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June 11, 2009

you guys. have you seen the new heather ross far far away collection? i first saw it on soulemama’s blog last night and after investigating the rest on purl’s site, i just about died. now, this morning i read hillary’s blog and suddenly i’m OBSESSING. like, i need some of this stuff. or, i don’t know what.

ian and i have talked quite a bit about what sort of prints and patterns we want to work on next and these come very close to our vision. not so close that i feel like we can’t proceed, of course. also, at the moment i can’t imagine when we’ll ever be able to get it together to collaborate on a drawing again. we haven’t even started our thank you cards or announcements, which we fully intend(ed?) to make ourselves. but i digress.

summary: fabric. i like it.


marquez votre calendrier!

April 14, 2008


lovely weather we’re having up here in north brooklyn–it’s incredibly hard to stay inside these days, what with all the sun and the chirping and the bike in the hall calling, “take me for a spin! you need practice!” i’ve found that early rising + coffee + sunshine = productivity overload.

this morning i finally got the first valerian drawing to the copy machine, made a gocco screen and printed up 50 cards. we’re hoping to have at least three designs available by june, which brings me to:

the dear birthday calender of events!

  • saturday april 19th: (this upcoming saturday) please come say hello at the trunk show/sidewalk sale! i’ll be at sodafine in williamsburg from 1-7, along with popomomo and sdn. spring items from dear birthday and my etsy shop will be on sale 25% off and i’ll have brand new summer items and a few of the above valerian cards with me as well. sodafine is located at 119 grand street, between berry and wythe. L to bedford or G to metropolitan. a saturday afternoon in williamsburg is just what you need–biking kids! happy dogs! coffee!
  • site update coming in early may with lots of new summer things. sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.
  • RENEGADE, DUDEZ!!! it’s totally coming in june! closer than we think. let’s make a date for a meet and greet, shall we? i’ll be in the pool june 14 + 15 from 11-7. more details soon.

April 7, 2008

o hai

so yeah whatever i changed my mind and put the new undies up on etsy today instead of tomorrow. eh! what can you do, i ask you? these things, they happen.
so i really love almost all liberty prints and all, but the people, they seem to favor those carousel horses and today! today i saw that my supplier had secretly posted a batch on ebay! however, she is a wise and shrewd woman of business and did not offer it up as a buy it now. oh no. and some darn fool has already started bidding (come on now, already??) so there’s no way i can get in on that action as, let’s be honest here, my dear friends, with the cost of liberty and my time, the markup on these here undies is teeny tiny–you’re getting a hugegreat deal and some time soon i may have to up the dollarz or cease the extravagance. anyway. i don’t know where i was going with that. oh right! well so i did purchase some classic prints from her so even more are on the way in the coming weeks. if you are so inclined. the carousel horse thing. man tho if that doesn’t make me itchy! must resist the bidding war…

huh. come to think of it, i’ve probably brought this on myself by typing about it so much. we are all in some ways the instruments of our own demise though, n’est ce pas?

April 7, 2008

in need of some new fabric for the sew-in labels and not finding anything even remotely close to what i was looking for in the garment district (not hatin’, just sayin’), i ordered some organic natural chambray online. it came today and i could not be more excited about a simple cotton fabric than if it actually spoke aloud to me the secrets of the universe. seriously, it is so so soft and nice, with tiny flecks and nubs. i just want to curl up and take a nap in it! but i won’t. i will however, definitely order more for the valerian project. hooray for organic cotton!

in other news, there will be a new batch of liberty print undies in the etsy shop tomorrow morning. this one has as purple background with flowers in white, red and yellow, evocative of festive tile patterns. tomorrow! *UPDATE!* i was restless and posted them today: new undies! available in s, m and l!

oh! i also changed the banner for the etsy shop. a little brighter this time. i am by no means what one might call a graphic designer, but it’s pretty fun to play around in photoshop every now and then, i must say.

didn’t make it to the brooklyn flea yesterday after all. but! there are more where that came from, right? i only hope the vendors i was excited to see will be there again. ah well.

March 25, 2008

i just uploaded a full size run of new undies to the etsy shop in the above print. have i mentioned already how much i like this print? it’s just so summery! while yes, once it is actually summer, i will be writhing in agony and wishing once again for fall, right at this very moment, i could use a little sunshine and sandals action.

in other undies news, i am hoping to have another print (in three color combinations!) in shop tomorrow, but there’s a tiny little problem. my usual supplier of liberty prints doesn’t often have many jersey options, so i took a chance and ordered from another. they arrived yesterday and while they’re really lovely and obviously of good quality, the fabric doesn’t feel quite the same as the other liberty jersey prints i’ve worked with. usually there’s an obvious hint of lycra and a certain stiffness (they soften with washing) but these new prints feel more cottony and have more of a drape to them. they’re really beautiful (as, ahem, they should be for the price) and i’m excited to work with them, but the slight difference is nagging at me, making me question their authenticity. i wrote to the seller and very (super extra) politely and apologetically asked him to verify that they are indeed liberty of london fabrics, but i’ve yet to hear back. if i don’t hear from him, i will go ahead and use them, but i won’t market them as liberty prints, since i feel i can’t be 100% certain. ugh. this does not happen to people who use their own prints! or people who can afford to buy vast quantities of liberty wholesale. well, i hope to do both some day soon.

EDIT: he wrote back! awesome. i absolutely love people like this seller. more new liberty print undies will be in the shop tomorrow!

Hi There
I dont mind you asking me about fabrics, you can be 2oo% certain they are genuine Liberty 100%cotton interlock jersey, Design no 03247153, I am reading this of Libertys invoice we deal direct with liberty and i personly collect the fabric from there warehouse,They tell me that this design is now finished for the time being.I understand why you are asking i see a lot of prints on ebay that call themselves Liberty and i know they are not. We do sell tana lawn and jerseys that are not liberty but we do not put the liberty name on them, Reguarding quality Liberty do many types of jerseys and different weights so giving a different handle. By the way i did spell Amerina incorect it should be Amberina,Thanks for your enquiry its nice to know you care,P S I will be putting on a nice cotton jersey white ground muti coloured but its not Liberty.If you want to know anything else i am at the end of your machine.

March 22, 2008

happy easter eve, buns and bunnies. what arrived on my doorstep today (well, ok, on the doorstep of the beauty salon where i retrieve the mail) was better than any basket i could have hoped for–the first batch from a recent liberty of london jersey buying spree! i love this print mostly for its color combination of pretty pastels and grey, which is totally unexpected and in contrast with the big tropical bouquets. i will definitely be setting aside a pair of undies in this print for myself…heh. is that too much information??

well anyhoo, the resulting undies will be up in the etsy shop on tuesday. i seem to have run out of elastic already and have to make a supply run on monday. but! it will be worth the wait, as with this batch i’ll be introducing size L! hooray! undies all around!

happy easter to those who celebrate, happy spring sunday to those who don’t!