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April 25, 2008

my bike, 1999
ian in virginia, 2001 (i think)
karie in amsterdam, 2000

this week has been nutso. at least in my head, which is a total jumble. tomorrow morning i’m photographing look book images for the next site update. hopefully i will be able to get the second dress finished by then, but it may have to wait. still adjusting to my new non-dear birthday work schedule. eeeeeeeeeee!!!


April 3, 2008

hovering pufflowerupside-down moon

more from the archives. april 2006. and november 2005.

and just so you don’t think i’m sitting around all day paging through old photos:

some things:

  • drinking (!!) coffee (!!!…!!!) again (1!!11!!!)
  • missing trees and buds and leaves. sure they’re coming to brooklyn, slowly. but i miss that one in my parents’ front yard. it paints on a really nice, puffy coat of pink in the spring
  • working on new patterns for summer dresses!
  • still in need of a bike helmet, but feeling less frantic and scared of riding
  • flickr has an application that allows you to search for the pages of people in your gmail address book! i have some very random people in my gmail address book. but i’m glad to have found their flickr pages!
  • working on building up a stockpile of pretty things for an upcoming sidewalk sale/trunk show (details soon) + summer site update + (hopefully?) the renegade craft fair.
  • thinking about + talking about + researching…about finding a nearby studio to share with ian, in which i will master the art and craft of screen printing and begin screening mine own prints (on organic cotton!) and ian will paint until he can’t paint no more. still in the super early planning stages, but i’m excited! ideally, we would find 11 other responsible/awesome artist friends to share one of the giant spaces i keep seeing on craigslist. but. the people we know seem all to be magically studio-appointed already. or you know, not at all in need of such a thing. but we’ll see!