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November 2, 2008

the nyc marathon runs right by our block today! we have a couple of friends (a friend couple, actually) who are running it and we’ve been given their fly-by times. the cameras are charged and i’m psyched! we’ve got about 2 hours before they’re set to be by, but i can hear shouting and woooooooooos from the corner and i can barely stand to sit around the apartment! i’m worried that we’ll accidentally miss them…but it’s crazy to stand out in the cold for two hours, right? hm…
what an exciting weekend. a marathon! an election! MORE COFFEEEE!

seriously, the cheering is too much to bear! must. join. excitement!


October 1, 2008

happy october pals ‘n’ friends!

i just wanted to take a brief time out from this last minute fashion show insanity to let you know that yesterday was the last day of the fund-raising aspect of the dear birthday for obama campaign but thanks to those awesome customers who purchased during that brief time, we were able to contribute $225 today! hooray!

thanks so much guys. that felt pretty great.

more news and hopefully a preview photo or two tomorrow. today was spent at the one-day-a-week Other Job and so i’m feeling incredibly behind and a little overwhelmed and will be up late with last minute thingsandstuff. if i owe you correspondence, please bear with me. it’s coming! after dinner. all will be well after dinner…

June 13, 2008

today today today is last last minute minutiae from tagging/labeling, making an inventory sheet and running various errands for rope and kraft paper to uh…printing the third valerian card. why must i be a last minute kind of lady?? ah well, it will all be done in time for tomorrow AND i’m so excited about the fair! i’ve had so much amazing help from ian and my friend erin of sodafine, who both worked on the burlap sign, which can be glimpsed above so i was already riding high on a friendly wave of awesomeness when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a super sweet mention on the refinery 29 blog (not racked, as i previously, mistakenly posted!) nice.

so yes, i’m totally too rattled to be blogging at the moment and it’s time to make a few last dashes through the neighborhood before my amazingly awesome karie friend arrives, but! i hope to see your lovely faces at the fair tomorrow and/or sunday! from the vendor list and all i’ve read on blogs and whatnot, i know i’m going to have to be constantly entertained in my own booth to prevent my wandering about gawking at all of the awesomeness all day! so, see you!

June 9, 2008

doot doot doot dooooooooo!

hullo! ohmygoshrenegadeisNEXTWEEKEND!!! but i’m not flipping out. no way, man. not me. cool as cucumber salad. yesterday ian and i had a lovely greenpoint outing in which we delivered posters and flyers to a few fine establishments and i was in complete awe over the not just kind or polite, but enthusiastic (!!!) responses of shop owners and workers. nobody refused flyers and everyone sounded psyched about the fair. woo! it’s going to be fun timez for sure. i just hope it isn’t *quite* as hot as it was/is/has been.

yes, it’s scary hot here in nyc. i kind of love it, but it does make me worry for geoffrey. on our evening walk last night we went over to the art supply store and he was so desperate for water he was just licking everything in sight. happily for geoffers the staff at a&c is always super nice and they brought him out a bowl of water. he won’t drink from a bottle (i think it freaks him out) so long summer walks are a little stressful. last summer i would sometimes carry around blueberries, which seemed to work pretty well…

ok well i had lots to type about but the heat has denatured some of my brainal proteins and i’ve forgotten and must get ready for work (one more day and the rest of the week is mine all mine! or rather, dear birthday’s) but! here are a few new nice things worth noting:

+fleet foxes (b’lieve the hype + i am in love. truly.)

+kill devil hill (really well-curated single-aesthetic shop in greenpoint)

+did i mention the renegade craft fair? no? silly me. well, it’s next weekend!

marquez votre calendrier!

April 14, 2008


lovely weather we’re having up here in north brooklyn–it’s incredibly hard to stay inside these days, what with all the sun and the chirping and the bike in the hall calling, “take me for a spin! you need practice!” i’ve found that early rising + coffee + sunshine = productivity overload.

this morning i finally got the first valerian drawing to the copy machine, made a gocco screen and printed up 50 cards. we’re hoping to have at least three designs available by june, which brings me to:

the dear birthday calender of events!

  • saturday april 19th: (this upcoming saturday) please come say hello at the trunk show/sidewalk sale! i’ll be at sodafine in williamsburg from 1-7, along with popomomo and sdn. spring items from dear birthday and my etsy shop will be on sale 25% off and i’ll have brand new summer items and a few of the above valerian cards with me as well. sodafine is located at 119 grand street, between berry and wythe. L to bedford or G to metropolitan. a saturday afternoon in williamsburg is just what you need–biking kids! happy dogs! coffee!
  • site update coming in early may with lots of new summer things. sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.
  • RENEGADE, DUDEZ!!! it’s totally coming in june! closer than we think. let’s make a date for a meet and greet, shall we? i’ll be in the pool june 14 + 15 from 11-7. more details soon.

horn toots

September 28, 2007

today’s washington post includes a favorable review of ian’s show “honi soit qui mal y pense” by jessica dawson.

elsewhere, my tote-painting session at the hirshhorn is advertised.

it’s quiet around these parts, yes. but still you see that we are indeed busy bees!

in more domestic news, a trip last night was made to home depot. paint was purchased; a kitchen renovation begins saturday. right after a curtain fabric purchasing trip. that’s right; we’ve been here four months and still have no curtains. i told you we’ve been busy!

honi soit qui mal y pense

September 14, 2007

a tiny glimpse of a painting from ian’s new show honi soit qui mal y pense, which opens with a reception tomorrow (saturday 15 september) at g fine art, 1515 14th st nw, wdc, 6:30-8:30 pm. please come if you can! we’ll be back in dc late tonight through sunday and would very much like to see dc people!