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March 25, 2009

image by helayne seidman for the washington post

blake gopnik wrote a piece in today’s washington post about dc artists who move to new york and ian is one of them.

i particularly like that jayme of civilian calls greenpoint “mount pleasant north”. it definitely felt that way at times. i wonder how many other smaller city transplants refer to their new brooklyn neighborhoods that way. is there a little cleveland, for instance?


January 7, 2009

hello! my dearest ian has a show of new paintings opening this saturday evening at g fine art in lovely dc, land of my birth. the show is entitled “this is our music” and lo! it is his best work to date. if you are in the area this saturday the 10th, please stop by between 6:30 and 8:30 pm.

g fine art
1515 14th street, nw

(and thank you for your sympathies regarding my lost and gone forever bicycle. it is quite in the past now. onward!)

July 31, 2008

we’re nearing the end of our second week on a wheat-free diet and beginning to believe that wheat was/is not the problem. ian has some allergy issues and so we’ve been trying out various elimination diets to see if maybe it’s food related. so far, not milk, probably not wheat. i read some possible-quack stuff last night about all allergies stemming from improper digestive function/food allergies, but i dunno. i think it’s mostly bunk. this is not to say that i don’t believe in food allergies because i have some friends with real and serious ones. but in this case, i think maybe our little furry friend (who’s been shedding like he’s got fur to spare lately) might be to blame.

regardless of whether or not the wheat-free experiment was a success, i have to say that such self-imposed limitations are an exciting challenge when it comes to cooking dinner. i wouldn’t necessarily make sorrel pesto again (not horrible, but could have benefited from some parmesan, which we were out of) but the frittata (ian’s creation) was amazing, and i don’t usually like eggs! and thinking so hard about what to make for dinner seems invariably to result in eating super healthfully.

other than excluding dairy and wheat, i’m not sure what else we could try. maybe a month without corn? ha! that would be a challenge for sure. or you know, we could have the dog shorn?

happy purchase things to prove your love day!

February 14, 2008

i’m such a scrooge, i know! but hey, i love love as much as the next lady, so here’s my valentine to you–my boys, doing their respective things. geoffrey, turning tail at the sound of bert jansch, then wagging into the dark; ian, writing emails and listening to tootle-y music. hooray!