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May 19, 2009

ok, this is a horrible photo and i’m sorry to hurt your eyes and all, but look! i started painting the bedroom today!

i say started because i forgot to ask ian to move the dressers out this morning before work and though i gave it my all, i could not move them more than the few feet required to access the two walls i got coated this afternoon. i’m not weak! i just tend to be very clumsy when moving and lifting things, usually using my stomach as a resting place, etc. and you know, can’t really do that right now. so! walls three and four will need to wait until later this evening or tomorrow, as will the final coat and the edges.

so yeah, the color is yellow, huh? see, we were talking about going for this nice, mustard yellow but it turns out that while ian was thinking Dijon, i was thinking French’s (he will always be the more sophisticated of the pair) because when faced with the swatches at the hardware store, i just could not bring myself to order any of the darker yellows. no! not when there was Arizona Sun gleaming so happily back at me. so here we will sleep in a school bus yellow room. mythic paint ain’t cheap, folks. and mixed paint can’t be returned. but you know, the bedroom is the darkest room the the apartment (and the smallest, except for the bathroom) so with the door closed and the lights out, it will likely glow Dijon. right?

in other news, i had a checkup with the midwife today and as usual, all is very normal and good and uneventful. we’re at 33 weeks now and measuring exactly at 33 weeks, so all you looky loos who say i’m SO SMALL can stop worrying (me) because we are right on target. got that? feelin’ a little feisty today. must have been that early afternoon nap. anyway! folks, don’t tell a pregnant lady that she’s large or small, ok? just a little word to the wise. makes us nutty.

and now i think it’s time to get a little sewing in. i am aiming to have a few more patchwork undies and some new tops in the shop by friday. we’ll see. the days are flying by and there are too many things to do. guess that’s the same old story, huh?


May 3, 2009

good morning!
we’re totally still here, alive and well. no, we don’t have swine flu or SARS or whatever horribleness they’re scaring people with these days. this week was just a little on the busy side and also, i am starting to s l o w d o w n. bed time is not something i can look forward to anymore, as i wake up every hour or two and can only seem to handle the trying to sleep thing for six hour stretches. it’s not so bad, really, but apparently the lack of a good sleep makes me a little bit cranky and out of it? but things are good. 9 weeks to go! holy. something.

so yesterday, after waking up and baking lemon ricotta muffins for breakfast (hey, if you’re up at 7 on a saturday, there’s not much else to do), ian and i spent the entire morning-through-afternoon disassembling the large and looming built-out closet in our bedroom. well, mostly ian did. and i came along and helped clean up the plaster mess after. i’m super glad to have that thing gone–the room feels much bigger now (well, maybe not *much*) and my initial reaction to the closet (and its friend in the studio, which is also slated for demolition) as something gross and sinister was completely validated. i will not go into the gory details of just *how* awful this ghosts’ den was, but suffice it to say that i am more eager than ever to finish the job. the walls need patching and sanding and then painting. then we’ll put up some shelves and a rod to hang clothes from. and then! the studio. and then the living room, bathroom, etc. never mind a crib or nursery (sorry little man, you’ll have your own room some day), we just need to make this place feel more like Home.

on that note, has anyone out there used mythic paint? we were planning on using milk paint’s new safepaint for everything, but are starting to have major doubts about it. apparently if it’s not used on just the right substrate, it will pull the old paint up and everything will buckle and crack. not the look we’re going for here. so mythic sounds pretty good; no vocs and non-toxic and one of their ads said preggos can use it, which is ideal because feeling useful is becoming more important to me these days and painting is something i’m pretty sure i can still do. but i have a friend who used it and said it had a strong odor and made her dizzy? but maybe she’s nutty (hi k! love you!). has anyone else tried it?

ok, the sprout says it’s time for one of those leftover muffins. happy sunday!

May 7, 2008

taking a tiny little break from sewing (i’m down to three dedicated days a week…not enough!) to share some new apartment additions. next month will mark our one year anniversary here and our little nest is only just beginning to resemble an organized and comfy home-type space. oh! but don’t get me wrong! it’s been comfy and homey for us, surrounded by a cluttery mess of books and stacks and piles of the trappings of making and all. but it’s not really been conducive to hanging out or entertaining guests. for one, there’s really nowhere to sit. we have two kitchen chairs, a tiny ikea loveseat and one folding chair each at our respective “desks” which aren’t terribly comfortable and which are sort of cruel to seat guests in.

while the seating situation probably won’t be remedied soon, we are well on our way to finding permanent homes for the floor-dwelling book stacks and errant cds and records. ian designed and made the little bookshelf above, which sits/fits perfectly behind the tiny sofa. check out the tiny, slanted foots! i’m super impressed and have bombarded him with a ridiculous onslaught of furniture and cabinetry requests, which i will not actually hold him too, but which would be awesome! though, more paintings would be even awesomer. awesomer??

oh! and the plant life is multiplying! i bought a banana plant on sunday when ian’s parents came up (they brought the pretty red vintage table in the corner there) and his mum helped identify some mystery plants on our coffee table and gave me some tips on how to keep ferns from dying. she said all plant caretakers have an achilles heel and i think ferns must be mine. it seems so cruel and unfair that the plants i find the prettiest should be hardest for me to keep! i’m sure it’s not some sort of bad vibes thing though; me and ferns just need to have a heart to heart.

April 5, 2008

today! was! great!
so great, i almost forgot that it started off with a majorhugethorough apartment cleansing. almost.
but! now the dog is clean and smells like vanilla (it’s his signature scent, you see), the bathroom is immaculate, as is the kitchen, as are the floors, and the walls (!!!) AND it was the most spectacularly beautiful day that i have seen in ages. or at least, what feels like ages.

so naturally, around noon we got tired of baking soda, vinegar, sal suds and sponges and headed out for some tiny neighborhood adventures. first was the mccarren park green market. we were late, so there wasn’t much to speak of, but we did come away with some tiny herbs for the windowsill and some apple cider. then we met some friends for donuts and coffee (uh…three cups today, but who’s counting, right?) and then to word books before coming home to a tiny bit more cleaning.

but as i was finishing up the sweeping, it occurred to me that it’s spring and as such, it is time to buy plants. nevermind that A. we bought herbs earlier and B. there is no plant budget. no, nevermind that. for you see, not only did we come home from sprout with the above lovelies, we also came home with an awesome surprise. i was researching how to care for my new friends when i discovered that that big one in the corner, that which i thought was just some sort of giant philodendron (ok, well technically it is) is none other than Monstera deliciosa in its juvenile form!!! i only hope i can keep it alive long enough to see it shape those crazy leaves.

my dorking out is no doubt the result of far too much coffee, but i am seriously very excited about the prospect of caring for a future giant.

so yeah, it’s almost midnight and i’ve done no actual work today. and tomorrow is the brooklyn flea, so it’s doubtful i’ll get much done then either. but it’s the weekend, right? right. ok. bye!