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April 1, 2008


major bummer. i just got my sad little rejection letter from the bust spring fling. honestly, i wouldn’t have expected to be included at all (i think they were only accepting 50 vendors?) except that i live *right around the corner* from the warsaw and it would have been super convenient and fun…but WHATEVER bust magazine. WHATever. just kidding! love you!

i’m requesting to be waitlisted, so who knows! maybe somebunny will bow out and i can tote my stuff on over at the last minute? s’ok because i had a nice interview for a little part time job this morning and i’ve had coffee AND i rode my bike and did not die and i shipped out an order…i can take it! go ahead! reject me! sticks and stones, y’all. sticks and stones.

hehe. ok! time for lunch. no really. i’ll be fine….sniff