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February 8, 2009

and we’re back!
the internet exists at home.

i picked up the dresses yesterday and now there is one size medium and one size large of the kathryn dress on sale for $98 (was $248 ) in the etsy shop. the quilted vest is also on sale for $50. hooray!

now, on my way to work. things are still hectic over here, but hopefully by the time i get home ian will have made some progress in the studio and i can start catching up on some things for friends tomorrow before my doctor’s appointment. i am estimating that things will be completely set up in their first, non-permanent (we have plans to paint and install many shelves) order by the end of the week. which means! i will be able to get back to sewing *new* things soon.

i have to say that having limited access to the onlinez hasn’t been all bad. i’ve been re-reading the harry potters in anticipation of the movie that i won’t be able to see this summer. ahem. but! not having access to my making supplies has been very frustrating indeed.

*edit: incidentally, wordpress seems to think that “was $248” written in parentheses is (was $248) haha! that sneaky sunglasses man! horrible.


November 1, 2008

there is a one week only sale on old summer stuff in the shop right now. it’s one week only because i really don’t like seeing summer stuff at the top of my etsy shop. i mean, as nice as the things are, they don’t belong there now. it’s fall! it’s time to buy fall things! ahhh, but not in australia! or bolivia! there it is becoming quite warm. or so i am told. having never been to either place myself, i do have some doubts regarding this whole opposite season thing. but! whatever! you crazy southerners can wear summer clothes in winter if you’d like! heck, i’ll even help out. the sale items are priced crazy-style. like, the fabric alone cost more than i’m charging. that’s right. i’m crazy eddie. what can i do to put *you* in a pair of dear birthday shorts today??

oh, i just realized there’s one more thing to add. an organic cotton slip/nightgown with plaid trim. that will be up after dinner. first things first!

September 6, 2008

aahhhhh! a new day! and it’s not raining! yet.
that’s nice.
you know what else is nice?
sales. sales are nice.

it’s time to move out those old liberty prints, my friends. need to make room for fall things, you see.
the t shirts are all on sale. all 8 of them.

time is pressing my skull and sitting on my chest. how do you deal with being crushed by time? any remedies?

July 31, 2008

sale on etsy, if you please. old sale items further reduced. please take home some summer things and help motivate me to sew fall faster!

July 19, 2008

it’s beginning to feel a lot like late summer; too hot, too humid, too cranky, too wishing-for-fall-already!
what better time, i ask you (dear friends) than to put some items on sale?

off to work! hope you’re all enjoying your saturday.


April 21, 2008

hello! could it be sale time already? it could. it is!
i’ve marked down the liberty baby cord skirts in the etsy shop, 50% and have dropped off a few other spring items at sodafine, including circle skirt sun dresses, which are also on sale, as is the spruce moose jacket!

it’s time to make room for summer items, which will appear in the etsy shop early next month. i’ve sent the kat dress over to sodafine as well (not on sale, it’s new!) so if you’re interested, head over and check it out! it’s so cute, i definitely need to make one of those for myself.

i’m hoping to do a little photo shoot this weekend in order to create a little “look book” online to show off the summer collection. i’ll be changing up the online structure a bit this time: will serve as a look book/info site and all sales will be handled through etsy or in brick and mortar boutiques. i’ve been feeling lately that the online presence is sort of disorganized, so hopefully this will serve to streamline it a bit. additionally, the look book will be a handy reference for fit, since i’m not able to photograph every item on a model. this way at least every *style* can be viewed on an actual person, it will just be colors/patterns/sizes that will vary. that makes sense, right? right! well, it’s a start.

how was your weekend? it was so amazingly beautiful here in new york. the kind of weather one dreams about all winter long. today’s pretty nice too. i sat in the park and shared a sandwich with erin, talkin’ shop and dodging errant baseballs. it was great! but a little on the chilly side.

ok, back to work!
let me know if you have opinions re: the proposed new structure. i really love to hear thoughts about such things. do you guys dig etsy? is that better/easier than the independent site? do you prefer to see things in person so that you can try them on?