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roll call

September 19, 2008

it’s time to take attendance!

i’ve never really asked about the readership of this here blog and occasionally i am pleasantly surprised by an unexpected new commenter or two, so i would like to know a little more about you. that and i have noticed that i tend to lose bloglines subscribers (of which there are not many) when i write more personal/pointless posts and i’m a little curious about that. so!

if you would be so kind as to answer any and/or all of the following questions, i would be greatly appreciative and entertained:

1. who are you? (name, astrological sign, favorite color, occupation, greatest passion? all acceptable)

2. how did you find this blog?

3. do you prefer maker-type entries (process and progress) or are you a fan of the blathering?

4. do you have a blog i should be reading?

5. what’s your favorite season?

6. are you hopeful or frightened or both?

7. anything else you might want to share?

thanks chickens and roosters!