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November 25, 2008

good afternoon!

i have lots of exciting and fun things to blog about that are just going to have to stay in the vault at the moment, as i’m rushing around to tie up some loose ends and get a few more things done before we go away for thansksgiving dinner with ian’s family (hooray!), but there is one thing on my mind that needs to be blogged before i can go happily on my way to gorge myself on treats.

there’s no need to remind my dear readers that times are tough, as i’m sure we’re all feeling the pinch in our own unique ways, but something i hadn’t considered before was the impact of the current economic situation on those who were already living on the very edge. i just read two different accounts on local blogs about the crisis situation at various brooklyn foodbanks and they were heartbreaking. one account described a worker weeping over having to turn a mother and her hungry children away because there was literally nothing on the shelves.

dear birthday has made a small donation to the greenpoint reformed church to help them continue their amazing efforts in my neighborhood and i hope that you will each do the same in your own communities. if you aren’t familiar with the food banks or outreach organizations in your area, feeding america allows you to search by zip code. every tiny bit helps and the more people you get involved with you, the more tiny bits, right?

i am thankful for all of you and your big hearts!
there is a blue and grey cloud with a pink lining outside my window!
we’ll be back on friday evening with photos from our trip and more news.
happy thanksgiving!


“in the unlikely story that is america, there has never been anything false about hope”

October 29, 2008

i’m not going to be as polite as some of my favorite bloggers have been lately. i’m not going to simply state that i hope you will vote, without expressing my true hopes and intentions. because i do care who you vote for next tuesday. i hope that you will vote for barack obama.

there has been some really awful news regarding the behavior of mcpalin supporters at their rallies and i’ve been thinking a lot lately about fear and hate. it’s messy business. i refuse to be fearful about the outcome of this election or about anything that may happen after tuesday. if we’re bound by fear, we’re open to hate. i know i sound like a loony new age nutjob, but i really believe that is true. tomorrow begins another new day to live with a hopeful, open heart. another day to love the enemy. another day for the care bear stare, right bree?

i’m not throwing stones at you, mcpalin supporters. i just think you’re misguided and frightened. you don’t have to be. it’s ok. barack obama is a great man with great ideas and plans and he is going to bring us back together. take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen. just listen.

October 13, 2008

why do i get my undies in a bunch over people getting their panties in a wad??
i’m such a sucker.


the amount of internet controversy surrounding this tote bag (which mislabels, among other things, a local russian orthodox church as “the mosque”) is mind boggling.

i’m not even going to link to the blogs it’s mentioned on because i DO NOT WANT some of those crazed commenters coming over here. jiminy christmas.
but seriously, is this how religious wars are started?
so two guys mislabeled a russian orthodox church as a mosque. who knows if they did it intentionally or unintentionally, and who cares? really. REALLY.

does this tote bag change anything for the church? is its influence really that far-reaching? and what exactly is its influence? it clearly says far more about the makers of the bag than it does about russian orthodox christians, muslims or the history of devotional architecture.

the economy is downright frightening.
friends and family members are losing jobs and benefits.
there’s an angry neckless madman running for president with a random illiterate lady from alaska who likes to shoot wolves from helicopters.

and this is what we’re freaking out about?

let’s get together and make elaborate potato dinners, let’s listen to records, let’s go for long walks and take in the pretty fall scenery! let’s think about what we’re going to be for halloween and drink hot apple cider and carve pumpkins! let’s dream of how much better our lives will be when barack obama is president (it will happen!) and what the fact of that means for our beautiful country and its people. let’s be good and hopeful and loving! let’s let mildly offensive tote bags be–we don’t have time to argue! we’re too busy building a wonderful life!

the talk

October 9, 2008

i just sent my brother nick an email today urging him to make sure to vote on november 4th (FOR OBAMA) and requesting that he forward my nagging, urgent and insistent message to our younger brother brendan (who will be voting for the first time WOO!) and now! just now! i have received an email from the campaign urging me to urge my family members. ha! one step ahead of you!
and now, dear readership, it is your turn.
tell your lovely families! your dear friends!
we can do it!