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April 13, 2009

so. this happened this morning:

oh that? that’s a broken serger part. yes. my serger! dead!
the part can maybe be replaced, but in all honesty, i’ve been working this thing since 1997 and maybe it’s time for a new one. i’m getting a tax refund! maybe it was meant to be?

of course, until then, i can’t serge. no serging means no undies (i had to deactivate three pairs on etsy that i was *about* to sew) and no new patchwork tops or dresses for a little bit. boo.

ok, lunch is over and so too must be the pouting over broken machinery. more amelia tops, anyone? maybe i can add french seams to the skirts too…


March 23, 2009

oh guys.
i am so glad to have quit working for oilily when i did.
on one of my last days there, i noticed this little doll that had come in, that looks almost *exactly* like the work of rosa pomar, but as i was completely caught up in the quitting process, i forgot about it until today, when i received an email alert from another maker friend.

you can read all about it here.

this is what happens when small companies are sold to greedy suits with pipe dreams about global market domination, and when their new presidents and designers are more concerned with making things quickly and for a broader audience than with any real care or creativity. oilily used to be so much more amazing than it’s become in recent years. as a fan of their colorful prints and nutty children’s clothes, it makes me sad.

a commenter on the above-linked blog points out that rosa may have been inspired by oilily’s long-standing mascot bobbin bunny, but wheras (if that is true) rosa changed the creature around substantially enough to make it her own, oilily has “updated” bobbin to look *exactly* like one of rosa’s characters. and the fact that she’s used oilily fabrics in the past is completely irrelevant–she makes no claim that those prints are her own. who that sews *doesn’t* use someone else’s fabric designs? just because i’m using liberty of london prints for some of my garments doesn’t mean that they could come along and swipe one of my blouse designs for mass production.

February 10, 2009

maybe it’s preggers hormones or just the subtle shocks that accompany adjusting to a new place, but i’ve had a rough couple of days. it seems like every little thing is getting under my skin and minor irritations are making me so cranky and sad. apartment things (oven doesn’t work, front door is continually left propped open, management company doesn’t return phone calls) and new neighborhood quirks (the post office branch out here is a joke, there is no such thing as organic produce, i miss our old laundromat) and job-related frustrations are all conspiring to render me into a whining ninny.

all day at day job number one (soho retail) i couldn’t stop daydreaming about just walking out and never coming back. the story is long, convoluted and ultimately very boring. suffice it to say that i feel quite stepped on and it’s bad for my psyche to remain in the situation. but the alternatives seem to be grim/few and far between. i’d spent all day building myself up for the Great Quitting with thoughts of a new and improved dear birthday, complete with more affordable sweetness for all. but i got home and crashed and began feeding myself toxic thoughts of hopelessness.

and then i went to etsy and saw that some of my undies were on the homepage and i snapped out of it. well, partially. but thank you, etsy. i needed that something awful.

still don’t know what i’m going to do about that job that’s eating my soul. ian and i talked about it a bit and he says it’s totally up to me, which was kind, but it seems like a bad time to be taking a major risk. on one hand, i won’t be working for at least a few months once little bean sprout is born, so part of me says to tough it out. but. being there makes me so miserable and angry and sad. too many bad emotions and right now is supposed to be a happy time, right?

anyway, thanks blog! no matter how many times i voice these things to friends and family, putting it all down like this still seems to help me sort it out, even if just a little.

September 16, 2008

blue hands.
blue boogers.
blue everything.

are you guys scared about what’s to come? i’m trying not to be. sometimes it helps to have escapist fantasy tendencies. and sometimes it helps to have expensive (considering) dinners and beers in the face of imminent pennilessness. at least, it helps temporarily.

but back to the dyeing: i’m wondering if it’s taking things a bit too far given the circumstances (no studio, no washing machine, no helpers, no time) and thinking that perhaps i’m not paying myself enough for the amount of work i’m doing.

but back to the doomsday theme: last night my friend jon pointed to the new light we’re all seeing matt damon in as a good barometer for how effed everything is. i mean, i’ve never really cared much for him, but suddenly i think maybe we should be friends. what is this world coming to??

i’ll think of something happy to post later…