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April 3, 2009

it rained and thundered all morning and suddenly the sun is coming out and i can see bright green, brand new leaves shakin’ it on the tree outside and man! isn’t it crazy how a simple change in the weather can totally lift your spirits?

anyway, something else that has me sort of floating right now is the kindness you’ve all shown me lately. i tend to be a bit hard to motivate at times and your encouragement and support have been The Best incentive to really get going every morning. special thanks to anabela of field guided who wrote sweetly about dear birthday on her blog (and hello to her readers!) and to my amazing customers! seriously. i know i sound like a fluffy nutter, but i mean it. you guys are awesome.

so! before i chow down on an avocado and tempeh sammich + blueberry smoothie, i thought i’d say all that and also show off (ahem ahem) the dress i made for *myself* before coming to work at sodafine today. have to test these things out before i put them before you for sale, right? that and i was getting *really* tired of the same 4 dresses i’ve had in rotation all winter. so yes. that is that. i have lots of sewing to do this weekend, but if there is any spare time, i plan on having one or two of these in the shop monday. and if not monday, definitely by wednesday.

happy weekend buddies!

(oh yes, and we’re 26-almost-27 weeks now)


March 10, 2009

sunday marked 23 weeks. i am now round enough to be noticeably pregnant with my coat on (thus receiving more seat offers on the train) and the little guy has been kicking (and now punching!) with such force that if you look at just the right moment, you can see my belly move. it’s unreal. i am now also, officially, out of pants. ok, that’s not entirely true. there are a few pairs i can still get into and fasten using the elastic loop technique, but my shirts seem to be getting shorter, leaving that unzipped fly exposed–not a pretty picture.

and so today i am wearing my largest shorts. these are the shorts that in the summer i can pull on and off without unbuttoning. they are now held up with a trusty elastic hairband and luckily, i can still get the zipper up. all this to say that 1. bodies are crazy and 2. i’m so happy it’s almost spring/dress season.

speaking of dresses, i finished that orangey one!

and now some completely unrelated things:
*i received an awesome present in the mail from ian’s family–a book about the Lilberty company in the 50s and 60s! it’s beautiful. i will take some photos to share laters

*last saturday we had brunch with one of my oldest internet friends! ha! it was so rad to finally meet katherine (who has an awesome radio show in cleveland about FOOD) and to buy chocolate bars and walk to greenpoint on such a nice day.

*today i am determined to make the “solyanka*” (an internet search reveals that this dish is much different than that which is usually described as solyanka) recipe from the moosewood cookbook, as winter is drawing to a close and therefore there is little time left.

*however, i can’t go out in desperate search (the grocery stores in our neighborhood are atrocious, the closest of which we have nicknamed “the Ass”) for the simple ingredients until my book arrives! i ordered a book on patternmaking for children’s wear and it’s coming today!

ok, that’s enough randomness for one morning. good day to you!

*the recipe listed on that website is slightly different than the one in my version of moosewood, as it includes carrots (which i’m sure can’t hurt, but seems wrong somehow) and excludes sunflower seeds. also, i don’t recall there being that much (or even any?) garlic…

August 9, 2008

ah! it’s been a while. am still working on fall stuff VERY slowly. have been working other jobs a lot too, but am not forgetting dear birthday! thank you so much to all of the awesome ladies who have ordered from me in the past couple of weeks as those orders have been great motivators to keep working hard! i am nervous about fall things as they are something of a departure from the usual dear birthday parade of colors and print combinations, what with my (possibly temporary?) abandonment of liberty of london prints. but! i do believe ian and i are going to have a really great print once it’s completed and my stamping tests have been favorable. so! onward.

no photo today.
but there’s this thing.

also, this made me super happy the other day. (from cute overload) check out the major weasely slinking action around 0:57. holy. crumbbuckets.

uh. and this? HILARIOUS! ian and i watched the nature program this was excerpted from this evening and let me just give you a tiny bit of background info in case you aren’t completely blown away by what you see here: these crazy birds are dancing in what amounts to a giant acid puddle that nothing save for a bunch of sea monkeys can even step foot in. on top of a mountain. in a desert. in complete isolation. can you imagine somehow finding yourself in this otherwise barren and alien landscape only to happen upon the sight of these big pink dorks enjoying themselves so unabashedly and immensely? i think i would die laughing.

May 8, 2008

the etsy homepage has a collection of strangely familiar (in a proustian madeline sort of way) items that sent me back in time momentarily to my little dorky 15 year old self, obsessed with jean-pierre jeunet and idly rendering my high school into some future/past (and yes, steam-powered) patina green industrial facility instead of paying attention in class. oh. my. gosh. why didn’t little valerie know about steampunk??

i absolutely love that there is a crazy and very specific community for just about any bizarro aesthetic out there. even if i had known about steampunks, i can’t say i would have ever been able to commit myself so fully as to openly claim allegiance; i feel mega strong affiliations to too many conflicting groups (i’m a pisces, what do you expect?) to choose one that’s so specific, but what i wouldn’t have given to hang out with some of those dorks. and i do say that with all intended kindness.

steampunk! oh lord. that just made my day.

EDIT: apparently i missed the nyt article, which ian pointed me to. those dudes look so rad! the kids in the smaller photo, not so much.