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June 18, 2009

i am very happy to announce that dear birthday is taking part in lena corwin’s studio sale on saturday the 27th! please click over to lena’s blog for details and a full list of the other participants. i am hoping to be in tip top shape and not in labor that day (just a little longer, sproutling!) because it’s going to be amazing and i very much want to buy myself a little treat. oh but how to choose??


December 11, 2008


holy night! this has been a crazy busy week. i kind of can’t believe it’s thursday already. but! that is great news because it means that the Secret Santa Project Holiday SALE is just two days away! and i cannot WAIT for this sale. last year i attended as a shopper and picked up an amazing deadly squire platter at a great discount, as well as a disarmingly adorable (like, my heart skipped a beat when i saw it) finger puppet from astulabee *and* the best smelling bath salts from my pal tameka of therapy. as if that isn’t enough to have me counting down the days, this year dear birthday and valerian will be representing with our very own table of fine, giftable handmade treasures! we’ve never done an *inside* craft fair before, so this is a total luxury. ha!

i’m still working on some last minute items, but here’s a short list of the fun things to be acquired at our table (most for $20 and under!)
* brand new, never before seen patchwork liberty undies for $20
* hand printed valerian card packs (which we are calling “packs valerian”) at a sweet discount–5 for $15
* single valerian cards for $3 (regularly $5)
* ballet flat slippies for $20

and other, one of a kind stuff!

please see the event’s blog for a full list of this year’s participants
and click here for a map and directions to
secret project robot, 210 kent avenue, brooklyn

see you saturday!

November 30, 2008

hello and a belated happy thanksgiving!
i hope everyone had as lovely a time as we did. ian and i took the megabus down to maryland for a turkey feast with his parents and their friend eddie. after dinner we took the traditional walk through the woods–this time to a park that seemed to be mostly for the fun of horses. a muddy horse trail wound us around to a big open field with some jumps, which ian and the dogs had fun having their turns at. back at the house we ate huge slices of pies and cake, drank cider and worked on a peanuts christmas puzzle. exactly as a holiday should be.

now we are back in brooklyn and both working very hard on our respective and collaborative projects. ian has a show of paintings in dc in january that he is churning out new amazing work for. we’re both working on our new holiday card, but we’re already way behind schedule since we’re going to need to have screens made for it. yikes! well, the new year is a holiday. and hey, so is valentine’s day, right? sort of. oh! and i have a little craft fair coming up right here in brooklyn in two weeks!

if you’re around and need to do a little last minute shopping, please visit me (and lots of other amazing local artists) at the gift on grand’s secret santa project holiday sale! i’ll have a whole bunch of perfect little gifts for the ladies in your life (or the guys who fancy letter-writing!) most of which will be right around the gentle $20 mark. patchwork undies and little slipper flats and card packs.

ok! more tomorrow!

October 5, 2008

last night erin of sodafine, siri of treehouse and i showed our most recent creations together at williamsburg fashion weekend at secret project robot. it was intense and so awesome and i’m really thankful that they included me and also that the secret project people allowed us to use their space for the event–fun timez!

the lovely ladies you see above modelled dear birthday’s tidal detritus collection and walked out to the swimming song by loudon wainwright III and carried vintage quilts to a picnic place where they were later met by siri’s (bearing baskets of apples) and then erin’s (champagne-swilling) models. everyone did an amazing job and nobody fell! ian made two wooden platforms for them to cross over and rise briefly above the crowd. there were some concerned mumblings about potential trips, but everyone was seriously professional and totally worked it without so much as a stumble.


we’re all super pleased and *tired*

thank you so much bree, kathryn, mary, genevieve and langdon! your generousity and sweet spirits totally made what could have been a super stressful evening a breeze and a half. you are a gust of awesomeness!

thank you erin and siri for having me along! you’re the grad students to my freshman.

thank you especially to ian for making those lovely platforms that were far more well-constructed and beautiful than necessary for a one-night event, thank you for running errands with me and listening to me freak out and for staying up late while i sew and for cooking me so many dinners! i love you chicken.

thanks secret project robot! thanks arthur! thanks people who came to see us!

there are some very blurry photos on flickr: here.

September 24, 2008


good morning! dear birthday is hanging out with the big kids on october 4th–please join us!

For Immediate Release:

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Friday October 3rd and Saturday October 4th, 2008, 7:00 PM to 10 PM

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend continues to show the work of designers that have their fingers on the hip and now, with a nod to the past and wide-open eyes on the future. In this, our third season, we’ve assembled a group of eight Brooklyn-based designers who make one-of-a-kind or small-run collections, with an emphasis on fair-trade, eco-friendliness, and artisan techniques that celebrate the handmade and the visionary.

The Designers:

Dear Birthday – by Valerie Soles ( Using hand dyed and printed organic cotton, Dear Birthday’s “tidal detritus” collection derives inspiration from the Cape Cod seashore in autumn, including the cast-off outer shells of marine invertebrates and
remnants of egg casings with a nod to Edward Gorey who made the Cape his final resting place.

King Gurvy – by Arthur Arbit: This season, Arthur will be showing pieces from his “classic” mod/dandy/glam men’s and women’s lines, as well as pieces from his upcoming “uber-glam” line. Oozing with sexuality and exotica, he’s taking glam into the stratosphere and beyond with this one. The Trilateral Commission (Arbit’s band) builds the sound-track for the show.

Racecar – by Jeannette Tiso ( Jeannette’s menswear collection, Racecar, is a collection of handmade vests with touches of old western detailing and vintage fabrics. The vests are fitted and range from casual (denim, cotton, canvas) to cashmere wool and suiting. Jeannette dresses many Williamsburg bands and performers with the Racecar line and also provides alteration services for neighborhood guys that need their thrift store finds tampered with.

SDN – by Marcus Hicks ( Marcus will be showing pieces for men and women from his Fall ’08 and Spring ’09 collections. The collections, made from sustainable fabrics and without sweatshop labor, are a must have for the discriminating fashion crowd.

Sodafine boutique ( Sodafine will be presenting a
collection of dresses that bridge the gap between owner Erin Weckerle’s current painting practice and her clothing designs for the shop. Using the dress form as the canvas, and incorporating hand-
painted details and collaged fabrics drenched in paint and dripping from the surface to play with texture and dimension.

Treehouse Brooklyn boutique ( Treehouse’s house designer Sirius* brings a collision of her design fascinations to life
in this collection. Focusing on reworking and bejeweling vintage pieces and eco-friendly jerseys to create silhouettes that celebrate and caress fashion’s traditions while simultaneously dreaming of a
better, brighter, more blinged out future.

Trisha McBride – by Trisha McBride: Pieces from her middle-eastern inspired line.

Untitled 11:11 – by David Peck and Laurel Anderson (
Untitled 11:11’s women’s wear line is a beautifully tailored, sophisticated, quirky, and fun-filled line that adds to the modern fashion vernacular. David and Laurel are committed to adhering to
ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. They are passionate about manufacturing close to the source and using fair-trade, eco-friendly, and American products whenever possible.

Who — Oct.3rd:

SDN, King Gurvy, and Tricia Mcbride.

Musical performances by Pantagruel and DJ K0unt Zer0.

Who — Oct.4th:

Untitled 11:11, Racecar, Sodafine, Dear Birthday, and Treehouse

Musical performance by DJ K0unt Zer0.


Friday October 3rd and Saturday October 4th, 7:00 PM to 10 PM


Monster Island Building, Secret Project Robot
112 River St (at Metropolitan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211


L-Train to Bedford Ave. Exit at Bedford Ave. Walk south on Bedford Ave
to Metropolitan Ave. Take right onto Metropolitan Ave and walk towards
the water front. Walk past Kent Ave to River St. Take right onto River
St. Secret Project Robot is located on the corner of River St and
Metropolitan Ave. The entrance to Secret Project Robot is the arch
doors on the Loading Dock on River St.

Admission: Free

General Contact:

Press Contact: Members of the Press are encouraged to email an RSVP to
Arthur Arbit at

Special Recognition:
Big thanks to Rachel Nelson and Erik Z. of Monster Island / Secret
Project Robot for letting Williamsburg Fashion Weekend use their sweet

Monster Island Building
Secret Project Robot
112 River St (at Metropolitan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

April 18, 2008

just a little reminder to stop by and say hello and have some snacks tomorrow if you’re over williamsburg way! popomomo, sdn and dear birthday (moi!) will be hangin’ with erin at sodafine from 1-7. all of dear birthday’s spring items will be on sale and there will be a nice selection of brand new summer things as well. oh! and shirts for the men! guys are more than welcome! this is not just a girly tea party! oh no. there will be dear birthday shirts and sdn will have beautiful handmade organic cotton jeans (uh-mazing) for guys too.

in other news, i made a new pattern for a breezy summer tank last night. the finishing touches will go on today and i’ll try to make at least one more for tomorrow. no sneak peeks though–the camera needs to be charged!

ok, see you tomorrow!