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March 19, 2008

ian has given up dairy! temporarily! it is a test to see whether or not he feels better. less snuffly. more Alert! Awake! Alive!
since i’ve been a homebody, working from casa del solewhitmore (ahem…ha?) i’ve felt the need to make nice dinnerz for the boy, seeing as he has to, you know, work. however, my dairy-free repertoire is, come to find out, surprisingly limited!
a man cannot subsist on salad alone.
and so, this week i found myself making an unnerving amount of curried this and thats. don’t get me wrong! curry is important. vital, even. but curry every night? a bit too much.
so kathryn suggested i make some chili tonight, given that it’s all rainy and miserable outside, and i thought this an inspired choice. but! what to serve with it? no salad. no cornbread…(doesn’t it need milk?…butter?) the next logical pairing is, of course, scallion pancakes. and so it was.