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June 22, 2009

yesterday was make music new york! day and in spite of the crappycrumbtastichorrible weather and the fact that once again, the L train was not running out in our neck of the woods, i was determined to make it over to sodafine to check out erin’s lineup. i’m glad we made it because the weather kept temporarily clearing and we were able to catch two and a half of the bands, which the sprout either really loved or really hated, because he was dancing up a storm to some major feedback. we also got to chat with nicole of astulabee and see some pals we haven’t seen in months, though they live just a few stops away. every time i think about moving away from new york (and this is often) i worry that i’ll feel so lonely and isolated, since most of my friends live here now. then i remember that i rarely see them anyway because this is new york and everyone is busy!

well, while we were in williamsburg, i dropped off the two patch kimono sleeve ts and the last quilty t with the lovely miss erin, so if you were wondering about them, you will just have to waddle (oh, i’m sorry, i’m the only waddler here) on over to sodafine to take a gander.

in baby news: two weeks left! though a certain buddy’s mama is placing bets on the 7th, so two weeks, give or take a few days. hopefully! we’re readier than ever, so i’m going to try very hard to stop telling him to keep cooking. don’t want to make him think it’s not ok to greet us when he’s ready. we’re ready, little man! though we probably won’t use it for a little while, we now have a fancy yellow stroller, courtesy of grandma and grandpa soles (woah, that’s weird to say/type) and yesterday we ordered a bouncy seat from mini jake, using the gift certificate the greenpoint girls so kindly gave us. we’re ready! that’s all you need, right? oh yes, and lots of love floating around. we’re more than ready to do some major fawning. and he’ll be born with a name tag, right? that’s what we’re hoping for, at least.


January 18, 2009

this morning i had that beautiful (and as yet, unreleased) joanna newsom song, sweet esme (eseme, esame?) in my head and in the shower tried to remember the words. in case you weren’t aware, the shower is the best place for song-retrieval. but i couldn’t remember them all and so i watched a recording on youtube and then thought
hm, this happened quite a long time ago. when will there be a new album?
so i went to investigate. i found nothing. except that apparently today is her birthday! so happy birthday to joanna newsom.

and now i think ian and i are going to play hooky from our packing duties and go to the met.

September 2, 2008

i was going to spend a long time this morning making you a lovely muxtape for fall, but apparently the mux is down and i missed out.



here’s all you really need to know, you can look ’em up yourself if you’re interested:
david’s prayer, nick garrie hamilton
double feature, camera obscura

i should be sewing anyway on my day off, huh?