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March 18, 2008

hey! so thank you to the ladies who bought up all the undies i made yesterday! that was pretty awesome and a completely new experience for me: make some things in the morning, photograph and upload in the afternoon, pack up the orders in the evening. nice. something tells me it won’t happen again for a while, but maybe! eh? wanna see? hehe.

well anyway, i just put four mini skirts in the etsy shop, three of which are fabulously soft Liberty of London Kingly cord (super lightweight, a springtime cord for sure) and one is the patchwork mini shown previously. did i show it here? i think i did…anyway, it’s there now.

in other news, i posted a half-hearted seamstress-for-hire ad on craigslist, which i find kind of hilarious. craigslist sort of creeps me out, but what else does one do? hey! i sew! maybe i should make a sandwich board and wear it around. maybe a megaphone mounted to my bike…?