet. but! only one free sachet per order, even if you happen to order two pieces of clothing, ok? man! rules suck, huh? well i’m not made of lavender, people. that would be crazy.

in non-commercial news, i had lunch with tricia and poppy yesterday! that was fun. and hey, babies? babies are SO AWESOME. i can’t wait to meet ours. he’s been dancing with me today. music has been confusing to me lately in that i can never decide what to listen to. today i just turned on the shuffle and lo! behold! the zombies were where it was at. so we jammed to that. and then some camera obscura and now, who knows…the cd just ended. anyone have any music recommendations for the likes of me?

lately we’ve been listening to:
fleetwood mac’s tusk (because ian is on a serious roll with this album)
the new camera obscura
vashti bunyan
karen dalton and
neil young

all wonderful, of course, but we need something new.