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sailing lovelier seas

July 24, 2010

hello friends!
i was going to wait until i had a few posts to peruse before unveiling the new blog, but i ended up dishing it to my mama group, so as long as it’s not a secret any longer, let’s have at it.
the blogging will resume over at lovelier seas.
sewn things are in the works, slowly slowly and i will have a small batch of things for early fall. hopefully the real website will be up and running then, but if not, i’ll let you know via the new blog of the etsy info.
ok! bye bye, dear birthday!
love love love
lovelier seas
valerie soles


June 6, 2010

hello friends,

some of you may have noticed that the liberty print undies are back in the etsy shop. just a few pairs left and then, that is almost certainly all there will ever be. i’m offering free shipping within the united states on them until they are all gone. and then?

well, then i’m going to be changing things up quite a bit. dear birthday was so much fun and though i miss sewing and making dearly, i’ve decided that when i relaunch, i would prefer starting all over again, from scratch.

i’ve planted a new blog and website seed under another name and when everything is all nested in and settled, i’ll announce that here and perhaps send out a message to our lovely email list. big changes are underway, but i think…i hope…that you will perhaps enjoy what’s to come as much and maybe more than my previous work.

much love,

December 21, 2009

happy solstice! the bunny and ian and i will be heading south for christmas in a few days. i expect tumult, turmoil and tremendous amounts of good cheer. from the adults. alden doesn’t take well to change, but we’re hoping a few days won’t get him too down. especially since he has turned into mister smiles when he’s with us at home. and his giggle is just the most charming thing ever.

i hope to be back on a very very small scale soon after the new year, but one of my resolutions is to relax and not be too hard on myself, so maybe yes and maybe no. either way, eh?

merry winter festivities, friends!

June 8, 2009

an elephant shrew nightlight from happy owl glassworks was my biggest purchase from the renegade craft fair. i must say, i’m quite pleased with it. a few other nice little things were purchased, but i’m currently lying in bed on my side, with my comically swollen hobbit foots propped up and i’m typing with one hand. so that’s my report. if anyone has a secret for relieving pregnancy-related edema, please do share! it’s very unnerving and my “fat shoes” are even becoming a bit snug. sigh. just four more weeks!

May 22, 2009

this photo has nothing to do with this post.
it’s just last night’s piles of things dinner, which you can read about (if you really want to) by clicking over to flickr.
this post! this post is about julia!!!
julia is one of my awesome internet buddies (who i met fer realz last summer at renegade and who, might i add, was the first to rock the romper) who just happens to make some amazingly beautiful bags under the name rennes-le-chateau and WHO, *might* i add, is the featured seller on etsy today!

a while back i purchased one of her woven leather ipod cases for ian and he happily uses it every day. it is a beautiful thing. and some day? some day i am going to own one of her gorgeous bags. i am in no way a bag person, having been known in the past to carry the same ratty tote around until friends told me i could not any more, but julia’s bags (along with wendy’s, whose porter is currently enduring much of my obsessive carrying love like a champ) help me understand that bag lust that captures so many. i mean, look at this bag! and naturally, in the time it took for me to link to it, it has sold. see?

ok, enough gushing. i was just so excited to see julia on the etsy homepage and uh, to scroll down and see that she linked here?? what? the sweetest. i just had to share the love.

and NOW i should be working. can you believe it’s almost 2 and i am just finished dressing? this time yesterday i was Queen of Productivity! there will be new things in the shop tomorrow, i promise. at least two things: 2 medium sized patchwork kimono sleeve tops are in the works. ok? ok. happy friday!

April 16, 2009

just a tiny little note to say that we are headed down south to visit parents this weekend, so any etsy orders placed after midnight tonight will be processed when we return next tuesday evening.

have a great weekend, buddies!

April 10, 2009

good morning!
so there won’t be any new things in the shop until next week. i thought for sure i’d make some stuff to be posted yesterday and today, but i think i sort of burned myself out and ohhhh yeah, taxes? still need to attend to that.

so really there’s nothing to report *except* this trunk show that is taking place at sodafine:
nami of zeto is coming by the shop this evening and will have a nice selection of her beautiful new spring line available for preview from 6-9. she’ll also be in the shop all day tomorrow, 12-7. nami is a total sweetheart and zeto kind of blows my mind–last i checked, she was still sewing everything herself! not so mind-blowing maybe, until you realize the sheer quantity of garments she produces. kind of awesome.

in other news, i believe there is a rat in our kitchen ceiling. the chewing sounds are going to make me lose my mind. and if he gets in, i don’t know what i will do. can i live in a concrete and glass cube now, please? thanks.

April 8, 2009

oh! hi again!
i had this idea in the shower (where all great ideas are born) that maybe it would be a good idea to bring back the compound dress. hello friends to the south! australia, i’m looking at you! so it’s back for custom order (still one size fits most) but this time, i’m offering free shipping to anywhere in the world on this lovely little dress. hooray!
also, just so you know, it makes a great maternity dress.
and i happen to be wearing it right now!
ok, last post of the day!
have a good one!

April 8, 2009

the horses print (liberty’s “Naz”) is now available in cream with pink and yellow ponies and unicorns!*
small medium large

and now i must get ready for that dreaded garment district visit. i wish wish wish there was a place that sells organic fabrics. lots of them! not just one or two token bolts. the soft, lightweight chambray i’ve been using has been discontinued (or is just always sold out?) online and i just ordered the last bits of it–two half yard pieces to use for labels. so i need something for more kimono patch tops. there’s enough left for one or two more and if i am not completely drained by manhattan i will make some mediums this afternoon and evening for posting tomorrow. but no promises!

*tillandsia not included

March 16, 2009

don’t get too excited–i didn’t make this dress.
but i did put it up for auction on ebay!
along with 6 other items.
i’d post a link to my ebay page, but it’s not updated yet. the internet seems to be broken. or, ebay at least. however, you can visit the listings through auctiva if you please.

spent the day sewing! but nothing to share on that front just yet. soon i hope! i will definitely have a small batch of liberty print undies soon. some patchwork, some not. i found some larger pieces of fabric in the stash. yes! also, i ordered a bit more even though i said a while back that dear birthday was going all organic from now on. guess what, i take it back. it’s too expensive and labor-intensive for little me at the moment. i’ll leave saving the world through organic cotton to the big guys for now.