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June 13, 2008

today today today is last last minute minutiae from tagging/labeling, making an inventory sheet and running various errands for rope and kraft paper to uh…printing the third valerian card. why must i be a last minute kind of lady?? ah well, it will all be done in time for tomorrow AND i’m so excited about the fair! i’ve had so much amazing help from ian and my friend erin of sodafine, who both worked on the burlap sign, which can be glimpsed above so i was already riding high on a friendly wave of awesomeness when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a super sweet mention on the refinery 29 blog (not racked, as i previously, mistakenly posted!) nice.

so yes, i’m totally too rattled to be blogging at the moment and it’s time to make a few last dashes through the neighborhood before my amazingly awesome karie friend arrives, but! i hope to see your lovely faces at the fair tomorrow and/or sunday! from the vendor list and all i’ve read on blogs and whatnot, i know i’m going to have to be constantly entertained in my own booth to prevent my wandering about gawking at all of the awesomeness all day! so, see you!


April 18, 2008

just a little reminder to stop by and say hello and have some snacks tomorrow if you’re over williamsburg way! popomomo, sdn and dear birthday (moi!) will be hangin’ with erin at sodafine from 1-7. all of dear birthday’s spring items will be on sale and there will be a nice selection of brand new summer things as well. oh! and shirts for the men! guys are more than welcome! this is not just a girly tea party! oh no. there will be dear birthday shirts and sdn will have beautiful handmade organic cotton jeans (uh-mazing) for guys too.

in other news, i made a new pattern for a breezy summer tank last night. the finishing touches will go on today and i’ll try to make at least one more for tomorrow. no sneak peeks though–the camera needs to be charged!

ok, see you tomorrow!

April 9, 2008

sneak peek of summer dress #1: the kat! named for my friend kathryn and based on a dress i made for her a little while ago. this style will be in the etsy shop in may, but if you’re in brooklyn, you can check it out beforehand here:

more on this later, but save the date! it’s going to be fun times and a half!