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August 5, 2008

dear birthday will make no more promises regarding estimated times for site updates, for the universe seems determined to test us and we are in no mood for such trials. perhaps there will be an update later? perhaps not. we are crossing our fingers.

this morning geoffrey unloaded an enormous glob of stinky dog vomit onto his beloved “puff” (a sort of dog cot) and then proceeded to attempt to lie back down in it. there was much griping on my part, followed by much cleaning up and sadly, the puff was lost as it was much too disgusting to be saved. then the dog needed to be bathed. then i did. and finally it was time to finish the last of the tshirt sewing for today’s update! that went along just fine, but when it came time to photograph the shirts, the only working memory card for the slr was missing! no matter. i made do with the point and shoot. finally i sat down here at trusty ol’ lappy only to find that photoshop is apparently very cranky with me today and something about a scratch disk being full and something about defragging and possibly something about throwing the computer out the window…?

anyway. working on the problem. update sometime…soon! probably!


June 28, 2008

+this little green plaid amelia top will be in the shop tomorrow, along with at least two other items. we’ll see how ambitious i’m feeling after work today, but i would like to get another extra long tshirt or two sewn up, since they seemed to be somewhat popular this week (thanks friends!)

+dropped off 8 pairs of undies to kill devil hill yesterday. it’s nice to add another local shop to the list. it’s especially nice that they’re interested in the men’s shirts. more news on that front pending.

+placed our first wholesale organic fabric order yesterday! just one roll for now, but it’s exciting! and scary! still have not figured out exactly how this printing thing is going to work.

and on that note, do you think this place must have closed down or something? i found it online yesterday and was so so excited that #1 they’re in greenpoint and B. they print on yards of fabric. i wrote them a ridiculously enthusiastic email and it bounced back immediately. when i checked the spelling for a typo, poof! there was one (strangely, on their end, since i cut and pasted the address) so i fixed it and half an hour later, it bounced back. omgwtf??? i’m not sure why the universe is so against valerian designs being printed on fabric, but if this kind of thing persists i’m concerned i may develop a complex!

oh crimini. time to go to work. enjoy your saturday!


February 8, 2008

ok, universe, i get it. astrology is real. acknowledged. understood. now can you ease up a little?

let me just say that i do not want to believe in this hocus pocus, but am finding the cycle far too convincing to maintain a healthy skepticism. apparently mercury is in retrograde again. without even knowing this, i could have guessed as much; my computer, ol’ faithful, trusty lappy, is finally giving up the ghost.

last time around, my car died. totally died. just stopped running while i was driving it. the mechanic told me it wasn’t even worth repairing. and now my computer!

oh well. it was going on six years, which i hear is old for a laptop. so!
now i need to look into getting a new one. i suppose it might be time to give in and join the mac club. any thoughts on this? recommendations? i want a nice computer that won’t crash constantly, that will allow me to run several large programs at once and will make me tea and bake me bread every morning.

also, should i delay such a major purchase until march 10th, when supposedly, things return to “normal” or am i just totally off my rocker for putting any stock in this nonsense?