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March 17, 2009

valerian cards, now in packs!


December 24, 2008

merry christmas eve! ian and i have finally finished this year’s card and now all we have to do is write and mail them. apologies to friends and family who have been expecting one and not receiving! they’re on their way. or at least, they will be once we get back from our trip south.

our gift from my mom was a break from the usual bus routine in the way of a couple of train tickets to baltimore. we leave later this afternoon and i can’t wait! hopefully this evening will involve seeing ian’s sister, who has been housebound for too long thanks to that famous portland snowfall. get on that plane, josie! then tomorrow we’ll drive down to VA to see my family and eat some christmas-y foods, before driving back up to past-baltimore for a whitmore-style celebration. yes! then we’ll be headed back to brooklyn on saturday. a much too-short trip, but i’m looking forward to it all the same. we’ll see geoffrey again! good old geoffers.

so i guess i’m a slacker and have yet to wrap any presents or pack. instead i’m sitting around eating veggie sausage patties and blogging. hm. better get to that list.

i hope you are all warm and snug and happy as can be.
we’ll see you next year!

November 8, 2008

woah! hey!
long time no blogging, huh?
well, this week was super exciting and hectic for everyone, i’m sure. and now it’s saturday!
lovely, rainy saturday.

ian and i are choosing the next batch of colors for some valerian card reprints (and new design ideas!) and drinking ginger tea. ah. so! photos and more excitement later, i guess.
hope your weekend is warm and toasty!

October 27, 2008

while we aren’t printing up any more of these, there were a few leftovers from last year’s christmas card hanging about, so those are now available in the etsy shop, for interested parties.

October 21, 2008

a new valerian card is in the shop!
this is the design we were thinking of printing on shirts, but decided it would look best as a card. i’m not really a huge fan of the printed tshirt, unless it’s an all-over print, you know?

anyway! these are hot off the gocco! and i’m gonna be late for a store meeting! see you!

October 14, 2008

tidal detritus undies now available in the lovely squid ink!


so it’s mid october already! naturally this means christmas will be tomorrow and i’m already behind in thinking about all of that necessary stuff that goes along with the holiday season: where will we spend it? what am i going to make for whom? should i be trying to sell christmas-y things on etsy?

i have to admit that i LOVE christmas. i’m not a religious person. and i’m not a super shopper spendy type at all. well, i used to be, but that’s another story. i just love the warm and toasty feeling of christmas. i do not like, however, all of the excess Stuff associated with it. and i feel uncomfortable with the idea of adding to that by selling christmas-specific items.

at the same time!

there is the matter of these cards ian and i make.
we started making collaborative christmas cards to send our friends and families in 2005 and i always get so excited about them. last year’s version (see above) was, i think, our best so far and i have had a few people ask about whether or not we sell them. so i guess we’d like to get a show of hands to see what the interest is for such a thing. the problem, other than my conflicted feelings about christmas merchandise, as i see it, is that they are each hand printed by little old us and therefore would be somewhat pricey for christmas cards, since most people seem to buy them boxed; they would retail for $5 a piece, just like our other valerian cards. they wouldn’t look exactly like that one above. last year we printed about half of them in gold on chocolate brown and they were GORGEOUS (if i may be allowed to say so) so i think we’d go with that or something similar.

it’s so difficult being a maker-who-sells! so many mixed emotions and considerations!

any thoughts on this matter would be very helpful and appreciated

August 26, 2008

two new-for-fall underwear prints in the shop now in small and medium. 100% organic cotton, grown and made in the usa.
i’m still waiting on my wholesale pointelle order, which is supposed to be shipped this week. more sizes and colors will be available once that arrives.
i dunno about you, but i’m hungry. what’s for lunch?

August 18, 2008

awaiting its turn at the screen burner’s!

June 28, 2008

+this little green plaid amelia top will be in the shop tomorrow, along with at least two other items. we’ll see how ambitious i’m feeling after work today, but i would like to get another extra long tshirt or two sewn up, since they seemed to be somewhat popular this week (thanks friends!)

+dropped off 8 pairs of undies to kill devil hill yesterday. it’s nice to add another local shop to the list. it’s especially nice that they’re interested in the men’s shirts. more news on that front pending.

+placed our first wholesale organic fabric order yesterday! just one roll for now, but it’s exciting! and scary! still have not figured out exactly how this printing thing is going to work.

and on that note, do you think this place must have closed down or something? i found it online yesterday and was so so excited that #1 they’re in greenpoint and B. they print on yards of fabric. i wrote them a ridiculously enthusiastic email and it bounced back immediately. when i checked the spelling for a typo, poof! there was one (strangely, on their end, since i cut and pasted the address) so i fixed it and half an hour later, it bounced back. omgwtf??? i’m not sure why the universe is so against valerian designs being printed on fabric, but if this kind of thing persists i’m concerned i may develop a complex!

oh crimini. time to go to work. enjoy your saturday!

June 2, 2008

second valerian card! will be available at renegade…in 11 days!!!