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November 24, 2009

lena’s post today reminded me that i am always, constantly dreaming of an airier, cleaner, greener and more colorful life. not that i don’t enjoy the one i have (though perhaps i could spend a bit more mental energy on the present) but it’s oh so nice to dream of new places and spaces. tamera is particularly good at collecting images of places that make my heart twinge longingly. she’s also busy crafting one such place of her own. ah. someday.

in the meantime, happy thanksgiving everyone!
i’m closing up shop for the holidays. i have a tiny sewing project going on and though it’s so small and ordinarily would take me no time at all, sewing is a challenge lately! and i need to keep my focus on bunny beansprout at the moment, what with him being all wee and sweet and growing so quickly.

if you’re in nyc and would like undies (they make a great gift!) they will be available at lena’s holiday sale on december 12th in her studio in fort greene. info: here.


April 10, 2008

i think i’ve mentioned my fear of city biking before. my inexperience, coupled with my total out-of-shape-ness (which is magnified by my stuck-in-third-gear-ness) leads me to worry quite a bit about safety. yet, probably unsurprisingly (there seem to be lots of other riders like me out there) my bike safety ignorance hasn’t disappeared simply because of the anxiety. so! after getting a few dirty looks from some other bikers today (was it my lack of a helmet? riding the wrong way in the bike lane down berry? both?) i did a little research and turned up this super helpful guide.

i have to admit that i am, apparently, a weaver. if there is a car on my tail, i try to squish over as much as possible or hop onto the sidewalk to make them go around me. this is totally a recipe for being doored, but i’m super out of shape and really slow uphill so i get too self conscious to force them to deal with my presence for any length of time. however! it is true that bicycle riders have a right to ride. just because cars are faster, heaver, stinkier, doesn’t mean they have a claim on the streets. i will curb myself no longer!
well, we’ll see.

it is really scary around here though. it’s not just cars and suvs driven by frighteningly entitled new yorkers, but there are GIANT TRUCKS everywhere. huge giant trucks carrying all manner of huge heavy cargo. while i am fully aware that we might need the things these trucks are hauling in and though yes, i was a car owner until last fall, i still can’t help but long for an automobile-free city. can you imagine how wonderful life would be?? just like heaven, i think. maybe we could just put them all underground. why not?

anyway, i’m researching helmets right now. i want one that isn’t too aerodynamic looking, but also won’t make me sweat too much. any suggestions